Homebase - Square dinner set 50% off £19.99 at Homebase

Homebase - Square dinner set 50% off £19.99 at Homebase

Found 1st Dec 2010
This is a really good quality square dinner set; I was looking for a few more plates and discovered the set is 50% off. It was a pretty good deal at £40, for £20 it's an amazing deal.
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thanks just what I was looking for! reserved.
Great deal but can't seem to get free delivery??
Thanks OP was lookin a dinner set

Great deal but can't seem to get free delivery??

Same here as it is charging £8.95
Yeah, picking up in store seems to be the only way to avoid delivery. That's what I am going to do tomorrow.
thanks reserved, hope i can get out but its looking slim
Nice for a good square meal.
just brought one from argos black 12piece £17.00 BARGAIN!!
I've seen these in store, and I would not say they were good quality at all.
was just thinking i need a new dinner set,

Just bear in mind that while square plates look great, they do have one slight downside (it's only a slight one)

Generally, they don't fit in microwaves (as the squareness makes it impossible for them to rotate round inside it).
The wife got a square dinner set from Next and they they are great apart from the dinner plates don't go in the microwave!
Anarchist is right, the big plates don't fit in the microwave. I have a couple of circular plates for this purpose - the side plates fit in obviously fine.
Reserved to collect from store cos got following message when tried for free delivery
Sorry, [XMASDELIVERY] is not a valid promotion code on this order. The promotion may have ended, require a minimum spend or only apply to selected products. Please enter a different code and click the 'apply code' to apply the voucher code.
Good find. Just what I've been looking for
They have a round set at 1/2 price for £9.99
If you add in something from the Xmas sale you get free delivery. I added in the hannah montana perfume at £4.99 as it is a good present and it then gave me the delivery for free meaning delivered for £24.98
Thanks connlach; I just ordered a cheap christmas tree and also got it free. What's so silly is it looks like they are going to deliver in two seperate deliveries anyway!
Just been and bought two sets. Each peice is very thick pot. Heavy and Durable i'd say. Very pleased with them. thanks!
Ordered 2 cheers op - little un just pulled nearly all my plates out smashing all but 2!?!?
This deal is back on .....

This deal is back on .....

Been at the this price in my local since this deal. Bought a set then took them back, the plates have some weight to them and the white wasn't perfect all over still had signs of the base material. Would never had paid full price for them. Good price for those who want them
Can you get cups to match
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