Homebase Closing Down Sale - Dunstable

Homebase Closing Down Sale - Dunstable

LocalFound 11th Jan 2015
Homebase in Dunstable is having a closing down sale... Some good bargains there as everything has to go. The store will officially close it's doors in February 2015.
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Cant see one listed for Dunstable.
Do you mean the Luton one on the A6 leaving town?
No its the one near Dunelm on Dunstable road towards Dunstable!
Thanks,found it now.Looks like Homebase have already taken it off the website.
Edited by: "duke" 11th Jan 2015
Be careful, when the Sheffield one closed, the ticket prices were WAY overstated, e.g 4x Duracell rechargeable batteries with 75% discount were still over a quid more than Amazon....
Went there and mostly they had 15% off some had 20% off not much of a closing down sale
Loughborough willow room retail park also closing down but agree prices are over inflated!
That's exactly what I said to my mum... I bet they've boosted the prices up then slashed them down so that there's not much difference in what they were originally charging. However, some things were a bargain, like the floor & wall tiles. If I knew what measurements I needed, I would have bought some at those prices! Closer to Feb I think whatever is left will be going really cheap. A B&M will be taking its place!
What day is it closing?
i went yeterday and its not that good deals , most things still get cheaper elsewhere
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