Homer Simpson doughnut machine £9.99

Homer Simpson doughnut machine £9.99

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Found 19th Oct 2007
Homer Simpson doughnut machine. Apparently they are healthier than regular doughnuts, as they are not deep fried, and you don't need to cover them in so much sugar as shop bought ones. The only other price reference I can find is £25 at the gadget shop.

Delivery will be over £5, so you might as well add a filler item to make up to £15.

Fri 7:10pm - now OUT OF STOCK.
- Siani4


Doh! (nut)

Awesome! Can u buy the doughnut mix or is it easy to make?

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A couple of filler ideas ...

For those interested in making them £6.49 ...


or for those more interested in dunking them £5.99 ...


i have one of these (though mine is red) and it comes with an manual on how to make them. It comes with a doughnut mix but you can buy others/make your own.

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Awesome! Can u buy the doughnut mix or is it easy to make?

I've made doughnuts before, but not with a machine. It is essentially a thick pancake mix.


Mmmmm donuts *drools*

Grrr spent too long faffing around deciding what I was going to buy for £5 that it's out of stock now!!

Great deal though.


now £24.95

Expired? Price is 24.99 on the link. Or am I missing something?

This is coming up as £24.95 for me now...?

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Yes, Amazon are out of stock ... the £25 price is from gadget shop.

You've got to be quick with these!

in b&M for 15 quid
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