Homebase bedding plants reduced to £1

Homebase bedding plants reduced to £1

Found 7th Apr 2013
Went to Homebase today, loads of bedding plants (the ones in the polystyrene trays) all reduced to £1 from £3.50. Some were orginally £7.50 now reduced to £1.80. Most were in good condition, just be careful what you buy.
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Is it in store only?
I think so, I dont think they mail order plants ? All the reduced stuff was in the front part of the store on big trolleys. We planted loads today, will call in on my way to work tomorrow to get some more.
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Was £1.50 in Poole today for pansies,violas and something else I bought. I forget the name and it's too cold and dark outside to look now.
nice its still very cold at night out there though would they not die? only i dont really have anywhere indoors to keep them?
Stores usually reduce these just on off chance you get them, most if time the plants just need watering. Personally I wouldn't make special trip but gave a look if you already buying something else
Yep. I am 99% sure this will be store specific.
I bought some polystyrene trays pansies few weeks back n there gorgeous all purples they were call reduced.and some other plants reducrd , very pleased with them.
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