Home: Special Edition (Blu-ray) - £6.99 at Play

Home: Special Edition (Blu-ray) - £6.99 at Play

Found 20th May 2011
Also in 2 for £15 deal... Same price at Amazon - excellent reviews.

Yann Arthus-Bertrand, famous for The Earth From Above, a photographic portrait of aerial shots of our planet, takes us on a sensational journey above 50 countries as seen from the sky and provides us with an unusual portrait of our Home. Planet Earth is critically ill but another future is possible if we all decide to write it together.

In 200,000 years, humans have disrupted the fragile balance on which Earth was living for 4 billion years. Global warming, shortage of resources, endangered species: humans are jeopardising their own living conditions. By the end of the century, the relentless consumption will have exhausted almost all of our planet's natural resources. But it is too late to be pessimistic: we have barely 10 years left to reverse the trend. We need to become aware of our abusive exploitation of Earth's gifts and change our way of life.

By giving us these previously unreleased images of over 50 countries as seen from the sky, and by sharing his wonder but also his worry, Yann Arthus-Bertrand contributes to the rebuilding we all need to start doing together.


I've never heard of this before but I really like his work so this has me excited. Thanks. Heat added.

Reviews well for picture and audio quality - the visuals are really stunning at times

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but personally I find Glenn Close's narration a bit grating after a while and the accompanying 'music' a bit wearing.

Quite a depressing watch really

It's actually £6.99 now at Play + the usual Quidco


great film to watch once but cant see how anyone would repeat a viewing
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