homebrew wine kit massively reduced £13 tesco walkden
homebrew wine kit massively reduced £13 tesco walkden

homebrew wine kit massively reduced £13 tesco walkden

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Just seen this in my local tesco. It comes with all the equipment you need to make 6 bottles! ( you need something to put the finished wine in I.e. bottles, barrell etc.)



I'm pretty sure that this is the wine kit with a small fermentation barrel, some tubes for siphoning etc etc in which case £13/is a good deal. A 6 bottle kit without the equipment typically costs £11+.

Just don't kill off the fermentation early like the instructions will invariably tell you to, one week isn't enough. Leave it a solid 2 weeks or more before adding the stabiliser sachet then a good month in the bottle.

This seems to be the WineBuddy kit which normally costs £22.50, so its a good price at £13 - don't understand why people have voted it cold and left no explanation. I voted hot purely on value for money. But with WineBuddy kits, none of the ones I have tried taste anything like they are supposed to, and don't even taste that nice anyway! The best use for these is as a basis for making your own recipe wines, as it is best to include some grape juice in any wine recipe. You could split the juice in this kit between 2/3 gallons of your own wine. In some of the kits e.g. chardonnay, you get a flavour pack of juice to add when you add the stabiliser. My advice is add this at the beginning so its ferments. if you add it at the end you get very sweet wine and the flavour isn't that pleasant anyway, unless you like sweet wine.

donaldbrago - if you keep fermentation at the ideal temperature - 30c at least - it should ferment in 7 days. Best I did was 9 days at about 26c. You still have to wait until the wine has cleared, which can take about 2 days, before bottling.

If you don't add the stabiliser pack to the bucket of fermented wine, you can then re-use the yeast for another brew, even a 5 gallon (30 bottles) brew. The yeast will multiply in a larger brew. You can make a solution with the stabilizer, or simply add the powder to each bottle instead of adding it to the whole brew.
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