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Tefal ActiFry Genius XL 1.7kg Air Fryer - £148.50 with code @ Home And Cook
Posted 28th JunPosted 28th Jun
This culinary genius takes the hassle out of meal times, producing delicious and low-fat results. Simply add your ingredients to the ActiFry Genius XL’s bowl, choose from one of th… Read more

I really want to know why it’s getting to cold?? Any other suggestions please??


I wouldn’t have offered otherwise


Ever heard the phrase, "Beggars can't be choosers"? :D


andddd are you very similar to the one in the picture or maybe you?? andddd also, are you rich??


I’m happy to cook for you if you need someone

Tefal Optigrill + XL - £99.99 with free P&P (with code) @ Home and Cook
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Posted 25th Aug 2018Posted 25th Aug 2018
Tefal Optigrill + XL - £99.99 with free P&P (with code) @ Home and Cook
I've been looking for a reasonable price for the Optigrill + XL and Tefal direct seems to have the best price so far at £99.99 using the code tefalmf . Currently £119.99 at Amaz… Read more

Yeah if you want every man on here to grill cheese her


Can I replace this gadget for my wife?


Thanks for the feed back


Got one of these a few months ago from ebay awesome piece of kit I use it multiple times weekly and it hasn't yet been consigned to the back of a cupboard somewhere like many kitchen gadgets are.


Had mine for a few months now, awesome piece of kit, The other half said why do you need this and now cooks everything on it.... very easy to clean and cooks everything perfectly .....Highly recommended

Tefal OptiGrill + & + xl - £84.99 using code @ Home and Cook
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Posted 24th Jun 2018Posted 24th Jun 2018
Tefal OptiGrill + & + xl - £84.99 using code @ Home and Cook
Product Description Meet OptiGrill+, our ultimate innovation. Its “Automatic Sensor Cooking” technology immediately detects the number of items placed on the grill and their thickn… Read more

Hang on, “plus Liverpool”? I’m from Liverpool and it’s a great place. Everywhere has its bad sorts, or scam artists, in my 47 years on this planet, I have never had a single problem in my home town


I agree, no history of selling anything then has 20 new Optigrill XLs to sell at 20%+ below the market price. Plus Liverpool, enough said. You pay your money thinking you are protected by paypal, then you lose your money.


£89 in John lewis


It was £159 when it first came out


Good piece of kit,easy to clean.never been£159.99

Nespresso expert - instore only! £125 @ Home & Cook
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Posted 17th Feb 2018Posted 17th Feb 2018LocalLocal
Nespresso expert - instore only! £125 @ Home & Cook
Nespresso expert coffee machine - Home & Cook York Designer Outlet. Still showing as £249.99 on website! (see link for details)
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Woops better not tell the husband, its the one hes been after for a while to add to his other 2 machines sat there.....boxed.....gathering dust. (excited) Heat added tho as great deal!


Ha, not at all @Brad71081 If I had a pound for every member that missed the word 'instore' in the title I could have retired to a small island that I bought with the proceeds several years ago.


I see “I’m an idiot”... (lol)


I see the words 'instore only' in the thread title (y)


20% extra off in Springfield’s as they are closing down

Tefal Jamie Oliver Saucier Ceramic Pan 22cm £12 @ Home & cook - East Midlands Designer Outlet
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Posted 21st Mar 2017Posted 21st Mar 2017LocalLocal
Tefal Jamie Oliver Saucier Ceramic Pan 22cm £12 @ Home & cook - East Midlands Designer Outlet
Home & Cook at East Midlands Designer Outlet are currently selling Jamie Oliver Tefal Ceramic Pan 22cm/2.2L for just £12.00 reduced from £52.00. Thought this was a great deal b… Read more

These are rubbish. I bought a set about 18 months ago, the handles are loose and the lid handles cracked and fell off.


:( if only there was 1 near me..heat added ..nice find

Krups Nespresso Pixie & Aeroccino - Stainless Steel + £60 Nespresso Voucher £79.99 @ home and cook - instore
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Posted 7th Jun 2016Posted 7th Jun 2016
Krups Nespresso Pixie & Aeroccino - Stainless Steel + £60 Nespresso Voucher £79.99 @ home and cook - instore
In the Tefal Outlet shop in the Galleria. Priced in store at 79.99, also you get £60 Nespresso Voucher because its the bundle of machine and aeroccino. Can't find it listed onlin… Read more
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Call them and explain, I did, went in yesterday afternoon and they had my missing nespresso info pack and 2 x 16 packs of the sample coffee.


