Homebase Clearance deepens, Craftright clamps reduced from £6 to £3 per pair

Homebase Clearance deepens, Craftright clamps reduced from £6 to £3 per pair

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Craftirght 60cm Clamps reduced from £6 to £3 for a set of two. Excellent value for woodworking clamps. Other Craftright products reduced to half price or less, e.g. mitre saw stands.
A lot of stuff is being put out on display and newly marked down, more than on the Clearance section on the website. Following on from my earlier post I have been buying various things in Homebase that I need. My latest purchases include:
A Qualcast border fork with a longish handle for £5 (roughly half price),
A stainless steel gardenhand trowel from Ironbark at £2 (over half price)
An own-brand garden hand fork for one pound (half price), and some
60cm Craftright quick action clamps at £3 for a set of two (reduced by 50%).
That more is to come is indicated by the fact that when I asked if they still had any large brass letterplates left at £5 after a brief examination of the shelves and the stock control systems it turned out that they had loads sitting in that branch's warehouse waiting to be upacked and put on display. Homebase had not sold out, it had yet to put the letterplates out as well as the "tons [of stock] that we have sitting in the warehouse" on display," I was told.
The branch staff explained to me that one of the things that was being done was to clear Homebase own-branded stock as the company was moving over to manufacturer branded stock. Apprently, I was told, this is due to cost as the own-brand stuff works out more than the manufacturer-branded products owing to the costs involved in packaging the things in Homebase own livery and packaging (and also it had to sell its own branded product for less than the manufacturer-branded product as that is what the public expected) so the company has decided to drop its own brand products in favour of manufacturer branded standard packaged products.
Also to clarify on the "Ozito" name products that Bunnings has been bringing in, the name means "Ozzie Tools", or "Australian Tools" and not "Ozzie Too" or "Aussie as well" as I had mistakenly said before. it is pronounced: "Oz-eee-toe".
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