Homebase 3 year Replacement Cover

Homebase 3 year Replacement Cover

Found 13th Jun 2010
Homebase offer a three year Replacement Cover (RC) on all electrical items (except JML) sold in store. As soon as anyone in Homebase/B&Q/Argos etc ask if you want extra cover on an item, most people automatically say "No thanks" without really listening, BUT in Homebase's case the RC really is worth it! It covers ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that could possibly go wrong with the machine incuding:

- mechanical breakdown (yes there's a manufacturers warranty with big brands like Flymo, BUT you have to have sent off that little card, phone the company, take the product to the company repair shop, then pick it back up again, and it only lasts for up to 2 years at most, and if they think it's been used 'excessively' the warranty is void)

- accidental damage of any kind you can imagine, everything from mowing/cutting through the power cable, leaving the product out in the rain, vermin chewing through the cable, literally ANYTHING you can think of!

- theft (yes, yes, you have house insurance - but, even if you are covered for outdoor buildings e.g. garage/shed if you claim your insurance premium will go up!) as long as you get a crime reference number from the police you're covered with Homebase! Plus remember the RC is a ONE OFF PAYMENT!

- wear and tear (which prevents the item working! not purely cosmetic damage mind!), including pipes splitting or loss of pressure on your pressure washer!

The RC is always roughly 20% of the items price - so, for example if a Bosch lawnmower costs £100 then the RC will cost £20 for THREE years, making it £120 in total. You don't even have to keep the box, just the original receipt as proof of purchase and proof that you took the RC and if anything goes wrong with the item within 3 years of the purchase date just take it and the receipt to your local Homebase Customer Service desk and you will either:

- get a new one

- upgrade to a 'better' make/model and just pay the extra (say you paid £100 for the original, then as you mowed through the cable you decide to upgrade to a cordless one worth £150 and you just pay that £50)

- get Homebase gift vouchers to the value you originally paid for the item (after the first 12 months minus the RC as it is an insurance premium) which could be because the item is no longer in store e.g. taking a lawnmower back in the middle of December, they aren't likely to have any stock!

It is all painless and extremely simple as long as the item is not seasonal e.g. lawnmowers (see above gift vouchers), and above all quick - you either get a brand spanking new replacement there and then, or gift vouchers to spend in store on a replacement when they come back in! All you'd have to pay then is the cost of a new RC policy as you've claimed on the old one!

Even if nothing has gone wrong with the machine in 2 years and 11 1/2 months you could douse it with water, take it back to store and get another one; then all you'd have to pay is a new RC (as you've claimed on the old one)! So, you could get a brand new lawnmower every 2 1/2 years for e.g. £19.99 after your original purchase!

We all know how easy it is to cut through a cable when trimming the hedge or to forget you left the lawnmower out when it starts raining. It's also amazing how quickly even the best Karcher pipes can split when used constantly, how quickly kettles can burn out, and how easy it is to knock your poor old Henry down the stairs!
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This looks like an advert to me. And a load of twaddle to boot. How often has your Karcher pipe split? And does knocking Henry down the stairs kill him - if so, not fit for purpose.

I suppose it suits some people, but not me.
Same as Argos deal (same company) and has some value if you regularly break stuff. Proved useful when my pressure washer packed up after 12months and 6 days! HOWEVER, if they don't do the same item any more (quite likely) you can't shop around as you only get credit up to that amount. So, in my case, I couldn't go to another company which had a good deal on at that time.

Useful post anyway but spoiled by your encouragement to fraud I think!
I got through 5 karcher pipes in 3 months two years ago, admittedly the last one I got has lasted until now (must have been a bad batch I suppose). I originally got it from B&Q and I ended up having to go through the karcher customer service number to get replcement pipes as they (and Homebase) don't/didn't sell the replacements! Saw the RC advertised in store on their last 10% day and picked up a leaflet, thought it sounded decent enough but oh well!
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