Home Bargains MEGATHREAD

Home Bargains MEGATHREAD

Found 23rd Jun 2014
Found all these today on my travels at Home Bargains:

1kg Kellogg's Cornflakes - £2.49
4 standard sized Crunchies - £1
12 Kinder chocolate bars - 99p
Lynx Africa shower gel - £1
Travel sized Lynx shampoo, vo5 shampoo and conditioner, old spice deoderant - 39p each
Right Guard 250ml various ones - £1
Sunbites Onion and rosemary 6pk - 69p
Walkers 6pk meaty (smoky bacon, prawn cocktail, roast chicken) - 69p
Walkers saucy (pickled onion, tomato ketchup, Worcester sauce) - 69p
DIY folding stool - £2.99
6pk Fruit Salad Chewits - 99p
6pk Vimto sweets - 99p
20pk Quavers - £2.49
8pk Poptarts various flavours (including chocolate) - £1.79


where's the pictures?

you could list everything they sell, it's all cheap

Heat for effort

dont know about the pictures sounds like the script for Home Bargins The Movie!!

Home bargains is great always try and take a trip once a week see what's on offer

all the bargains in a shop like that and you list the 'not so much of a bargain' stuff.... ok.....


The op is called home bargains and he/ she posted Mega home bargains thread.
The op was created 58 mins ago. The deal was posted straight after.
MAY BE HE WORKS THERE or owns it!!
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Credit for the effort put it in. Some good offers and some already posted on here but good to have them in one place. Heat Added. You should get commission there for your user name and time put in to promote their stuff. I will second you.

Always heat for Home Bargains !


your 5-a-day fruit & Veg is on this list?
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