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European Travel Adaptor RRP £1.99 only 49p instore at Home Bargains
Found 9th May 2009Found 9th May 2009
Enjoy the luxory of electrical products whilst holidaying in Europe this summer for just 49p, courtesy of Home Bargains

always worth getting :-)


Hot / bargain


SHame there is no home bargains near me. Im going to norway in june :)


you can get a pack of 2 at the 99p shop. 1x euro adapter 1x US/australian/NZ adapter


Good price - bargain! These are a couple of quid in Wilkinsons.

1.5m HDMI Cable £2.99 at Homebargains
Found 9th May 2009Found 9th May 2009
Just picked up 1.5m HDMI lead for £2.99 in Walton Vale branch, gold plated connectors at each end - seems decent enough

Got a few of these about a year ago when they had them last. I've not seen any since then and I keep looking, need another two!


Got one yest as a spare so havent used yet!

Parker Vector roller ball pen £1.99 @ Home Bargains
Found 9th May 2009Found 9th May 2009
only available in a dark retro red colour. hard wearing plastic barrel with shiny chrome and coloured trim and grips.

With some cheap pens its like writing with brakes on . They are scratchy on the paper and offer resistance to your writing which is tiring. Parker pens always write smoothly ( unless you get the fine point refills). Bic ballpoints are consistantly smooth writing too, for those that want cheaper pens ( thats why they sell well even though they are 2-3 times the cost of the cheapest own-brand ballpoints). When taking telephone orders at work a poor quality pen is really notceable ( slowing down my writing and making my wrist ache).


Very true. However, at this price it's little more than a decent disposable pen.


will pick one up tomorrow


http://www.staples.co.uk/ENG/Catalog/cat_sku.asp?CatIds=%2C&webid=ST2110&affixedcode=WW LOL never understood why people buy nice pens i always seem to lose them :D


i had onoe good quality but leaked after 4 days :(

8 nail files for 10p @ Home Bargains !!!!!
Found 8th May 2009Found 8th May 2009
went to my local home bargain yesterday...and you know those disposable nails files...that last about 3/4 times a use well there's 8 in a pack for a mega bargain 10p a pack!!! yes… Read more

its not the mega short ones... but they're not as long as the ones from claire's accessories... about 7 to 8 cm long??? let's just say if you pop in..look out for them!!!


Just picked some up - cheers :thumbsup:


Are they the long ones are short ones? I will have a look next time I am there, could do with some



3 Pepsi Bottles 500ml for £1 @ Home Bargains!
Found 8th May 2009Found 8th May 2009
What a bargain! They had all varieities inc diet and pepsi max.
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Cheap nasty imports bleeeergh


they have this offer on in farmfoods too but 7 up and tango included in the 3 for £1 good for people who dont know :)


Good deal but in fairness they have been this price for years. Vimto still juice 500ml 19p a bottle - now that's a bargain

48 pack of Finish Powerball Dishwasher tablets only £2.49 at Home Bargains
Found 7th May 2009Found 7th May 2009
Might be store specific but hopefully not. Picked up a 32 pack which came with an extra 50% extra free (16 tablets) included. Bargain i thought.
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none in stroud store


Didn't spot any on my visit today in Loughborough


I've bought some of these today (four boxes) and they don't have the rinse aid & salt function included. It states on the side of the box (right hand side, top) "Use Finish Powerball Classic with Rinse Aid and Salt for optimal results". I've also installed a brand new dishwasher today & inside there is a sample of Finish "Quantum" tablets & it lists among the features "Rinse Aid Function" and "Salt Function", so I guess it's those that some people were thinking of. A superb deal, unfortunately for me the home bargains I went to didn't have rinse aid or salt so I'll have to go shopping again before using my dishwasher :)


just checked on the back of the pack and these are the all in one varieties so no rinse or salt agent needed.


I posted this a few months ago when they were £2.99 so even more of a bargain now they are 50p less. HOT HOT HOT

BRIO 'My First ...' sets down to £5.99 - £9.99 @ Home Bargains
Found 7th May 2009Found 7th May 2009
BRIO My First Darling (a soft horse with train carriages and track - £24.46 on Amazon) for £9.99 BRIO My First Squiddo (as above, but an octopus!) for £9.99 BRIO My First Peppo (… Read more
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I'll give you some heat!!


