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All Home Bargains Deals, Discounts & Sales for September 2018

Star wars annual 2019 £2.99 @ home bargains instore
LocalLocalFound 18th SepFound 18th Sep
Had about 20 copies Nice book for the price Will probably be a pound by Christmas but is £4 in whsmiths and £5.50 from amazon
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OK but I bet its down to 99p in December

Dove invisible dry stick deodorant anti perspirant - £1.29 Home Bargains
LocalLocalFound 17th SepFound 17th Sep
Dove stick anti perspirant - the invisible dry (silver lid) and original (blue lid) are £1.29 instore in Home Bargains. I haven’t seen the stick version in there before, they alway… Read more
Rubicon Deluxe Guava 2 for £1.50 @ Home Bargains
Found 17th SepFound 17th Sep
I know the Mango one had been advertised since a week ago. But I saw the Guava one on sale too this morning. My girls love the Guava juice. £1.69 normal price each. Now 2 for £1.… Read more

I got these from Poundstretcher for £1 each thinking that was a bargain, then went to Home Bargains and got 2 for £3!


Correction, then this is a deal!!


This is the deluxe version so it's got the same recipe as the original sugary one.


Thought this was the sugary version that tasted more like the older ones?


Wish it had no added sugar. I would love stevia instead of sugar .

120g Cadbury’s Caramel Nibbles 69p @ Home Bargains
LocalLocalFound 17th SepFound 17th Sep
Heavenly and an amazing price
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I’ve been buying it for years. It’s a good bar of chocolate 😁


Yes our local asda stocks it 😁


I did a while back.... Has more coco solids than some Cadbury products lol


Can y ou buy that bar at that price instore?Cant be fair trade? whats it like?you should post that as a deal .lol


If only they were this price per gram. 0.33p per gram is what I look for when ever buy chocolate. Sadly this price per gram is almost impossible to find ;(

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups Advent Calendar £4.79 instore at Home Bargains
Found 17th SepFound 17th Sep
I have a bit of a soft spot for all things Reeces's, so this is the advent calendar for me! Was in Home Bargains (Strabane / Northern Ireland) yesterday and spotted this 'Reeses … Read more

Buy now they go so fast buy two if you can't wait


This'll cheer the Mrs up no end. She loves this stuff.


count down to Christmas.... It's September....


Seen loads of these in b and m this morning £4.75 I think :/


Ooh when I see a snowman I start to tingle.

Eggs x 30 £1.99 so 6.5p per egg @ Home bargains
LocalLocalFound 16th SepFound 16th Sep
Caged eggs at home bargains. On a budget so yes would prefer free range but whilst these are available good for the money. Nice long date as well. Instore only.

Yes, and my point is that it's fine for people to buy whatever they want without being made to feel guilty by people who are hypocrites. It's fine to inform people but there is a right and wrong way to do it. Equally, some people don't have the luxury of being able to consider the greater consequences of their purchases, they're just happy to be able to feed themselves/family on an extremely tight budget.


Yes. That’s a fab idea. We have a looong queue for them here.


They are cheap and I do see your point. IMO there is more to a deal than just the price. Consequences of a purchase have to be considered as part of a deal as a whole.


The sad thing is people think 'free range' is chickens playing in big green meadows and laying eggs in lovely conditions but in reality they are still kept in a very poor environment and far from people's expectations. Take a look on the internet how most free range hens are kept and it's not much better than caged hens.


We have hens and we also rescue ex-battery. They really are in a very sad state when they come to us and they never fully learn how to be normal chickens. It's very sad. The difference in price between battery and free range eggs is so small anybody could find it if they wanted to.

Ovaltine 400g for the price of 300g £1.99  Home Bargains
LocalLocalFound 16th SepFound 16th Sep
Instore Homebargains, Ovaltine 300g +33% free , 400g for the price of 300g
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£1.89 at Poundstretcher https://www.poundstretcher.co.uk/ovaltine-original-300g-33-free



Big 1kg pack of Nestle Shreddies only £2.99 instore Home Bargains
LocalLocalFound 16th SepFound 16th Sep
Family pack of Shreddies only £2.99 at Homebargains but £4 at Sainsbury's Right I will now have to eat this for breakfast,lunch and dinner as I am the only one in the family who ea… Read more
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The old 500 g box of Shreddies before the pound tanked was regularly on offer for £1 (and very occasionally less). Now with shrinkflation they're effectively £1.20. That's twenty percent inflation. Good job my salary went up 20% (not).


