Home Protector Digital Safe £22.99 @ Aldi

Home Protector Digital Safe £22.99 @ Aldi

£22.99ALDI Deals
Found 2nd Oct

Protect your belongings and valuables in this strong steel safe.


2 Piece 12mm locking boltsFloor or wall mountableProgrammable digital keypadIncludes 4 x AA Activ Energy batteries, overriding keys, fixing material


2 Years

Battery Type: AA (included)Brand: Home ProtectorColour: GreyDimensions: Outer: 200 x 310 x 200mm (approx.), Inner: 196 x 306 x 140mm (approx.)Material: SteelProduct Type: Locks and SafesVolume: 8L


does anyone know if this is fireproof?


chirague7 m ago

does anyone know if this is fireproof?thanks

FIREPROOF, you can open them by hitting the door with a potato, same cheap and nasty design for years!

Ideal as an "easy to find" safe, containing lots of impressive looking jewelry and wads of worthless foreign banknotes, for them to find should they get it open. Meanwhile, your actual valuables are better hidden. Why would they go looking for a second safe?
Tip: coat the armature of the solenoid (the bar that slides in and out of the coil) with grease. It will damp the movement produced when jarred. Not perfect, it will just need a much bigger thump to bounce it back against the spring- think hammer instead of spud. It will still open as normal, just take a fraction of a second longer to pull back the bolt.

Wouldn't personally use one of these to store anything worth more than £22.99
It doesn't even seem to have any insurance rating . Id certainly spend more than that if I wanted to ensure that my stuff was actually secure .

Personally if I was looking for a cheap safe for home use I would rather look at something like this

At the very least it has an insurance rating of £1000 . Yes it is smaller in capacity . But lets face it little safes like this are only going to see passports , spare car keys and the odd bit of cash/foreign currency 4 litres should be more than enough for this .If properly bolted to something difficult to move it should keep the opportunist thief out although it would be foolish to think of it as totally infallible .
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In my experience The police seem to be happy enough with these types as places to store ammunition securely enough.

Not a bad price, heat added.
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