Home Bargains - John West Tuna, 2PK - 8 tins £4.50

Home Bargains - John West Tuna, 2PK - 8 tins £4.50

Found 12th Jun 2016
2 packs - as in 8 tins of John West Tuna for £4.50!!!!

Available in Brine and Sunflower Oil.
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great price. nice find Shazadi
Nice find princess
good find op, heat added
John west. Life is peaceful there. John west. In the open air. John wessssst.
They're also available in spring water for the same price.
All those sex toys on your receipt, I'm surprised you'd show it in public
Same price in b and m. I know this as I bought them this morning, 4 tins for £2.50, or 8 for £4.50
I'm surprised no ones started commenting on how much tuna is actually in this or how Mercury is in it or whether it's been farmed or not
As an Owls fan I really should be buying John West tuna lol. 3 new quality players and I reckon we are back to the PL (Premier League/Promised Land) next season. May have to pop to B&M. X) Heat added (obviously).

PS Problem is Skipjack is frequently 2 quid for 4 at Tesco and that is line and pole caught. Moral dilemma time.

Edited by: "bellboys" 12th Jun 2016
I got some from Morrisons which in my opinion is cheaper . They are selling 160gx 4 for £2.50. Home Bargain's have less content in their John West tuna tin.Op should include that in the deal.
30p more and you can get an extra tin?


3 packs of these i believe.
same price in farmfoods
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