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Bundaberg diet ginger beer 375ml - 49p @ home Bargains prenton / wirral
LocalLocalFound 13th JunFound 13th Jun
Thought it worth a punt for 49p. Possibly store specific as not on website. If anyone sees in any other homebargains please feel free to comment
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Didn't see that one. Did see a pack of 4 of the regular ones for £1.99.


Prefer the regular full fat version, fizzy drinks are just a treat...Old School taste without, aspartame or saccharine...

Oral-B pro 650  Cross Action Electric Toothbrush £19.99 in Home Bargains
LocalLocalFound 12th JunFound 12th Jun
Electric toothbrush 650 model also includes a tube of Oral-B toothpaste. Two colours in store pink and black. Seen in Stechford and Chelmsley Wood branches.
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Waitrose did have these for £19 (well the 600 anyway) last week.


I had a Lidl one, broke after 6 months, and the heads just fall apart after a few weeks (choking hazard). Took it back for a refund. Imo Braun are the only ones that last. Lithium batteries aren't actually ideal for these, especially if they are left permanently charging, which many people do. Not such a problem for NiMH battery.


Lithium battery or have they not made it to their cheaper models yet? Should have as the prices have come right down, the £12 toothbrush Lidl was selling recently had a lithium battery so why can't Oral-B use them in their cheaper models?


This seems to be the regular price for this or the more commonly found pro-600 (same model without toothpaste in box). Occasionally it can be found on special offer at £35, £40 or even £50 so that stores with a less honest approach to pricing can claim that it's half price.

Milky way protein bar! 89p @ Home bargains
Found 12th JunFound 12th Jun
Milky way protein bar normally £2.49 but only 89p found in my local (Truro) home bargains. Get beach body ready ;)
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Lol. You're quite right, that wouldn't give my opinion any substance.


Going to the gym and doing pilates once a week doesn't make you qualified.


sugar filled trash.


Please tell me you don't actually believe that? I'm pretty well qualified to have an opinion on this.


Nope, overall calories count towards weight gain/loss. Nothing to do with sugar ;) could eat 1500 calories of sugar a day and lose weight.

Lion Midget Gems, 190g bag, just 59p. Home Bargains.
Found 12th JunFound 12th Jun
Accept nothing else, Lion Midget Gems are the real deal. No artifical colours or flavours. Includes liquorice gums. Be warned, these are truly addictive, I managed to demolish half… Read more
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25p in Tesco


I put them in a line and eat them in order one at a time. (Sad)


It's still possible to get these. I finished my stash today as a breakfast post-prandial. Currently £1 a bag in Boyes stores, along with Fruit Salads and the Liquorice Gums. Am I the only sad person who eats them in groups of 5; one of each colour?


My three rules for a long life are regular exercise, hobbies and a complete avoidance of Midget Gems.


Same here, loved them when I was a kid and still do.. The Lion brand is more addictive than crack cocaine. To be honest, these should only be available on prescription :D

Nutramino flapjacks: peanut butter flavour (low sugar and fat) £0.39 at home bargains
LocalLocalFound 12th JunFound 12th Jun
50gr flapjacks, low sugar and fat, 12g protein. Spotted in Hull today.

which store, please

Home Bargains Buildin' Blocks Lego Compatible Base Plates Small 89p Medium £1.79
LocalLocalFound 11th JunFound 11th Jun
Lego Compatible Base Plates. Lots of different colours. Small 16 X 16cm 89p Medium I didn't check size sorry but ?? Around 24cm or so. £1.79 They also had larger ones but I didn't … Read more
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These looks excellent value for money, Thanks for posting OP


These plates are great! I bought the large one and used it as the base for Wilko’s rather impressive Blox castle.


of course, my mistake.


Oh yes, my mistake, thanks for putting me right.


I think you're confusing home Bargains with other similarly named stores. I don't think HB are struggling

Home Bargains Hush Plugz Silicone Ear Plugs 7 pairs £1.69
LocalLocalFound 11th JunFound 11th Jun
Next best price £2.89 eBay / £3.35 Amazon. Good reviews.
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I use these and find them quite comfortable. Only word of warning is that they can break in half if you twist them round too much. Do not put a 1/2 plug into your ear, even if it's the middle of the night and it seems comfortable, unless you want to risk needing medical attention to get it back out!