Lidl ones don't really taste at all. The only taste I ever got from them was something I could only describe as cardboard-like flavour. Aldi own brand are much better, but I still prefer Shreddies.


prefer Tesco's own at £1.30 for 750g to Shreddies


Thanks for letting me know, will check out the local Aldi for a bargain :)


£2.49 at Farmfoods

X-tone protein milk drink 310ml ( 2 flavours) 69p @ home bargains prenton / wirral
LocalLocalFound 16th SepFound 16th Sep
Spotted in my local homebargains prenton / wirral. Some of the lads I work with say this is a good buy at 69p for a protein drink that has 26g of protein. I personally ain't got a … Read more
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Ye. This one has been in every (*not that many but around Birmingham) HB i've visited and for a while, sugar is a little high but not bad especially at that price.

Gordons  5cl Pink Gin ,Large Gin Glass & Bottle of Tonic water £4.99 @ Home bargains
LocalLocalFound 16th SepFound 16th Sep
Gordons 5cl Pink Gin ,Large Gin Glass & Bottle of Tonic water Ideal Xmas Present for any one
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anyone know why they stopped click and collect alcohol on the online shop i loved this cos we don't have alcohol in store due to our liciencing laws


(lol) (lol) (lol) (lol)


I love them big glasses (the ones that seem that big you feel you need to wear armbands in case you fall in!) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol)


The Glass is that big if you fill it <3 Be like a full night out in a Glass (lol) (lol) (lol)


This pink gin stuff is ace, consumed shall we say rather a lot last weekend, with fever tree tonic & chopped strawberries..... totally delish, went down a treat, very moorish .... went to bed half expecting to look and feel like a walking dead zombie cast member in the mornin and to utter those usual words "Oh god I'm never drinking again"..... but woke up without the slightest hangover and felt fab..... was well made up, even cooked a roast dinner! (which is unheard of when I'm usually dying from a bad hangover) (lol)

Pokemon Leafeon £2.99 at Home Bargains Parkhead Forge
LocalLocalFound 16th SepFound 16th Sep
Great price for Xmas
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Do you know if they had any Chikorita left please?


This was posted the other week. 3 Cyndaquil and 4 Totodile left in the Merry Hill store, £5.99 each. None in Stourbridge


Thank OP managed to get one!


Got leafeon at the forge thanks op but tried a few others and nothing, poke balls are £1.99 too so that’s a good deal Also


They have them in Wolverhampton

LocalLocalFound 16th SepFound 16th Sep
Men, If you want "alert" hair, without Dandruff then this may be for you. 750ml of Head & Shoulders with Caffeine. No idea, so don't ask if it works and its too late for me, bu… Read more
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To counter hair loss due to testosterone. Google alpecin. Voted hot


? I don't understand what this procedurally generated website tells us that common sense doesn't.


This applies to all shampoos with Pyrithione Zinc. https://www.drugs.com/cdi/head-shoulders-2-in-1.html


To stay with a buzz and followed by a complete mental breakdown


To stay with a buzz and followed by a complete mental breakdown

Bic Flex4 3 Pack Of Razors Always £1.99 instore at Home Bargains
LocalLocalFound 15th SepFound 15th Sep
I’ve been using these blades for months so thought I really should post. Always £1.99 for a three pack of four bladed razors. Really good shave in my opinion.
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Cheers. Might give these a try when my Wilkinson Sword ones run out

LocalLocalFound 15th SepFound 15th Sep
SANCTUARY SPA Leave-on Exfoliating cream. 30ml 99p at Home Bargains, Bathgate store. The box is nice and it looks good for the price so I picked up a few to pop in with Christm… Read more

Nice find OP. I bought Sanctuary Spa sets on an earlier deal for Christmas presents and this would be a nice addition. Fingers crossed it's in my local store.Heat added. (lipstick)


Oh, this looks great! Thanks op, have some heat

Booger balls starter kit @ homebargains prenton / wirral - 99p
LocalLocalFound 15th SepFound 15th Sep
Cant find any cheaper online... Spotted in my local homebargains... If anyone spots in their local homebargains please feel free to leave a comment. Someone posted here on hotukdea… Read more
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Poundland sell these too, though I made a Deal post (the grumbles I saw were actually from another post made around the same time). Think the main problem with these is if you get the "recipe" wrong, it turns to slush. Gave my niece some for her birthday (amongst other stuff) but no idea if she's played with it yet.


