Homeserve boiler cover with free tado smart thermostat £114

Homeserve boiler cover with free tado smart thermostat £114

Found 12th Jan 2015
This is a boiler care cover for £9.50 a month with homeserve but instead of selecting a free annual service you can select a tado smart thermostat worth £249.

Note this is the first generation tado and not the new one but the functionality is pretty much the same. The tado links to your mobile and turns the heating on when you are at home and off when you aren't. You can also control your heating manually via an app on your phone.

You can self install the wireless thermostat in about 20 mins with the online guide from tado and away you go.

The boiler cover from homeserve includes:

Electical wiring
Central heating and a few other things.

Negative points to note:

Homeserves ratings for customer service are pretty poor

There is a clause that if you cancel your homeserve cover after a year then a rental of £3 a month is payable to tado, this can be cancelled but then you only receive basic functionality from you tado (from various calls I think this means you lose the location detection and are just left with a wireless remote thermostat)

I may be wrong in exactly what basic functionality means so please check first but as someone without an internal thermostat before this was a way to get at worst a free wireless thermostat in month 13 and a smart thermostat for the first 12 months (fingers crossed it's still smart in month 13 but can't be sure)

Note - there a slight possibility of £101 Top Cash Back too. - top cashback advertise this for the homeserve8 policy but doesn't mention the tado, it may work it may not but worth going via TCB if your interested just in case
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Not so popular then, personally I thought a competitive boiler care cover with a free smart thermostat worth £249 was a good deal, maybe I should send mine back!?
I ordered mine about a month ago , still waiting on tado to delivery it and customer service very average , just hope it's worth the hassle
I chased tado up a couple of times to get mine. once they processed the order it only took 3 days to arrive from Germany, tado customer service was very good when installing, not so sure about homeserve!
Cant see it where i select free Tado instead of the the free service, is it still available?
homeserve suck.....
Hard to believe Tado are worse than Homeserve for CS. Seems they were made for each other. Best avoided.
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Had an horrific experience with homeserve so I stick with British Gas now / they are expensive but the service is excellent. The gizmo looks clever though!
tado CS has been pretty good for me; I've got it on rental as I'm sure there will be better, perhaps homekit stuff, soon.
Expired ?
Rent a smart thermostat? What next? Rent my own smart front door key? Hmm!
@squidge13 it's HomeServe that install the Tado so sounds like the stories that they have changed their ways could be true. I have had a policy with them for a few months and have found their service impeccable so far
Offer expired does any 1 know when offer will come back
So far no issues at all with Homeserve, got the Tado deal for £9.50 i think per month with the free kit. Paid the extra for installation, took a week to get it as they ship from Germany. Called Tado to chase up, very good customer service, with no issues at all, quick and easy to get hold off. Very good communication from Homeserve to Tado, as had the installers to book a date for installation. So far so good.
It's good you didn't get it, I signed up and they sent me the old version, not the newer version 2. Why would I want old tech? In the process of complaining and trying to send it back.
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