Homedics Baby Nursery 'Sound Spa' Picture Projector --- £19.99 Delivered @ consumerelectricals Ebay

Homedics Baby Nursery 'Sound Spa' Picture Projector --- £19.99 Delivered @ consumerelectricals Ebay

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Found 19th Dec 2011
For anyone with a young one like us - you will undoubtedly know the value of these things! Lull the sprog to sleep and entertain with a image on the ceiling.

"Worth their weight in gold" - would be an understatement

(and this one sounds top of the line amazing!)


Six Soothing Sounds Twinkle, Twinkle, Rock-A-Bye-Baby, Cradle Song, Rain, Ocean, and Heartbeat have been brought together to create a relaxing soundtrack to lull your little one off to dream land

Rotating Picture Projector This system includes three image discs of fish, stars, and animals that tilt and gently rotate through the projector’s adjustable angle onto walls or ceilings

Auto-Off Timer Timer allows you to set the mobile for intervals of 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes allowing your baby to unwind and drift off to sleep at their own pace

Customized Variety Choose from sounds, projection, or a combination of both allowing you flexibility in the mood and the environment you want to create for your baby each night

- SoundSpa™
- Three image discs with three lullabies and three soothing sounds
- Instruction manual

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My wife just bought one of these for about £30 so this is a good price.
I bought a crummy Tomy one, and not only does it suck batteries dry (even 2300mah rechargeables!) but the music level is weak – and the biggest interval is 10 minutes… which is about enough time for her to get comfy – not asleep haha!

I ordered one a couple of days ago – it’s the only dispatch notice that reminded me to post it on here.

The settings sound far superior – and I'm just intrigued as to how it projects (does it move etc).

You’d think its for my benefit
It has three discs with static images on, these are projected onto the wall or ceiling so the images don't move as such but as the disc rotates, the image changes.
Thanks for this great deal! It has been featured over on the HUKD blog Playpennies!


Thanks for this great deal! It has been featured over on the HUKD blog … Thanks for this great deal! It has been featured over on the HUKD blog Playpennies!

With a new arrival myself (and as I mentioned before - a really rubbish Tomy Projector) this thing is a god send - its amazing!

(Im not going to lie... Its made me nod off a few times too)
[grumble] yet it only reaches 21-degrees on HUKD [/grumble]
UPDATE - after only a few weeks, ours is making a loud grinding sound when the projector is on, only when it's at certain angles. It doesn't bother the baby, it's just audible over the baby monitor which is annoying for us.

Sounds like something is up with it so we spoke to the supplier and it has gone back to them to be checked. Hope it gets fixed / replaced ASAP as it is great for the baby (even with the grinding noise).

Sure it's a one off, would still recommend this.
UPDATE - got an e-mail update the following day, they have assessed the device and agreed it's faulty. They have refunded the £4 (approx) postage we paid and said a new one has been despatched today.

Can't argue with customer service like that.
Mine is still working A-okay. Very pleased - in comparison to the Tomy one it replaced.

Sounds are great - good variety!
Replacement (new, not a repair) received this morning and all working fine.
Noticed that this has actually lost heat since its posting elsewhere. Lol.
Got one of these for a present for my little girl, it's amazing, it's the only thing that gets her to sleep at night, 10/10. Want more disks now.
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