Sad to see its negative I put the previous post up They are good for a laugh AND Where can anyone else get cheaper All the best




Just paid £2 for this in The Entertainer 😔 heat from me 🔥

Flush force series 1 @ homebargains prenton / wirral - £4.99
LocalLocalFound 15th SepFound 15th Sep
No idea if this is a good price or not. All I know is boys seem to love collecting these ( possibly girls as well) if anyone knows of cheaper please feel free to leave a comment, a… Read more
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Voted hot, I will have a look out for these. My son seems to love any toy thats toilet related but they are all so expensive. This is a good price for these thanks x


I hate that - cold votes yet no indication as to why :/


Could any cold voters comment wheres cheaper, would be appreciated

My little pony tempest shadow @ homebargains prenton / wirral
LocalLocalFound 15th SepFound 15th Sep
Spotted in my local homebargains prenton / wirral. Quick check on amazon where its £9.50 shows £3.99 is a pretty good price. Ideal stocking filler for any mlp crazy child. If anyon… Read more
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Curiously cinnamon breakfast bars 6pk @ homebargains prenton / wirral - £1
LocalLocalFound 15th SepFound 15th Sep
Spotted in my local homebargains prenton / wirral. For a quid seems like an alright price.. If anyone spots in their local homebargains please feel free to leave a comment
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I’m sure I saw these in my local too, so I’d say they’re National!


Thanks for your comment.... Appreciated


just picked some of these up in there. They've got them in some Poundlands too!


First time I'd spotted in our local. Only reason I posted... Thanks for the info though... Appreciated


They've been this price in home bargains for quite some time now

Dorset cereals bircher mix raspberry & blackcurrant 600g @ homebargains prenton / wirral - £1.99
LocalLocalFound 15th SepFound 15th Sep
Spotted in my local homebargains. Never tried this flavour but know this brand cereal is usually £3 - £4. If anyone spots in their local homebargains please feel free to leave a co… Read more
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this is rotten; it's a really fake/chemical taste that permeates the full thing.


What’s your favourite?


You can have it with milk, or yoghurt. Not the best Dorset but still pretty nice :)




Thanks Op will have to check out Home Bargains...they usually have a different choice of beers available to the usual suspects in the big supermarkets..... so while I'm there, cereal & beer it is then, that'll make for an interesting breakfast! (party)

Hasbro outburst game @ homebargains prenton / wirral - £6.99
LocalLocalFound 15th SepFound 15th Sep
Spotted in my local homebargains... Looked on amazon for price and reviews. A lot cheaper than amazon, mixed reviews but for the price given it a punt... Recommend age for this gam… Read more
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Couldn't find any in Kendal unfortunately ;(


I play this and Pictionary with my family (about 8 of us) nearly every Xmas. It's a good family game. The only trouble is we have a very old version so a lot of it is outdated. I might try to get this new one.


This amazon review made me lol

Butterfinger mini cups coconut 3 bags for £1 @ Home Bargains
Refreshed 17th SepRefreshed 17th Sep
I've not tried them myself but they are usually 49p a bag, now 3 bags for £1. I can imagine these are a right ripoff in the American candy shops so this is a good deal.
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Coconut flavour is nice


Seen these on offer last weekend as I bought some myself. Didn’t put it on here as someone always beats me to it(excited)


This is an absolute steal, if they’re the 82g bags these retail at around £1.50-£2 when at normal price. I’m certainly grabbing a few bags if they’re available at my local, thank you! (y)


Thanks. These packs are 82g each, so not bad per 100g.

Nespresso compatible coffee capsules @ home bargains - 99p
LocalLocalFound 15th SepFound 15th Sep
Nott tried it, but great price for 10 capsule and three selections.
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Plenty an Barrow In Furness Walney Road branch. Have bough one of each to try.


Cleared shelf at that price thanks op


Got some and they don't taste great.


Not always, but I see your point (y)


Might give them a go for that price

PYREX - 3 Piece bowl and jug set - £6.99 INSTORE at Home Bargains
LocalLocalFound 14th SepFound 14th Sep
I spotted this in the Bathgate Home Bargains store today. 3 Piece Pyrex set. 1L bowl 2L bowl 0.5L jug Just £6.99, seems like a really good price. I think it would make a good n… Read more

Great find:D

Garden Cordless Grass Shear & Trimmer £14.99 @ home bargains
Found 14th SepFound 14th Sep
Handy if you're wife wants to trim her Bush 1 more time before the cold snap starts.