We live by a fast dual carriageway and in the summer have to have the windows open - the sponge ones simply do not work for me and have been using these for the past couple of years. They form a tight seal to your ear and I'm quite happy with their performance for the price. I find the best way to prolong life is to reshape them back into shape as soon as you take them out of your ears in the morning, ready to be inserted again when needed. As they cost so little there's no harm in trying them either.


I use these when we go camping. They are ok, they do stay in place unlike others I’ve tried. Worth a try at £1.69!


Maybe she got confused about what type of plugs they were :/


Has anyone used these? I use Bioears at the moment for nightshift sleeping, they're a godsend but these are significantly cheaper.

Home Bargains 4 pack Fruit Bowl real fruit snack bars 49p
LocalLocalFound 11th JunFound 11th Jun
4 pack Strawberry / Apple & pear flavours 4 X 19g Packs also contain 2 kids national geographic animal stickers which are a nice little bonus 49p Bbe July 2018
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Wow my kids love this! I buy them sometimes from tesco for £2 and thats when they are on offer!

Flamefast Fire Logs (case of 12) - Click and Collect £11.88 @ Home Bargains
Found 10th JunFound 10th Jun
Was about to buy these on Amazon but then found them for about £8 less here. Click and collect only with collection in 1-3 days.
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I bought a box of 12 same price last year for this very reason but then it turned out to be really mild that visit and hot enough so didn't want to make it hotter. Doh. Will try again this November.


Perfect for Center Parcs


Sold out.


I some time use a few of these to add a good base of the fire on the fire pit before chucking a few seasoned logs on it.. They are great. (y)


good value used these for past few years

Carabao energy drink 19p @ home bargains
Found 10th JunFound 10th Jun
19p home bargains bootle strand Liverpool not my type of drink but will be useful for someone
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Never had it but bargain price. We sell this where I work and sure it's about £1.20


Awfull tasting drink.


These'll look nice the beaches & on the verges ;-((


Nice heat added, like this


Yucky stuff but heat (y)

Dairy & Gluten Free Spread - 59p instore @ Home Bargains
LocalLocalFound 9th JunFound 9th Jun
Dairy free spread 59p Home Bargains
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Managed to get two. Its at Quality Save aswell for those who don't have HomeBargains. Im assuming TJ Morris own both? I have never seen a Quality Save until recently.


My bad, looked like it was the 250g; so even better then. Definitely the cheapest i've seen. Watch it not be in my store now (embarrassed)


This is 500g pack (y)


I normally pay 69p for a 500g tub of this in Heron for my vegan daughter. Heat added


Do you still have her phone number...?

Weetabix Choc Mini's 600G £1.49 @ Home Bargains
Found 9th JunFound 9th Jun
Spotted at Ringwood Retail Park, Bournemouth

Same price at my local for more than a year now. We always buy from Home bargains as other stores are always expensive


They’ve been this price for about 6 months in the 2 local to me, I never buy them anywhere else as they’re usually twice the price in some places!


Warning : these are more addictive than crack cocaine (eating them dry as a snack)



Missisipi mud pie chocolate 80gm, variety of flavours 89p @ homebargains prenton / wirral
LocalLocalFound 7th JunFound 7th Jun
Saw in homebargains prenton / wirral. Can't find on their website so assuming store specific. For chocolate that isn't cadbury / nestle run of the middle olive thought it worth a … Read more
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It’s not store specific as I picked up the mud pie and smarties type one the other day, haven’t tried them though. Those Skinny whips are surprisingly nice, 99p a box is worth it.

Carling citrus twist 12 x 300ml @ homebargains prenton / wirral
LocalLocalFound 7th JunFound 7th Jun
Can't find this item on the homebargains website so guessing local deal. Imo nice summer drink. If anyone spots in their local homebargains feel free to comment so others know whe… Read more
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Morrisons https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/carling-citrus-twist-3-for-a-pack-of-12-in-morrisons-instore-25p-a-bottle-2945086


£3 each case at Morrisons... Bought 3 crates the other day.. I thought this was the normal price for it (lol)


Nice stuff this (y)


Swindon store as well.