Opened mine last night to have a look and I have no coffee either, also no welcome book about Nespresso.


​sounds like gillfal above has had them pal!!


Update - picked up the machine from Hatfield today - £79.99 - thanks OP! The same one is £199.99 on their website One minor issue - on getting home I checked the box and found that the 16 pod samples were missing! Has this happened to anyone else?


Free delivery is based on no. Of capsules, not value. Free delivery on 200 (about £60) or more capsules. Makes sense to do that and not pay delivery especially with your credit.

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Nescafé dolce gusto automatic £29.99 + £5.75 del @ Home & Cook
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Posted 20th Jan 2016Posted 20th Jan 2016
Nescafé dolce gusto automatic £29.99 + £5.75 del @ Home & Cook
You also get a free £10 to spend on the dolce gusto site when u register you machine Great price still currently selling for £89-109 in places did see them in Argos for £49.99 De… Read more
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Thank you I'll try that.


I contacted Dolce Gusto site itself just got a reply with a new code to use. Worked straight away.


I bought one of these and when I tried to use code for the pods I got the message "code already used" Anyone else had this problem. Have contacted Home & Cook but so far no reply.


Got mine today too & ordered £20 of pods at dolce gusto & paid only £10 delivered with voucher in box would have bought some whilst out shopping if i would have known it was coming today lol ☕️


Got mine today. I'm in love with it already. Thanks OP! (deffo auto and about the size of a kettle therefore doesnt take up too much room)

Krups Dolce Gusto coffee machine - Fontana Black £40.74 @ Home and Cook
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Posted 4th Aug 2015Posted 4th Aug 2015
Krups Dolce Gusto coffee machine - Fontana Black £40.74 @ Home and Cook
59.99 - 25 with voucher code KRUPS25 + 5.75 delivery. You probably can get other Dolce Gusto machines cheaper, but this one has a 1 litre tank

I got this in the end, it replaced the same model that I used daily for about 4 years. I also have a Mini Me machine at work. They're all more or less the same - some have bigger tanks than others, some stop automatically. Other than that, just a question of appearance. Drink will taste the same.


I know this has been about a while, but just seen this is a bit cheaper now, with an extra 10% discount. Are these any good? Cant work out whether to go for this or the gusto Dolce Melody 3 for £44.99 at Argos......can anyone help me out? Keep swaying one way then the other, but never having had a machine like this I really dont know!

KRUPS NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto Was £69.99 - Now £40.74 delivered using code @ Home and Cook
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Posted 17th Apr 2015Posted 17th Apr 2015
KRUPS NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto Was £69.99 - Now £40.74 delivered using code @ Home and Cook
Use code DGUSTO35 NESCAFE Dolce Gusto Fontana is not only eye-catching, but with a maximum 15 bar pump pressure our machines create delicious drinks in a matter of seconds. There… Read more
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Old stock :( 2011 design winner :)


Don't think it's the automatic version.


Wow, looks good

Toaster with egg/bean maker £29.99 homeandcook
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Posted 16th Mar 2015Posted 16th Mar 2015
Toaster with egg/bean maker £29.99 homeandcook
Same as argos deal posted about a week ago. If you can get to one of their stores can avoid the £5.75 delivery charge and may even get it cheaper if they are doing 20% off again. … Read more
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amazon still available for 16p more. Again if you are near a local store it may be considerably cheaper like cecilmcroberts has mentioned.




[image missing]


http://www.amazon.co.uk/Tefal-Toast-Egg-TT550015-Toaster/dp/B0013KEDKY Slightly more at £35.90 on amazon. if you prefer your eggs boiled then you can also boil upto four eggs


Cold.... :( 2 toast but only 1 egg !!! Thats never right.....

tefal small wok ( local deal york outlet) £4.99 @ Home And Cook
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Posted 26th Dec 2014Posted 26th Dec 2014
tefal small wok ( local deal york outlet) £4.99 @ Home And Cook
York outlet best price I have seen and small flat square pan nice
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*Tefal (_;)


Tefel? Is it like panasonix or sonny?


York outlet - home and cook shop


Link ???????????????????????????????????????????????????

