Homebase Christmas Lights and Trees Up to 75 % Off

Homebase Christmas Lights and Trees Up to 75 % Off

Found 16th Dec 2007

This is my first post so hopefully it will be ok!

I have just placed an order online (although it says it is also available instore) for lots of Christmas lights for next year.
For example :
White deer with moving head silhouette reduced from 69.99 to 14.99
and many more
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looks good

some bargains there
Great first post OP. Some bargains to be had on there, but I think the deer is just hideous! :thumbsup:
19p for xmas lights, cant go wrong!!!
ive just been on the site but when i got to check out there is nothing available. its out of stock
Same 4 me - all out of stock , but good post all the same
Ordered a Christmas tree for £2.49!, out door light silhouette and a set of fairy lights.

We have trimmed up two front windows one with coloured fairy lights around the edge and both with clear dangling down fairy lights, just one is missing the coloured fairy lights around the edge, now we have

It's best to have multiple orders to make the £4.49 postage worthwhile ;-)

Great deal :thumbsup:
Thanks for that......I just ordered several sets of outdoor lights and they be here on Tuesday.
Thanks for the heads up. Just moved into new house so spent about £55 on loads of new lights and a christmas tree for next year.
went in the store yesterday - it had been stripped bare. Wouldn't bother.

Online might be ok
plenty of bargains available in stcok.

120 white LEDs outdoor, £4.99
White angel 85cm, outdoor, £4.99
5 star silhouette £4.99 101cm x 59cm
20 coloured fairy lights £0.19
50 clear fairy lights £0.99
50 clear multi-effect fairy lights £1.49
White star window slihouette £1.49
Coloured Berry Christmas Lights - 60 £1.99
Christmas Tree Window Silhouette £1.99

cheers guys, just ordered a load to use for next christmsas.

cheers guys, just ordered a load to use for next christmsas.

next christmas????

mine are going up when I receive them on Tuesday, to upgrade this year's display.

Got 600 white LEDs, going to put them in a tree, just a pity you can't daisy chain these ones.
excellent deal.
voted hot,managed to get me a few sets of outdoor lights..cheers!
thank you very much OP!
If you check out their stores this weekend, they usually give away their real trees for free. I got one last year. They said that it saves them having to pay to get a skip in!
Most items i put in my basket said they were available but then i went to checkout they had sold out grrrr.
Then the ones i brought and checked out with my postcode , i paid for and then it only told me that some of the items were out of stock once i had paid , how annoying but still go some good buys.

Thanks OP
Thanks for the tip bargainhunter212 and welcome to HUKD's ! :santa:
I'll be passing my local store later will pop in and have a look,hopefully there like normal and don't reduce the prices on time.That way loads will be left ready for me and then complain about the prices once at the tills :lol:
Mega deal :santa: - wondered why everyone was suddenly putting more lights up!! - voted HOT HOT HOT - and spent a load more money!!! :thumbsup:
Does anyone know if this is the normal price or has this been reduced as it does not say , as all the trees i wanted have gone

Just rushed to homebase in crawley, nothing there!.... so camer home and tried ordering a few bits online, had them in my inbox, by the time I put in my card details, all five items were out of stock....... so didnt get a single thing.... never mind.....
Yeah - My local store was stripped bare too!
Our local Homebase looked like it had been looted. There was not one set of lights on the place, two huge racks of shelves completely wiped clean since I was in there last Thursday.

Our local B&Q meanwhile has about 300 sets of blue led lights, while every single white set has disappeared.
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=4]Hopefully Argos will follow soon with this,as same companies,great find....:thumbsup:[/SIZE][/FONT]
This product is available to buy ONLINE and IN STORE
Currently out of stock for home delivery

How can this be if you can buy online but out of stock for home delivery?
for anybody in stoke just been to wolstanton store stoke on trent, reindeer on sale 4 49.99 asked assistant she said they have got price changes on wednesday. A lot of the xmas stock hasnt been reduced to the website prices yet.
Just been to mine (in Tamworth) & they are still advertising 50% off - he said price will change on Thurs though, so will check back
Popped in at 9:00am this morning. Nothing doing, a couple of light sets (240 LEDs) but weren't reduced significantly - the set was showing up on their price check @ £29.99 but £9.99 online.

So came back and ordered some bits and bobs online.

Be careful, some of the stuff says it can be delivered in 2 days time. When you go through Checkout, some stuff says it's out of stock.

I added 1 of everything to my basket, checked what was in stock and then reduced from there.....


Heat added. Great 1st Post.
I went into the Castle Lane Homebase Bournemouth. A lot was gone. But I only wanted LED lights & they only had the '80 LED Multi Effect Lights' so I bought 4 packs. They scanned at £9.99 each, so I pointed the page I had printed from there site to the assistant & after a word with the manager he did them at £2.99 each. Thanks OP.
Items still at shop price in Wrexham :x

Shame as I had several item in my trolley but decided not to bother and higher cost.
Went into my local homebase & got two large snowflake silhouettes for £6.99 each (was £59.99) and 150 clear star fairy lights for £4.99 (was £18.99). Prices were coming up as £29.99 for the snowflakes & £15.99 for the lights at the till, but as I took printouts from the website with me the person on checkout called the manager & he let me have them for the online prices. :thumbsup:
Thought I would re visit the Wrexham store with printouts, but the store manager has not got into the Christmas spirit and would not match the prices.

So... Save your petrol and time, try another store!
Prices don't change in store until Thursday, but my local store was bare!! Bought some bits but they won't match the on line price, bit of a rip off I think. Everything on line nearly sold out so beware.
about to go to homebase myself,just printed off the listings in case i need it,will post back when i'm home
[QUOTE=A-n-d-y;1357731]Most items i put in my basket said they were available but then i went to checkout they had sold out grrrr.

Yeah, me too, spent ages choosing and only choosing items that said in stock, however, when going through checkout informed me that all af my items were out of stock!!

Was at my local store yesterday and there are still bargains to be had there-although the best things had already gone.

Still good first post - seems that others on here were luckier than me and able to order!
Gone into local store also look like it had been looted, they even took the backing panels for the christmas displays crooks!
Don't be put of by the previous posts saying no stock left on-line, although it looks like most of the fancier items have now gone.
I just ordered both indoor and outdoor strings of flashing lights.

Coloured Twinkling Lights - 150 £3.99

Clear Twinkling Lights - 150 £3.99

Clear Christmas Lights - 150 £2.49

There's quite a few other items left available as well, including the 99p indoor lights - just do what newsgroupmonkey suggested earlier in this thread - add 1 of each item and then go through to checkout to see what's really available. Then remove items until your left with a list of available items that you want.
Just reaslised how cheap some of this stuff is! Gonna go check it out in store :-)
Thanks OP!

Went to my local homebase earlier and bought 7 items (including the last moving reindeer) for £43, a saving of £223 on the original prices!
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