Homefront (Xbox 360) - £25 Delivered @ Tesco Entertainment
Homefront (Xbox 360) - £25 Delivered @ Tesco Entertainment

Homefront (Xbox 360) - £25 Delivered @ Tesco Entertainment

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America has fallen into the hands of a brutal military corporation in this cinematic first-person shooter from THQ.

Destroyed by a devastating EMP strike on its own soil, America has been left defenceless against any threats, including the nuclear-capable Greater Korean Republic. Abandoned by any and all former allies, America is now a barren wasteland of fiercely-protected towns and abandoned cities. Former civilians are now prisoners of their own police state.

Homefront puts players into the shoes of the Resistance, a group that fights for freedom against the overwhelming military force on home ground. As the plot of this oppressive future unfolds, players will take part in first-person combat against the military, using guerrilla tactics, military vehicles and advanced drone technology to face the enemy. Homefront also contains a healthy multiplayer component, seeing players take control of infantry, tanks, attack helicopters and combat drones as they fight across the open battlefields on offer.

Combing a robust multiplayer component with an in-depth plot-driven single player campaign, Homefront gives players a stark and revealing depiction of America’s future alongside its tactical first-person combat.


If you want it for the online, then sure fine. BUT if it's the single player you want it for, for god's sake RENT IT.

I'm not a hugely big gamer and I completed this in just over 4 1/2 hours. Two sittings did it.

I'll remain nutural in my vote.
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So is the game any good?


So is the game any good?

Dude, it's just over 4 hours play through!

At £25 it would need to come with a £20 off voucher for me to rate it at all. I'm not into online play so I can't comment on that.

picked this up instore for the same price, although it scanned at £39.99 (it's £25 on the shelf ticket).
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