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Homelist Motion Sensor RGB Lights, (6 Pack) Rechargeable with code. Sold by Meirong Official Store FBA

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💖[Colourful Life] Nine colours can be set according to demand (no white light), 1: long-press once, enter the constant light mode 2: long-press the second time to enter the auto-sensor mode (indicator light flashes three times), the next short-press for the colour selection mode. 3: long-press the third time for the off mode.
💖【Unique Lighting Effect】Using a customised convex lens not only produces a hilly lighting effect, the light is stronger, concentrated and intense, the lighting range is larger and brighter. Note: Strong concentrated light, do not shoot directly into the eyes
💖【Motion Sensor Function】 In automatic mode, the light will turn on automatically when an object is detected at about 16 feet (about 5 metres), and turn off automatically after about 25 seconds if no motion is detected.
💖【Ultra long-lasting function】long bright mode, can be long bright about ten hours, induction mode, can be used for about 3 months or more (10 times a day induction), set the fast charging charging mode, charging only takes about 2 hours
💖【After-sales guarantee】Products are guaranteed for one year. If you encounter any problems in the process of use, please do not worry, contact us in time, we will be responsible for the end
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  1. dbot's avatar
    good deal but not buying it, in the current climate where all prices are hitting the roof - I am putting my Grinch face here and telling the world "I don't need it and will not buy it"

    May be you should also ask what else can you do with these SAVED £11
    Karling's avatar
    Thanks for making me stop and think.

    Reality check vs Addiction
  2. SeamusO's avatar
    Ordered but changed delivery address to local landfill site to save middle man
  3. wonderingstar's avatar
    for when you trip up in the dark on the first stair they will accompany you with a synchronised light show as you fall downstairs and break your neck because you couldn't be bothered to flick a switch 
  4. B.BOY's avatar
    Really don't need these but ordered anyway. Thanks OP! Heat added.
  5. julie.stokes's avatar
    Not needed but purchased for. My motorhome
    Andrew08uk's avatar
    I have too, might be good you never know
  6. tosh8324's avatar
    Code invalid
  7. sheffield788's avatar
    Voted hot and debating if I should buy just because it is 'a good deal'
    knocka's avatar
    Do yo really really need them but its good deal for 6
  8. PsychoSonny's avatar
    Useless. Is there a white light version? I don't need coloured lights
  9. Rahel_Chowdhury's avatar
    Thanks order op
  10. sam_gray's avatar
    Just tried to purchase and unfortunately the voucher code isn't valid, any thoughts? :/
  11. Max.Cady's avatar
    Code now not working
  12. rmtheatre's avatar
    Shame the code has stopped working. I'd have bitten at 11.49
  13. mickymcd's avatar
    Code not working now phew saved me some coin thx
  14. navneet1311's avatar
    Thank god the code didn't work... otherwise I'd just end up with more junk that I don't need lol
  15. teabag36's avatar
    I got these actually really good time will tell how long they last but work well
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