They've also got rechargeable Brio engine - 4 wheeler, for £6.99! I paid £18 for one at Amazon in March for my son's birthday! Needless to say, I bought him a couple more!! :-)


Ah yes, patience isn't my strong point. Ooops. Sorry


I think the only thing you've done wrong is to come back complaining about it going cold only 20 minutes after posting! Don't take it personally! :) I saw these in HB and thought they looked really nice... they would be a great gift for some very young children. Hot from me.


Waaaah, cold, have I done something wrong? I thought this was a good deal, the sets at HB are less than half the price they are elsewhere. I have searched and can't find this posted already. Hey ho, can't please everyone!

BBurago 1:18 Car Model Kits £4.99 @ Home Bargains - Usually around £14.99 - RRP £24.99
Found 5th May 2009Found 5th May 2009
these are model kits for 8 year old + children. basically you snap fit all the parts, pre painted and you end up with a very good looking model car. as a show piece, not a playable… Read more

Also Ford Focus Rally very good kit and quite complicated to build. Spent hours on it and it looks good. Good spot


ah yeh, sorry i wrote it in a bit of a rush, i shall correct the mistake when i'm at the pc (i'm on my mobile right now). It should say for 8year old plus. I've been buildin these since i was 11. And the finished product is the same as the normal models you buy but in the process you get to have fun and learn about the car, kind of. I've seen mainly porsche's but there are other's i bought a jag e-type but in the past i've bought the gullwing mercedes and a bmw z3. So each shop has different selections. Thanks for makin this my first hot post people. Much appreciated.


I could do with topping up my model collection. what models were avialabe?


He was making reference to the error you made in your post ;-), "these are model kits for 8 children.".


lol, nope, i'm 20 myself and i just pretended it was for my nephew :-)

Organix Sweetcorn, Carrot & Pea (Stage 1 Baby Food) (2 pots) normally £1.79 only 39p instore @ Home Bargains
Found 4th May 2009Found 4th May 2009
A smooth blend of sweetcorn, carrots, peas & onions Our Great Ingredients Organic sweetcorn (30%), organic carrots (27%), water (24%), organic peas (12%), organic onions (6%), … Read more

weren't none of these in the smethwick one. but i got the last apple and carrot one.


thx will see if i can grab some. our HB's is next to an asda - so even with their baby event this is HOT

JCB 20m Extension Reel £8.99 instore @ Home Bargains
Found 4th May 2009Found 4th May 2009
Normally around £18 to £25 Safety Themal Cut Out High visibility artic cable and heavy duty plug Easy wind handle 13 Amp

Why expired?


I have one of these there great, goy it from argos one time for about £12


Got mine *cheap* for £15 at Homebase last month. This is a bargain (if they have on at your local store)


Excellent price. This is £21.99 at Focus:thumbsup:

Nivea Visage "Oxygen power" reviving day/ night cream £1.99@Home Bargains
Found 3rd May 2009Found 3rd May 2009
I think this is a great price......choice of either.. loads in Stroud....... good luck searching elsewhere....

Great stuff at an amazing price, normally over £10 The wife got some and now i am using it too! :oops: Blokes if you have dry skin after washing don't be shy use this, after all the men's products are 3 to 4 times the price!


I got some the other week, smells lovely and fresh


i got some day and night cream the other day....great price x


And its good stuff, i got some :)

Masterplug 1M HDMI to DVI lead £1.99 @ Home Bargains
Found 3rd May 2009Found 3rd May 2009
Thought this was a good buy, handy to have around even if you don't need it at the moment! They had a lot at the recently opened Leeds Merrion store

about time they opened one up in city centre, albeit due to woolies


I was in HomeBargains today and was like a kid in a sweet shop. There's tons of stuff .... a lot of which I bought and it only came to £11 quid. I'm lovin' it

Mint Viscount Biscuits 39p a pack at Home Bargains
Found 3rd May 2009Found 3rd May 2009
not much else to say other than what a great price for a packet of choccy biscuits
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Yuck... but good price :thumbsup: Have some heat


I like the orange ones but can never find them......only the mint.


scrumdiddilyumptious!!!!!!! :):):)


i buy these they are great.