Nivea Sun Kids Pocket Size Sun Lotion SPF 30 High 50ml £1.99 @ Home bargains
LocalLocalFound 5th JunFound 5th Jun
Reasonable price for this size bottle. Great for traveling with kids.
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I do not think this is a good price. That is £8 for 200ml. I have paid £2.30 for 200ml from B&M last year,


Check out Poundstrechers they have various sun preps at £1 for 100ml,assorted spf factors


Yeah I was quite surprised to find out recently that often the supermarket own brands offer protection against skin cancer. But just saying in Cancer Research are endorsing certain Nivea products i’d expect them to be good.


I’m not denying that it’s good or bad etc i was merely pointing out the uv star rating system each to their own & all that ;)


Nivea are endorsed by Cancer Research UK. I’m sure they will offer good protection.

Clairol Color Crave Hair Makeup 45ml £1.99 @ home bargains
LocalLocalFound 5th JunFound 5th Jun
Clairol Colour Crave Hair Makeup provides shimmering colour that swipes on and washes off. The exclusive micro- crystal formula is designed to reflect light and give you instantly … Read more
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Daniel Galvin kids shampoo dubble bubble 39p Home Bargains.
LocalLocalFound 5th JunFound 5th Jun
Worth a punt for 39p!! Bought in Cardiff Bay Home Bargains. Also had the detangle spray (pictured) for same price.
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Got some from our local store, it's great for putting in the kids swimming bags. 39p hair & body wash which smells lovely too :)


Bought this one from local Poundland a while ago for my little. It smells good and has very little nasty stuff inside. Definitely a bargain..

Light up novelty plaques. Only 79p @ Home Bargains
LocalLocalFound 5th JunFound 5th Jun
Made out of MDF these light up plaques have 7 different themes.
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These are £9.99 @ spotongifts.net


Asda has apple 600ml fairy at 50



Fairy 'Original' is the only good one. All other 'flavours' are weaker, tried them all.


Thanks for posting, I will pick up a bottle next time i'm in there (y)


I bought some on Saturday & it was the same bottle as this deal with the baby on the front.

“italia independent” iPhone 6 opaque case cover 99p @ Home Bargains
LocalLocalFound 4th JunFound 4th Jun
Got this as well with headphones in I miss calls all the time on my phone, I’ll see calls now :D Back is acceptable, basic, understated.
Kelkay real gravel company= 20kg blue slate \ cotswold stone \ tweed pebbles\  chippings, now £2.75 @ Home & Bargain
Found 4th JunFound 4th Jun
blue slate chippings in a 20 kg bag now £2.75.ideal for borders\ window boxes\ flower tubs- to keep weeds at bay whilst being decorative also. 2 other colours available Cotswold s… Read more
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It's a great price but no delivery option. Don't fancy picking up the required 40 bags from a store!


how big are these bags? having trouble visualising (dont tell me 20kg! thats not a measure of its bigness!) edit: some gravel calculator suggests not even 0.5cubic feet so 2ft by 1ft by 3 inch or so?


I would put down a sheet of weed control fabric first then put this on top.


Can I put this on a patch of land where I don't grow anything and don't want weeds there either ?


It's tricky stuff this - bought 5 bags a while ago, it wasn't enough, so I ordered a tonne bag delivered - it still wasn't enough!

Razor Seige Caster Scooter £19.99 instore @ Home bargains
LocalLocalFound 3rd JunFound 3rd Jun
Picked this up for a present thought it was a great deal Currently £39.99 + £4.75 delivery on Amazon Home Bargains state the RRP was £79.99 Steel reinforced twisting deck 360⁰ inc… Read more

These are great once the kids get the hang of it It is tricky to start with but once they've worked it out they have great fun with them


My girls (11 & 9) have these scooters and they love them. The back swivel wheel takes some getting used to.


The box says 8+ reviews indicate upto about 13. The handlebars adjust in height for younger and older kids.