Save £70 on the Actifry Mini £99.99 @ Home & cook
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Posted 7th Dec 2014Posted 7th Dec 2014
Save £70 on the Actifry Mini £99.99 @ Home & cook
Found a good deal on the Actifry mini for £99.99.

It's been that price there for ages and nobody else seems to sell it. Was hoping it would be reduced for Christmas but I can't justify spending more on this than I could buy a full size actifry for.....


Hi, i have added an image for you :) Thanks for posting!

Save £100 on Tefal ActiFry models by using code WW100
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Posted 19th Oct 2014Posted 19th Oct 2014
Save £100 on Tefal ActiFry models by using code WW100
Tefal are delighted to support people on their weight loss journey. We have a fantastic range of ActiFrys that'll make cooking and preparing all kinds of recipes a doddle. With an … Read more

Not a real offer at all same price as a fair few stores .Who sells at the MRP ...no one so give the discount off the average market price . COLD !


Have they improved the build quality on these things yet?


At £105 the actifry plus is still the cheapest you can buy it anywhere. So voted hot! Free next day delivery too!


meh inflated prices .voting cold


you will save a couple of £ off the over inflated price.

Amazing 60% discount on all ‘Jamie Oliver by Tefal’ pans @ Tefal Home & Cook
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Posted 16th Oct 2014Posted 16th Oct 2014
Amazing 60% discount on all ‘Jamie Oliver by Tefal’ pans @ Tefal Home & Cook
This was a code sent to all Jamie Oliver staff earlier in the year.... 60% off the retail price....... Go to Home and Cook, search Jamie Oliver, add pans to basket and then add c… Read more
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I did push them for a comment on this and their general response was that as the code was issued to employees then the transaction no longer fell under the business to consumer category but rather business to business. I'm pretty sure there is probably a legal loophole that they haven't closed as their t&c's seem quite vague but I'm not fussed enough to pursue!


I think that everyone who did receive order confirmation (and refund later) from Home and Cook should make complaint. I think that they breached the contract according to their own terms and conditions as they accepted us to use the code. 7.2 No contract exists between you and us for the sale of any goods until we have received your order and a confirmation of that order, which may be printed by you, has been displayed on your computer screen. Once you have received this confirmation, there is a binding legal contract between us. So we did buy the products, they were happy with who we are and that we were using the code (at the point of sale). They were also happy to take our addresses and card numbers. I think that they made mistake and should honor the sale.


I'm sorry but is this guy seriously calling me a scammer? all I did was receive a code from an employee of Jamie Oliver as a friend/family. He/She was then unceremoniously made redundant by Mr. Oliver after years of service. If then i pass this code onto my HotUKDeals friends - so what? It should be honoured, it's a code for Family and Friends - just like Gap and M&S do during the year. The truth is, is that you decided to release a code out to the wider world and when it came back to sting you, you weren't honest or even savvy. you panicked and cancelled everyone's order. The scammer is you.


Rhys you're not fooling anyone by taking down your post and signing up as normanghamilton! Talking about yourself in the 3rd person is one of the 1st signs of madness!


if you are staff then the order would have been honored I am sure

Tefal Fresh Express Max £34.99 after Coupon Code (RRP £79.99) @ Home and Cook
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Posted 9th Oct 2014Posted 9th Oct 2014
Tefal Fresh Express Max £34.99 after Coupon Code (RRP £79.99) @ Home and Cook
Get a Tefal Fresh Express Max for only £34.99 (RRP £79.99) when you use the Code – FRXM22 at Checkout.
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i dis-agree with the above comments, we bought one for £20 from a debenhams sale and love ours its always being used and have never had any problems.


Agree with above. Wife wanted one for ages. She was so disappointed after about 5 mins use it went straight back to the shop


Dont bother how much they are,,, this is absolutely useless unless you use large items such as carrots all the same it simply hacks them up and clogs up.. Complete waste of money. I followed instructions to the letter but it was hopeless. If you are determined to try one, get it from Amazon, they will refund if you are not happy.


Avoid at all costs. Total waste of money. You'll spend twice the time scraping bits out of it. Rubbish.


1kg Actifry from home and cook - £99.99  1.2kg for £105.
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Posted 2nd Oct 2014Posted 2nd Oct 2014
1kg Actifry from home and cook - £99.99 1.2kg for £105.
1kg 4 portion is £99.99 . 1.2kg actifryplus 5 portion is £104.99
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Down to 110 at Amazon for anyone who uses flubbit. Do report back what offers you get.