Nair Sensitive Gel Cream Hair Remover 99p @ Home Bargains
Found 3rd May 2009Found 3rd May 2009
Bought this last week and had a go - not bad as Nair products go. Saw in Superdrug today for almost £5 a can!! Nair Sensitive Gel Cream Hair Remover: Removes unwanted body hai… Read more
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Still cheaper than highstreet (Superdrug) though and couldn't see any other posts for it e.g. @ 99p store so thought it was a bargain. Plus if you don't have a 99p store like us then Home Bargains is another place you can get things at a steal.


It should I used it on my chest which is very hairy. I got it in the 99p store so this price aint so great.


I think you mean Bangkok :giggle:


Will it work on a man's hairy legs? Hollywood, here I come...


hollywood anyone?????????????

Nivea For Men Summer Look Moisturiser 50ml, 99p instore @ Home Bargains
Found 2nd May 2009Found 2nd May 2009
Retails for between £4 and £8 elsewhere Effective daily facial moisturiser that works with your skin to gradually deliver a natural-looking tan. Formulated with CARE PRO TEC: The… Read more

well worth a quid, heat and rep added..


Strange isn't it. Thanks for picking it up tho. Daily Mail has a lot to answer for.


Wolf, I did spot the sarcasm and thought it was a damn funny post. Humourless PC brigade are out in force...you know, the ones that are offended because they think they should be.


Erm...that was sarcasm??? Oh, it was you who were being sarcastic was it? So that would mean that your comment "It ain't natural boy" should actually be taken to mean "it IS natural boy" How ironic. :whistling:


Oh dear. And i guess the subtle and actual homophobic remarks passed you both by. If you are insecure about your looks don't pile it on to my comment. I'm guessing the 'new' poster has no avatar to boost the comments.... Hurdy sorry you missed the sarcasm it was really quite funny. Next time you try playing ignorant do it with subtlety. You 2 or 2 plus the extra accounts should get a room. I will wait and see your comments made to those that were actually derogatory....

Ferrero Rocher T16 £1.49 @ Home Bargains
Found 1st May 2009Found 1st May 2009
Just purchased a lot of these from my local branch Walsall. Great deal, Great Price & Great Product.

you got a bit of sweet tooth havent ya, getting all those choco deals:thumbsup:


Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm my fave !!!! :thumbsup:


hhhmm bargins "they are really spoiling us!!"



Galpharm Vision Moisturising Eye Drops 89p @ Home Bargains
Found 29th Apr 2009Found 29th Apr 2009
Eye drops to moisturise tired eyes.
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Yes, they are contact lens friendly & very good.


States on the box that "Not to be used whilst wearing contact lenses"


this is hot!! does anyone know if this is saline just in a smaller bottle, or something else reason i ask is because i quite often wear contact lenses... can this be used whilst wearing contacts? thanx


Galpharm (sponsors of the stadium in Huddersfield) have been making pharmacutical products for major manufacturers for years and in the last few years have started selling them under their own name.


Hot here

Cuur (weight loss system) capsules 99p @ Home Bargains
Found 29th Apr 2009Found 29th Apr 2009
CUUR is an all-natural, proprietary and patented weight-loss supplement consisting of four botanical extracts, designed to help alleviate the difficulties one can experience when t… Read more
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14st in a day lol


The end of point a. sums me up all day long :-D


Seriously though soziberry. If you are earnest about losing weight, your GP can recommend ways to do it safely which will give you all the hope you need (i.e. put you in touch with people for whom weight loss has been an issue and have been successful at losing weight) and it needn't cost anything. Giving yourself this 99p magic-pill false hope is really not the way to do it. It makes me cry on the inside thinking that someone consoles themself with this trash. You'd be happier within yourself if: a. You decided that you're fine the weight you are no matter what anyone says. Each what you want and enjoy life! Many blokes like their women curvy. b. You made a firm and proper decision that you wanted to reduce your weight and took realistic steps, which involve effort, will and self-control and provide verifyable results. It makes me sad to think that people still believe in this garbage in this day and age; just like how people go to spiritual healers, and use crystal to obtain their life goals etc. And another thing - you don't know what's in those crappy pills. They could actually be doing the exact opposite of what they claim, since there's no evidence of their efficacy. Best of luck! /tuppence deposited


If I come back slimmed down to my perfect weight... I will be dreaming and you will ALL WORSHIP me and my CUUR app! lol


Cuur app ;-)

