Homebase, Alpine fir 7ft Christmas Tree £35.99, better than half price

Homebase, Alpine fir 7ft Christmas Tree £35.99, better than half price

Found 26th Nov 2011
This is a lovely Christmas Tree, I've been after a decent one for a while and didn't want to pay £100 for one. This is £39.99 less 10% today. They normally sell at £109.99, which they are not worth, but an excellent buy at £39.99 or today ay £35.99.

Actually looks like a decent artifical tree, without the strange fir cones, etc.

Quidco available @ 1.5% (I think)

On line add code; discount10
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cheers op just reserved one at my local!!!
thanks, just reserved one.
Thanks, reserved one, will be £39.99 for store collection but will be nice to have a proper look at it before buying.

Heat added.
Nearly paid £80 for a similar one today at the range - so will pop down to my local tonight as they have 13 and check it out
Went and looked at this together with Homebase other trees today, thought it was very poor for the money.

Ended up buying a 7ft Eiger from B&Q for £50 which is a wonderful tree, much much thicker and classier looking than the Homebase trees and leagues better than this one!

EDIT, here is the one we bought diy.com/diy…jsp?action=detail&fh_secondid=11817537&fh_location=//catalog01/en_GB/categories%3C{9151022}/categories%3C{9972013}/categories%3C{9972023}#BVRRWidgetID

Might look the same in the pics, but believe me seeing them in person the above is well worth the extra tenner.
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Tetlee, thanks so much for posting that, i've just rang my store and asked them to put one aside. Reviews are amazing i don't know how i've missed it in my 7ft tree hunt.
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