Whats minmins? Is it another site that makes me spend my money.;)


cavegirl are you also on minmins as this name?


There a brilliant invention, just love mine.


The code is SW200 for anyone wanting to try via TCB or Quidco.

Tefal ActiFry Low Fat Electric Health Fryer, 1 kg Capacity. £99.99 delivered, using code SW200 @homeandcook
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Posted 26th Aug 2014Posted 26th Aug 2014
Tefal ActiFry Low Fat Electric Health Fryer, 1 kg Capacity. £99.99 delivered, using code SW200 @homeandcook
Using Slimming World code SW200, you can get the Tefal ActiFry for just £99, instead of £199. Alternatively you can use the code to get £100 off any other ActiFry (except the Mini)… Read more

Voted cold, only due to fact I stumbled upon a refurb one in the tefal outlet at the Lowry outlet in Manchester for £89.99 Reason for cold is we got the refurbished 1.2kg in black for £109.99. With a years guarantee. Shop assistant said refurbished ones were not returned, just ex display.


It mangles any food you put in it.


tapi - what can an Actifry do that a halogen oven can't?


I actually have a halogen oven, that I bought on Amazon recently, as I was told it was just like an ActiFry, but the chips are nothing like the chips you get from an ActiFry. I was disappointed, and wish I'd spent a bit more and got one of these in the first place.


get both, they both overlap somewhat - but there's a lot you can do with the actifry that you can't (or wouldn't want to) in a halogen. I have a halogen and whilst it's very good for most things, it's definitely not the same.

2 in 1 Actifry £100 off with code SW100 £179.99 @ Home And Cook
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Posted 4th Aug 2014Posted 4th Aug 2014
2 in 1 Actifry £100 off with code SW100 £179.99 @ Home And Cook
Use promo code SW100 at time of payment and they will knock £100 off

I sell these in my work and they are a really good buyxox


And 6.3% topcashback makes it even better :)


Wow, thank you so much for this voucher deal. I was literally just about to purchase for £250 from John Lewis, thought I would type 'tefal actifry' on here in the search and this came up, you have just saved me £70 as I was ordering anyway. One happy lady here! And I absolutely love my Actifry has been worth every single penny - after four years of constant use and a replacement paddle still been very happy with it - hope this one is as good.


I've had a Actifry and a Phillips air fryer - the Actifry broke and got returned the Phillips air fryer is fab IMO x


Mine is fab. Don't see why this is cold? It's the duo one with hot plate on top not standard!

Dolce Gusto Melody 3 play and select fab price black version £49.99 @ Home And Cook
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Posted 18th Jun 2014Posted 18th Jun 2014
Dolce Gusto Melody 3 play and select fab price black version £49.99 @ Home And Cook
Amazing price usual price £149.00 paid £49.00 and got free pod holder worth £19.99, love this product and prev had older version but this has the play and select feature, I can fin… Read more

No I ordered 2 and both no problems x


Sending my second machine back tomorrow as both DOA.Won't bother with a third. Anyone else had problems?


Oops missed the boat now up to £79


I had the Mini Me for £29.99. Only problem is that most pods dont make a mug full. Disappointing and bitter tasting Americano. Overall its ok, but not as good as i was expecting.


Just an observation, unlike the non "Play & Select" models in Ivory and Red (model no`s starting KP220...), this has a model no of KP230840 and a higher RRP of £149.99 suggesting its a newer version. However, the centre picture of it "front on" is of the previous model (no green lights). I`ve ordered in black and taken screenshots.

Tefal 2 in 1 Actifry - 1.5kg £179.99 Delivered @ Home and Cook
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Posted 30th May 2014Posted 30th May 2014
Tefal 2 in 1 Actifry - 1.5kg £179.99 Delivered @ Home and Cook
Home and cook are selling the 2 in 1 family sized actifry for £279.99 but there is a code SW100 to get £100 off making it £179.99 with free delivery. This is the latest Actifry wi… Read more

You buy it then if you're so impressed. Clearly I'm wrong as its got such a high score. Oh dear. No it hasn't ! X)


Is there any 2 in 1 Actifry selling below than £200?


I dont mind if it dont end well, it was helpful to some people :)


This wont end well..... as I think people think this is for the oridginal Actifry, having a quick look around for the "2 in 1" version this seems the best price.


This seems full price