Box of your choice of cutlery (12 in box) @ Home Bargains 99p
Found 25th Apr 2009Found 25th Apr 2009
Choose from a selection of designs, lunch and dinner cutlery. Even fish knives and forks. Get 12 in the box. I chose these, a box of Arcoprime King (design) tea spoons and I am ver… Read more
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She likes bigger forks in her mouth :-D


All gone in Stockport Home bargains. But nice little lunch forks left, but too small for my mouth , as I like them bigger:whistling:


I like it! Shame this store (as others like poundland or Primark) do not offer online shops


It is, might not be to everyone. I have had the same boring (plain) cutlery for the last 10 years so it is posh! Pffft...


that spoon isnt 'posh'

U2 by U2 (Hardback) - was £30, now £0.99 @ Home Bargains
Found 25th Apr 2009Found 25th Apr 2009
I'm not their biggest fan but couldn't resist this, it really is a quality production. Not exactly up-to-date, it was published in 2006, but I'm more interested in their early st… Read more

No you didn't.


I bought this from home bargains years ago!Gave to my friend as a present!


Apologies for repetition then! I honestly searched several ways for this as I assumed it would have been up here already but came up with nothing related to U2 or even "U2 By U2" - does the search engine only work on strings over a certain length? With hindsight searching for 'Hardback' and 'Home Bargains' in the advanced search would have saved me a few minutes typing it up and the rest of you a few seconds reading/ignoring it!


]https://www.hotukdeals.com/item/371302/u2-by-u2-hardback-edition-only-99p-/ ]https://www.hotukdeals.com/item/363959/u2-by-u2-book-hardcover-rrp-29-99-h/


Posted a million and one times....

'Toms Guld Barre' Gorgeous 45g bars of choc in HB 19p
Found 24th Apr 2009Found 24th Apr 2009
We saw this in Home Bargains, Long Eaton and thought it looked lovely choc at a good price. We bought one bar to see if it tasted good and after tasting bought about a fivers worth… Read more

Yes the rice and the caramel are scrummy.


I had a milk chohc one earlier in the week - I was jubious as I had not heard of the brand, it was he price that attracted me ! I have to say i was pleasantly surprised at how nice it was! May get a different one next time.


Have you tried it? It's gorgeous!!


Looks like different flavours in various stores. We have the milk, plain, caremel pieces, fruit n nut and the rice crispies variaties.

Energizer Portable Mobile Phone Charger RRP £13.99 instore £1.99 @ Home Bargains
Found 24th Apr 2009Found 24th Apr 2009
In Home Bargains, Long Eaton, Notts. Had them for Nokia. Sony Ericsson and Motorola Models. Energizer Energi to go. Portable Mobile Phone Charger. *Extra Light *Instant Power *Ch… Read more

Junk really. Ill fitting cap - and negligible charge from rechargeables. Annoying blue flashing lights. Very short cable - so battery pack cannot be kept in your bag or pocked as you use is.


Bought one today - at Clydebank - the first time I have been in the shop. I will give it a try later.


HOT - although battery extenders normally take 4 x AA (or 4 x AAA) to produce a voltage greater than that the phone uses. I would wonder if this would work with rechargeables given their 1.2V against 1.5V, although I if there is some circuitry to up the voltage and drop the current then it should be fine using them.

Zapper Click Insect Bite relief RRP; £5.99, instore £1.99 @ Home Bargains
Found 24th Apr 2009Found 24th Apr 2009
Bought one of these for our upcoming holiday as I believe they work far better than any creams, lotions or potions! Zapper Click Quick and Easy Mosquite Bite Relief. Technical De… Read more

I'll 2nd the use of these - they do work and dont scar you like the bite pens with ammonia in


Clicky link to Amazon's product info; http://www.amazon.co.uk/ZapperClick-Quick-Easy-Mosquito-Relief/dp/B000KU74K4/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=kitchen&qid=1240595656&sr=8-1

2pk of Animals- 19p @ Home Bargains
Found 24th Apr 2009Found 24th Apr 2009
19p for a pack of 2 play animals. All different animals available. Good price as my little brother used to buy them seperately in early learning centre and they were atlease £1.00 … Read more

They also had toy cars in ours (oldham) - there is a string at the back which makes them whizz along the floor, also 19p each available in blue, yellow, red and silver-my ds loves them.


Good for party bags, voted hot!


hahaha bit slow soz ..:thumbsup:


I thought as much but I was joking : ;-)


noooo, its a bag of marbles got atleast 30 in it lol. my mistake.

