Homeland boardgame £5.69 delivered from Amazon BuySend

Homeland boardgame £5.69 delivered from Amazon BuySend

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  • A game of espionage, deception, and paranoia
  • Every turn, terrorist threats advance and new terrorist threats are revealed
  • Homeland is a game of bluffing, secrets and lies
  • Obfuscate your true agenda while scrutinizing your rivals' every move
  • Identify the terrorist mole to put an end to their deadly schemes. Choose carefully; a false accusation could cost you the game.

From BoardGameGeek: 3–6 Player 90 Minn Playing Time
Age: 14+
Weight: 2.69 / 5

Homeland: The Game

is a semi-cooperative game of intrigue, deception and hidden agendas. Players assume the roles of CIA analysts, directing agency resources to combat the rising tide of global terrorism. Be warned, not everyone is what they seem.

  • Stay Alert: New threats are constant. Every card played matters. Any action could be the difference between stability and catastrophe.

  • Be Vigilant: Use every tool at your disposal to stop impending terrorist threats. Deploy soldiers, insert agents and recruit key assets to neutralize imminent dangers and keep the nation safe.

  • Trust No One: Not everyone is what they seem. Watch your rival's actions carefully to try to decipher if they are working against you!

Homeland: The Game draws 3 to 6 players into its web of espionage and paranoia. As the pressure mounts, will your actions tip the balance towards national security or global chaos?

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Incredibly hard to learn how to play, took 35 mins to read instructions and then gave up!
Edited by: "potters111" 9th Dec 2017
potters1119 h, 54 m ago

Incredibly hard to learn how to olay

That's a load of bull.

wary of this company Buysend. First order I placed was ok, items a bit battered but fine.

Second order I made with them a couple weeks ago, for about 17 items total I think it was.......after a week they cancelled 1 item for unable to get from suppliers, fair enough (although all these items said they were instock......after another few days, all but 2 of the original 17 items were cancelled.....including this board game....leaving with only 2 topup overpriced items I didn't really want in first place.

If do decide to make a punt at it, their website usually is free delivery over £20 and items a little cheaper
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