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Home Workout For Beginners: Exercise At Home, Get Fit With This Effective 6 Week Guided Routine Kindle Edition - Free
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Home Workout For Beginners: Exercise At Home, Get Fit With This Effective 6 Week Guided Routine Kindle Edition - Free

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Posted 25th Mar

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May be useful for anyone stuck at home with time on their hands...

Home Workout For Beginners:
  • Is accessible for ANYONE who wants to workout at home, in the office or even travels
  • Uses minimal workout equipment
  • Is an easy to start and follow guide for basic fitness that is extremely effective
  • Is a progressive workout routine designed for fast, sustainable results in weight loss and muscle tone
  • Is designed with whole body progression in mind
  • Has a focus on longevity and the importance of planning and mind-set to guarantee your success
  • It could make all the difference and it could be your missing link?

If you:Want to start working out to lose weight or tone up but are not sure how

Want a solid guide that will give you life changing fitness results

Would like a straight talking, step by step training program to follow at your own pace

Would like information on health and fitness that will last you forever

Then it’s all right here!
Hi, I’m James Atkinson - Jim to my friends and readers. I am also more than happy to answer any questions so please feel free to drop me a message.

I’m a qualified personal trainer and fitness coach who loves to help others reach their fitness goals.

I have been training for over twenty years. This training has taken me from long distance running to bodybuilding competition.

It is fair to say that I have learned the secrets of weight loss and fitness from my own personal journey. There is a lot more about me and my career over at my website – jimshealthandmuscle.com so I won’t bore you with it here. :-)

So this book is all about fitness for the beginner. Believe me; I can empathise with the beginner!
There is so much contradicting information out there today that it will confuse the training newbie to a point that it will actually kill any motivation and stop a goal in its tracks.

This is why I wrote this book, If I happened to be a beginner to fitness, overweight, recovering from an injury or unhappy with my body in any way and I know what I know now, this 6 week routine is exactly what I would do to start me off!

Good luck and remember that I am always happy to help where I can so feel free to give me a shout if you need more info.
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