HoMedics Massager 63% Off @ Amazon UK - £59.61

HoMedics Massager 63% Off @ Amazon UK - £59.61

Found 26th Nov 2011
I tried out one of these automated Swedish style massagers in a department store about 2 years ago and was bowled over by it. 5 mins in and my back was feeling lovely :-) But I couldn't justify the cost of around £150. Saw and ordered this on Amazon last night and can't wait for it to arrive. Free delivery with Super Saver of course.
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These any good?

worth paying the extra for … worth paying the extra for heat[url=http%253A%252F%252Fwww.amazon.co.uk%252FHoMedics-SBM-300H-3GB-Shiatsu-Massager-Heat%252Fdp%252FB000AQE7K8%252Fref%253Dpd_sim_d_6]http://www.amazon.co.uk/HoMedics-SBM-300H-3GB-Shiatsu-Massager-Heat/dp/B000AQE7K8/ref=pd_sim_d_6[/url]only £10 more

good call she is always saying she is cold, but showing another 20.00 not 10.00
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oh yeah hahaha,sorry had busy day at work and had a couple lol.
maths isnt my strong point.
This Swedish one does have heat as well!
@ramiuk1 according to the product description and a customer review this one has heat too. I think the biggest difference is that the extra £20 gets you more massage options - I think I'd have gone for your suggestion if I'd spotted it, but the price for both is pretty good. For some reason the RRP for both is identical.

@canada16 when I tried one of these 2 years ago I thought it was amazing. Might not have been this model tho'.
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i tried the 500 model a couple years back,did legs back,shoulders.
close ya eyes and you in a parlour lol.
they are good.

spuddha,funny you mention heat because i have read on a site i forgot it came with heat,but then on others i read it didnt.
you ordered? if so let us know dude as soon as you recieve if it has heat.

infact looking o nthe page properly you defo right on the heat thing.
the pic shows it on remote.

the difference is swedish or shiatsu.
is the other with both worth extra i have no idea,i not sure of difference
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@ramiuk1, as long as I'm not too blissed-out I'll come back and post a review lol.

No idea about the difference between shiatsu and Swedish either, to be honest, just took a punt it'll be as good as the one I tried before. All I remember were these rotating ball things working their way up and down my back - lovely :-)
Don't mean to burst your bubble but I believe these were £19.99 on eBay daily deals yesterday, in fact there are lots on eBay but most are third party branded devices which are not the same quality as the Homedics brand.

I purchased one of the cheap (£43) third party ones 3 years ago on eBay, it was and still is good however not quite the same as paying 50 Thai baht for a full 30 minute back massage

Voted hot as its currently the best price.
I too tried one of these in a dept store and was sold, I got a shiatsu model with heat from amazon and it is really good. my friends love it too!
hot for me
this deal rubs me up the wrong way
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