*homebase* Range of ovens and HOBS ex display STARTING AT £40 bargains to be had!!

*homebase* Range of ovens and HOBS ex display STARTING AT £40 bargains to be had!!

LocalFound 16th Jan
A number of ex displays hobs, and ovens all at ridiculously sheep prices!! At least 10 different ones at my local store
Brecon store, have been told that most stores will have this offer, too.
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Which store is It? Really a bargain
Hi which store is this?
Sheep prices?! Baaaaaaaa no way!
Can ewe tell me the conversion rate from "sheep" to £ shearling please?

"Sheep" prices???

But not a ba-a-a-d deal at all! Better than being fleeced at other stores. I'll be down there at two shakes of a lamb's tail.
asdfghkkl5 m ago

Hi which store is this?

Gethdavies1237 m ago


Aah know why you put sheep in the title now!
Hylton Road Worcester have a lot of ex display bathrooms for sale
None in Warrington all sold
These have been sold before they went on sale, went to three local stores had stickers on them all like reserved Mom deposit Dad, Dan on Till reserved, total waste of time....................cant blame the staff we all would if we could
Bargain prices. I'm so green with envy.
This was posted last year, asked at a few stores and they said they had already changed their display so no bargains at the moment.
Mmm Bacon 🥓
been visiting 6 stores in London, nothing
Ipswich store had them almost all of the display ones reduced nothing " nice" or that cheap most had missing control knobs and none has been sold the last time i was in a few days ago, the Lovely " egg bath" I would love was sold though and lots of other bathroom bits looks like the entire range is being changed
I'm from brecon too hello lol
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