Yes it's great now I'm bald down below


After registering on website, when I click on buy, it says basket is empty. (mad)


Yes it will work great give it a try.


hi, any reviews, thanks


Always this price but Hot. I've had one for years.

Manna 25oz/750ml Blue Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle - £4.99 instore @ Home Bargains (Edmonton)
LocalLocalFound 13th SepFound 13th Sep
Found them in Home Bargains, Edmonton. They didn't have RRP mentioned but I think they are very good for the price. Searched their website but couldn't find it so may be local only… Read more
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Cant see online so will have to take a trip out to mine on the weekend. They did show some nifty lunch boxes online though.


Not sure if these cheaper ones use food grade stainless steel either


I have not tested it to be honest but they advertise the following in description: Leak proof lid Condensation free Double wall insulated BPA and lead free Holds an entire bottle of wine Maintains temperature Keeps cold for 24 hours Keep hot for 12 hours


They are most definitely not all the same, I have a chillys, a SHO and some cheap ones and the only ones that really do keep cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 is the chilly and SHO. The cheaper ones maybe keep water cold for an hour or so after a while of use. Pay the money and get a SHO with a lifetime guarentee. Hubby had a cheaper one that he bought from Amazon and it started off ok but now doesnt even keep cold for an hour so he has bought a SHO and loves it.


I feel like I should get one of these things, are they all much of a muchness? Was looking at getting one of the Chillys ones but if these are the same and a quarter of the price may as well get one of these.

Barratts retro sweets tub 630g - £2.99 at Home bargains
LocalLocalFound 13th SepFound 13th Sep
Barratts retro sweets tub 630g. Instore at Whitehaven probably national. Fantastic deal It includes only the most iconic brands – Refreshers, Whams, Shrimps & Bananas, Dolly… Read more
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I wouldn’t like to try some that aren’t new or gone through someone’s system. (horror)


Are these the new ones


What, no sherbet fountain? Or was that a different brand

Molarclean Oral b & Sonicare compatible toothbrush heads £3.99 Home Bargains Derby
LocalLocalFound 13th SepFound 13th Sep
Seems a decent price for a pack of 4 replacement brush heads. I needed new Sonicare heads so bought those to try. Bradshaw retail park Derby.
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yes , they are as good if not better than the original.


Im using them now, there perfectly acceptable. Cant really notice any difference form official brand in all honesty.


Seen these, anyone tried them are they any good?


Adventure Time figures in store for only £1.99 at home bargains!
LocalLocalFound 13th SepFound 13th Sep
Spotted in my local store, cannot find them on home bargains website so check all your local home bargains. Good luck :D
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Just found in my local they are quite big and had all three


None in Dewsbury unfortunately, would love these =(


Bootle strand has them just seen


Colchester has them. Picked up a couple


None in Liverpool

Paracetamol pack of 16 caplets 19p. Home bargains
LocalLocalFound 13th SepFound 13th Sep
Paracetamol 16 caplets instore Whitehaven home bargains 19p. Maybe that price all the time but the cheapest I found.
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shame the nhs cant buy them for this price


That’s the definition of a village which in no way confirms the presence of half a dozen shops.


village ˈvɪlɪdʒ/ noun: village; plural noun: villages 1. a group of houses and associated buildings, larger than a hamlet and smaller than a town, situated in a rural area. Yep, pretty much fits the bill.


That’s not a village my friend.


Wow 11p!

Zak! Designs Flower Tea Filter with Saucer £2.29 @ Home Bargains
LocalLocalFound 12th SepFound 12th Sep
Found in Oswestry store. Enjoy loose teas so will be giving this a try. Hoping it doesn't let too many bits in like a lot do!
Three wooly drying balls for tumble dryer. - £2.99 instore @ Home Bargains
Found 12th SepFound 12th Sep
Saw these in Home Bargains today at £2.99. Decent reviews on Amazon as well. Now waiting for the balls innuendos. (cheeky)

So they're not heavy and damage your drum in any way? I always thought these things were more of a gimmick. Wouldn't tennis balls do the same job?


Why has this gone cold?!


These are a good price and a lot better than the plastic ones you can buy so heat from me! (Cost me @£7 from amazon last time time I bought some.)


You could get some mileage out of tumbling flaps!


Make a fair bit of noise. I stopped using mine when I bought a new tumble dryer with plastic tumbling paddles / flaps / whatever they're called.

