home security system 4 wired cameras 960h resolution £63.45 @ Gearbest

home security system 4 wired cameras 960h resolution £63.45 @ Gearbest

Found 13th May
FLOUREON P4-E4004H-US DVR and IR-CUT Camera Security Kit

not the best but seems ok for price. cameras alone could be 10-15£ ea


I bought a Floureon from ebay without hard for £46.99 . Very good it is too. My previous DVR a CnM bought from Maplin would'nt keep the exact time and seemed to destroy the hard drives. The Floureon keeps perfect time and has never missed a beat . My £46.99 was a 9 camera input model too and came with 2 cameras . The above is a good price and a recommended make.

would anyone recommend good unit itself ? got two cameras fitted already. Just need unit with over the WiFi connection
anyone please ?

This is good if u dont have to see people's faces clearly.. otherwise go for a 1080p set or above

analogue junk wouldn't touch it, IP CCTV is the only kit worth buying
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I've seen multiple of kits on ebay cheaper than this, some Floureon kits too for under £50 - some sellers run Auctions as well, occasionally going for under £40. That said and as the above comment states a cheap generic 720p IP based system would walk all over this. They might cost more but you'll have crystal clear video and no signal degradation over long cable runs. I'd recommend POE system, that sends the power to the camera over the Ethernet cable along with data direct from the DVR box meaning you don't have to have a power source at each camera. Ethernet cable is cheap as chips too.
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