Hi, what age is this for ? Was looking for a scooter for a 11 year old Thanks

SmartShake Protein shaker RRP £9.99 - £1.99 instore @ Home Bargains
Refreshed 5th JunRefreshed 5th JunLocalLocal
Had both the normal size in green and the slim in purple for £1.99. Bought one a couple months back for £10.
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Any idea how fast liquids go through the system with nothing in the stomach>? - no thought not - you only absorb 50% of the protein if you are lucky - getting rid of clumps aids more efficient digestion! AHAHAHA London cyclist lol you mean death wish - if the knife savages dont get you or the heavy benzene doesnt give you cancer then the sulphur dioxide and other chemicals will shorten your life - Cycling in London ahahaha


The lumps don't get absorbed? Ahahaha


Quite easy really just take yer shaker into the shower when yev had yer workout - i take mine into the sauna, steam and jacuzzi and the swimming pool - Thats just laziness dude and you need to mix the protein properly for it to be absorbed efficiently otherwise those lumps just get pished back out and not absorbed as efficiently. I was a bodybuilder for 20 years so know all the tricks! All that maximuscle nonsense for £40 for a few kilos lol roflmao Took me years to realise its better to buy from bakeries - i used to get 30 kilos of whey for a tenner a bag! All those supplements are for pros they will do you nae good whatsoever - 19-Nor, Vanadyl Sulphate, Creatine lol I see all the gym fannies spending hundreds on it and doing 3 workouts a week for half an hour each and swinging the weights round like a whirlygig and they never get any bigger or any sixpack - gym fannies and gym tw@ts cant stand em!


I just draw a long fat line and snort it. Heard that's how real pros do it 8)

Tommee Tippie bottle teats 2pk £1.09 Home Bargains
LocalLocalFound 3rd JunFound 3rd Jun
Found in Home Bargains Cardiff Bay, but looks nationwide- a few types of tommee tippie bottle teats, usually £3-£7 I think Ultra 0m+ £1.09 Ultra 3m+ £1.49 Variflow 0m+ £1.49 I don… Read more
Sparkling water x 6 bottles - 59p instore @ Home Bargains (North Shields)
LocalLocalFound 2nd JunFound 2nd Jun
Sparkling smart water. 6 pack only 59p in home bargains North Shields My first post go easy 😬

Tastes like tap water


For some reason I hate sparkling water but when you mix it with rubicon mango or concentrated vimto it taste so much better


To be honest I don't pay for water.. you can get it free from your taps. I just buy tango or coke when the offers are on.. Thanks anyway. No voted given.


Thanks for posting :)


Bottled at source in the reusable bottle

Child Booster Seat - £4.99 instore @ Home Bargains
LocalLocalFound 2nd JunFound 2nd Jun
cheapest I can find as I needed a booster seat. £4.99 is a steal. just found out of luck at home bargains in Stretford.
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As per the link posted by mjcunningham, they are not illegal so they are still fine to use. Whether you should use one is a different matter. I wouldn't personally recommend buying one as your main seat for everyday use - you should invest in something a lot more safe and solid considering it will generally stay fixed in your car. I have booster seat one that we use for taking on holidays, travelling in taxis etc and it is usually left with my parents as an emergency option. We used to lug the 1/2 seat with us when we went on holiday and it was a PITA but now she is older a booster seat is fine for the odd journey.


Aren't they illegal yet? No way would I put my child in one of those


No doubt this cushion is better than nothing (which would be illegal never mind immoral), but you would be so much better using a high backed booster seat. See below. http://www.madeformums.com/news-and-gossip/booster-seat-law---uk-changes-and-updates/41270.html


Clearing old back stock after the regulation on backless booster seats changed last year?

Haribo Soft Jelly Bear (1 Kg / Halal) @ Home Bargains
Found 1st JunFound 1st Jun
Fantastic value for money! 50% off RRP

None in Wakefield :(


Great deal. Just came back from my local branch and they said all stock was sold out during the first couple of hours of opening


Love it , i just want it for the bear shaped container


Yea sure. It's raining so I might go tomorrow instead


Either Hunslet or Middleton but will you let me know if they have in Wakefield please as I could go there instead.