Crunchy Nut 1KG @ Home bargains - £2.99
LocalLocalFound 12th SepFound 12th Sep
1 KG crunchy nut for £2.99 at homebargain in store
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Cheaper in sainsbury's £2 for 750g


My local Tesco have the for £3 and shreddies as well. Heat from me I wish I had a local home bargains close its so far away xxx


1.5kg (2 x 750g) for £4 in ASDA , much better value imo (over 10% cheaper per g) . Not only that, you may stand a better chance of them actually fitting in a kitchen cupboard without having to store them on their side.


Tesco had it at £3 when I was in yesterday too.


True Mike but if you jog it there and back then you can save 1p :D

PG tips one cup tea 70 bags £1 @ Home bargains
LocalLocalFound 12th SepFound 12th Sep
Only a pound I don’t drink this but good for those who do 70 bags for a pound
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One cup are what coffee drinkers buy for tea drinking visitors... If your budget is a pound you can get 80 normal Typhoo tea bags from Iceland


Ahh okay I’ve never had it But hate the pyramid PG tips anyway Yorkshire tea all the way for me


I’m sure it’s fine if someone’s on a tight budget


One cup and then you bin the rest (highfive)


one cup is very weak , you can normally get larger boxes that work out less than 1p per tea bag

Beauty and the beast book set also ninja turtles £2.99 at home bargains
LocalLocalFound 11th SepFound 11th Sep
2.99 also ninja turtles home bargains Great for stocking fillers
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John west 3 tins tuna chunks 2 for £4 @ Home bargains
10/10/2018Expires on 10/10/2018LocalLocalFound 10th SepFound 10th Sep
Home bargains has John west on for multibuy 2 for £4
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Pole and line only deals please


Not dolphin friendly though :(


This deal sounds very fishy indeed. Warm. Kindest regards

Super School Kit Spider-Man/frozen £0.49 @ Home Bargains
LocalLocalFound 10th SepFound 10th Sep
Down from £”6.99”

bargain jade (highfive)

Durex & Mates Condoms From £1.49 (See Description) Home Bargains
Found 10th SepFound 10th Sep
To help you practice safe sex, Home bargains have the goods to give you a helping hand! Condom Offers at Home Bargains Online/In-store. Durex Invisible Extra Thin (Pack of 6) - … Read more

The Durex Thin Feel (Pack of 12) - £4.49 are the only ones showing on website now. Search shows no sign of any of the others. Home Bargains condom supply has been ransacked lol.


Why would I want to use my mates condom? I would rather use my own thank you. ;)


Hard to beat. this deal💋


I saw the headline and wondered whose Durex's mates are.


What a dumb ass!

Johnson's baby no more tangles leave in conditioner, 25p in home bargains
LocalLocalFound 9th SepFound 9th Sep
Johnson's baby no more tangles leave in conditioner, I don't know if its any good but for 25p in home bargains (it's not online) I'm going to give it a go

Why thank you (cheeky)


good find (y)

Onli Natural bars (like Nakd) - £1.49 (4 pack) at Home Bargains
LocalLocalFound 9th SepFound 9th Sep
I just saw these in Home Bargains at Langley Mill and bought a packet of each flavour (cookie dough, cherry bakewell and cocoa orange), not expecting them to be as nice as the Nakd… Read more

These ones are cheap nasty and taste like petrol. Nothing like Nakd bars at all. Bought for my daughters lunch box and had to launch them in the bin straight away. Yuck. Avoid like the plague. (poo) (poo)


Really? I thought the cherry bakewell one was nice! The cookie dough is delightful :) What do you think of the Nakd cherry bakewell flavour then?


I love cherry bakewell cakes so naturally went for the cherry bakewell flavour. OMG was disgusting and so chemically tasting. However, the orange and cocoa is sublime.


I always like to go Nakd but this time I’ll have some of your nuts. Lol (lol) :o ;)

WaterWipes £1.79 @ Home Bargains
LocalLocalFound 8th SepFound 8th Sep
This won’t appeal to everyone but I found WaterWipes (pack of 60) for £1.79 at my local Home Bargains (Bury St Edmunds). I know not all Home Bargains will have this so not necessa… Read more

I spoke to a bloke who works for simply organic, they’re currently developing an organic cotton pure water wipe with an organic food extract additive. Probably ready in about 6 months he thinks


Thanks op for post, we were running low on them. They are getting ridiculously expensive. Voted hot.


Hope my local has some- need to stock up!


https://www.waterwipes.com/faq/ I wouldn't care if it's wool and cotton, it appears it's not. Polyester and viscose!


Its just cotton no plastic, so it doesnt decompose quickly either, and it blocks pipes and sewers anyway.

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