Home Bargains Finds ...... list in post........

Home Bargains Finds ...... list in post........

Found 25th Dec 2010
Home Bargains finds .........

I went intoday Long Eaton Branch
Hardwood brush £4.79 massive one really good value
Lady Gaga book - stocking filler £1.99
Little Kitty jelly beans £0.59
shortbread biscuits 29p
fake lashes £1.45
makeup bronzer brush £0.99
40ft tin foil £0.89
lemon and orange jelly slices 0.49
rice crispie white chocolate 4 for a £1 bargin tesco want £1.60
paper red napkins 49p
packet of whitworth nuts and raisins 0.99
mccoys crisps 9 0.99
box of dairy toffee parkinsons 49p
umbro gift set shave gel and razor £1.49
butterfly necklace £2.49 retail at £10
milky bar polar bear 0.99
mini cheddars 10 pack 0.99
Diamante body art - like wire for the wall my teenage daughter 6.99
listerine 0.99

all in Long Eaton

mse spot


Are they open Xmas Day

No not on boxing day either

just a rip off post from Money mans site

woo woo....Big up the Long Eaton Massive lol
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