Crisp n Dry Solid Vegetable Oil 49p @ Home Bargains
Found 1st JunFound 1st Jun
Cheapest I’ve seen this, normally around 79p. Makes the best roast potatoes! Found in Home Bargains
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Palm oil doesn't go rancid at body temperature though....


Voted hot for the deal as this is a good price . However the solid version of crisp and dry contains palm oil and is 43% saturated fat while the liquid version is like a normal cooking oil and has around 7% saturated fat . Would suggest that anyone with heart disease/ abnormal cholesterol should avoid the solid version.


God was that all you got go eat?


Shake n VAC Crisp n Dry What a childhood


I find the taste of crisp and dry very bland

Superheroes Plastic Drink cans (Batman,Spiderman,Captain America,The Hulk) 99p @ Home Bargains
Found 1st JunFound 1st Jun
absolute bargain and great for the kids, or adults in my case. these are coke shaped cans, made of plastic that you can store your drinks in, theyre no spill and have a slider top … Read more
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top screws off and theyre dishwasher safe (y)


Does the top completely unscrew for filling and cleaning? Or do you have to clean through the drinking hole?



Magnum Chocolate Almond  Bar 19p @ Home Bargains
Found 1st JunFound 1st Jun
Love these and for 19p i scooped up a shed load, found in liverpool, hanover street branch and halewood 31g bars :)
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I brought these a few years back, very small aren’t they, I love magnum almond so thought these would be incredible, they’re not


bought a few last week. these tasted nice and kids loved them! heat.


290ml Bottle of Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce. Just £1.29 at Home Bargains.
LocalLocalFound 1st JunFound 1st Jun
Purchased from Home Bargains Tunstall. Cheapest I've seen this for quite some time. Last week, I paid £2.09 for this in Poundstrecher. Currently, £2.60 at Tesco and Morrisons.
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Bloody Mary


Rank bad, nothing like Worcestershire sauce. It should be banned from shelves really as it should be classed as false adve


What's that like though ? Heard it's not as good as Lea Perrin's.


Corned Beef Hash drench in this - yum


Hendo’s is in HB too for £1.39 a bottle (284ml

Funtime strawberry milk 200ml @ homebargains prenton / wirral
Refreshed 31st MayRefreshed 31st MayLocalLocal
Another deal where it may be store specific but at 10p still thought it worth posting, who knows, with your comments it may prove to be nationwide. One thing I did notice on the … Read more
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Nope must be local not in my store today!


Got some in white city today banana and strawberry flavours

Oreo peanut butter 10x2 biscuit packs, £0.49 @ Home Bargains
LocalLocalFound 30th MayFound 30th May
Found instore in Folkestone, good price, good for lunch boxes

Looked the right way round when I took the picture! (embarrassed)


Must be TimTam wannabees??? :D


Decent price for their mistake of having printed the box upside down :p


Never been able to understand the fanatacism Yanks have for these biscuits. They're OK but nowt special

Hydra Juice Strawberry & Cherry 200ml Carton 10p @ Home Bargains
LocalLocalFound 30th MayFound 30th May
found these instore. really nice cold out the fridge :) best before date end of July. think they would be nice frozen to! :) just open the folded over bits at the bottom and top ,… Read more

Nope must be local not in my store today!


I found 10p lying around on a piece of trunking that was hiding a load of air con pipes on a site I was working at today. I picked it up looked at it to confirm what it was and then put it back lol.


Funniest comments I seen today lol.


Hail Hydra! (y)


Voted hot, got to be worth a punt for 10p. Especially as I found 10p on the floor....... Free drink :-)

Marvel legends poseable action figures £1.99 @ home bargains/quality save instore. More new heroes in stock!
LocalLocalFound 30th MayFound 30th May
Dewsbury store but it's national, 7 figures to collect. Size is 3.75 inch and the detail/quality is great. I bought 7 to complete the set but they weren't even out on the shelves… Read more
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Exciting new figures added to the above, many in store at home bargains/quality save.


im keeping mine boxed so i don't need to worry but im sure many folks would be thankful for info. (y)


Stand corrected. Always remembered it as yellow and black (y)


They're nice figures, but check the joints on the ones you get, my Daredevil's leg was just loose, held on by the holster and the peg was too big for the hole in the leg.


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