AMOY Straight to Wok Noodles 600g packet (4x 150g) ONLY 29p at Home Bargains
Found 23rd Apr 2009Found 23rd Apr 2009
Total bargain in my opinion, a 300g pack of these noodles (which contains 2 individual packs) sells at Tesco for £1.05, At Home Bargains they are selling a 600g packet (which cont… Read more
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I agree absolutely foul. Dont taste of anything, the standard dried ones are much nicer.


OMG! I buy these every week from Morrisons and they cost me over £1. There is no Home Bargains near me sadly but what a hot deal. I remember for a few weeks Farmfoods were selling them at 10p so I bought loads!


We bought a few of these in HB a while back and they are indeed foul. Taste like plastic and synthetic. Horrible.


I met a girl last weekend that could be described as 'Straight to bed for canoodles'.......


was it the thick / medium / or thin ?

2-in-1 Remote Control 99p @ Home Bargains!
Found 22nd Apr 2009Found 22nd Apr 2009
They had stacks of these Control Freaks brand remotes at the Leeds store, 99p reduced from £6.99. Controls TV and VCR, I bought one and it feels really good quality and works grea… Read more

These are obviously very old stock ( VCRs .. lol ) Many recent TVs won't work with them. Even on ones that do work - you will only have limited buttons that work. Don't expect to be able to get into your menus and adjust brightness etc. With the digital switchover looming these are pretty pointless. The pound shop ones are even worse though. They would not even operate my old Toshiba CRT TV properly ( and none of my DVD players or hi-fi or freeview boxes). The codes are years out of date.


Yeah, maybe so, but the ones in Pound-Shop's are the worst quality ever. Its like the are made of old melted down crisps packets, tin foil and balloons. I'll be having a look in HB...they look decent quality.


2 in 1?? Poundworld / land have stocked 8-in-1's on and off for the last 5 years at least.


Excellent value. Good spot.

Sudafed Inhalant Oil 39p @ Home Bargains
Found 22nd Apr 2009Found 22nd Apr 2009
Sudafed Non Drowsy Inhalant Oil, for the symptomatic relief of blocked noses and stuffiness. Size: 10ml Was picking up some hay fever treatment and spotted this. Put a couple … Read more

Still lots there today


Great price, these inhalants are way too expensive. Guess its out of season now, coming into the summer. Ticks all the boxes for me: [LIST] [*]Natural remedy, no chemicals [*]Brand name [*]Effective [*]Good price. [/LIST]

Dairy Milk - Cranberry and Granola Chocolate Bar - 49g - Only £0.10 pence @ Home Bargains
Found 22nd Apr 2009Found 22nd Apr 2009
Just bought a few this morning. Cant go wrong for 10 pence. Happy shopping!

Still have them in the Leeds branch, well the apricot variety anyway! =)


They had loads of these in the Leeds store as well, bought 10, good spot. Best before 04/09


out of date??? if its says use by then dont go for it. However with chocolatre bars its always best before, meaning its quality will not be guaranteed after the date, but will still be edible and in most cases still yummy for months after. it only goes truly crap when the stuff starts seperating into the dark and white swirls in the choccy. These bars are great by the way.


not really a deal cos its out of date. same as out of date stuff on a market really


Heat added we`ve been buying these for weeks but 19p in our Home Bargains so 10p a reet Bargain!!!!

Fuzzy Felt Sets - £1.99 @ Home Bargains (RRP £4.50)
Found 21st Apr 2009Found 21st Apr 2009
OK, so not deal of the century - but these are a great price and loved by all young kids! Age 3-6, Creative picture making with brightly coloured Fuzzy-Felt shapes. Fuzzy Felt has… Read more

Great find! Heat added :thumbsup:


I loved these as a child as ~ in fact I loved them so much I pushed one into my nostril..... I ended up at hospital with a doctor and a pair of very small tweezers to get it out!!!! I wont bother telling you about the rosary bead I stuck in my ear...... you can guess the rest


this showed as £2.99 on the shelf, but scanned as £1.99. As a brand new uncle i may stock up on these for baby sitting in a few years


Just had to post to say the same as most of the other posters - I used to love these as a kid!


oh i wish i had home bargains in my area, im desperate to purchase cheap activity felt sets for my daughter, i have just started intruducing felting in our arts and crafts schedual with my daughter, but everything is very expensive. heat added cos its a very good deal.

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