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No catches: Electrical Emergency & Breakdown Cover for £1/ month, £12/ year @ Homeserve - genuine unlimited call-outs included + parts
Refreshed 1 h, 13 m agoRefreshed 1 h, 13 m ago
You'll be covered for: Repairs to your home’s mains electrical wiring system Repairs to a broken immersion heater Please see Product documents including T&C's for more d… Read more

In my experience this is the worse company on planet earth. Truly horrendous! Avoid like leprosy.


If they are expecting a household emergency cover firm to fix their car, then yes it is most definitely a waste of money...


We have homecare from british gas, not the cheapest but they've done everything that's ever been needed from small leaks, blown sockets, drainage pipe leaks etc including replacing floorboarding. Also handy to book them in using the british gas app, fast and reliable for us, if you're not fussed on price give them a shot, although I appreciate your mileage may vary, however on comparison it does appear they cover a lot more than most.


I had them last year - similar deal for emergency covers including plumbing - I had broken pipe twice in 2 different bathrooms- they came within 4 hr of me calling - and replaced pipe without any excess charges - quite impressed with the service provided - premium went up from £1 to £16 a month after 1st year - but I felt it was worth paying .. in case of emergencies.. Had I not covered with them I am sure would have paid 100s for plumbing. I had option to cancel though after 1st year.


Heat from me. I've done this swapping between my name and the missus for a few years. Called them out maybe 2 or 3 times, for toilet issues, and i've been sorted every time. Not let me down yet. I'm assuming their Electric deal will be as good as their plumbing deal.

Homeserve One Year Electrical Emergency & Breakdown Cover £12
Found 5th JulFound 5th Jul
Not bad price for one year's cover. Remember to cancel before the end of year as renewal will be at full price (£102.72) Cover for your electrical wiring system, sockets, switche… Read more

It was only 18 months ago when this introductory offer was 50p/month - £6 per year.


can I combine this deal with their £12/year plumbing cover?


They've been awesome for us! Have some heat...


Yeah £59 I’ve got if for. Even if you call them out once, it saves you money


Same here, renewal was £135 I think but they said they could do it for £60ish when I bartered. (y)

Homeserve Plumbing & Drainage Plus £1 a month £12 for a year - New customers only
Found 16th MayFound 16th May
£1.00 per month in the first year for new customers. With £0 excess. Annual price £12.00 The price will increase at renewal. Currently customers in their second year are paying £… Read more
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No hidden charges, no call out fee, no parts charges, no labour excess charge time. I couldn't believe it either. This is the second year I've had a policy at the promotion price with them. First year in my name and the second in my wife's name. You can even book an appointment online and you can often get next day appointments. Just them 4 times in first year and 3 times so far this year. They've been brilliant everytime. I'm surprised some of the things I've called them out for were even covered. We had a new downstairs toilet and the plumber did a botch job of the sink trap. The Homeserve plumber completely redid it all absolutely free of charge.


States clearly boiler not included


Not for this cover, it's for the boiler cover


You will run out of names eventually I guess XD


Seems hots from me

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Home serve plumbing and drains for 50p a month for first year - £6
Found 4th MarFound 4th Mar
£6 a year cannot go wrong
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Excellent thanks


Showers are not included. I'd recommend reading the terms, all details are in there.


I hate that when that happens (lol) (lol)


Sorry, replied , but didn't click quote, check the thread (fierce)


I don't seem to end up renewing every year as to be honest quite often I forget , however we have had it for quite a few years with gaps in between . I think last time I left it three months between returning as a new customer , did it by phone and he was quite happy with that , but he did say some people try and cancel and return the next month which they won't do .

No catches: Electrical Emergency & Breakdown Cover for £1/ month, £12/ year @ Homeserve - genuine unlimited call-outs included + parts
Found 12th FebFound 12th Feb
Yes this is hard to believe but it's genuine - you'll be covered for: Repairs to your home’s mains electrical wiring system Repairs to a broken immersion heater So any lightin… Read more
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It's so funny looking at all the magnitude of problems people have had and the standard response from so called homeserveUK. My comment still holds.. steer well clear. It's dirt cheap for a reason... Sheer incompetence. Nothing more nothing less.. With kindest regards..


Thanks. Just signed up and set a reminder on my Google Calendar to cancel the cover and DD in 12 months time (y)


Hi Rebecca and thanks for replying. However you've deflected the issue - the cartridge in the tap was faulty but rather than fix that, the "plumber" chose to replace the tap instead because he wasn't sure of his ability to fix it! Further, a new appointment was booked for Tuesday but no one bothered to turn up! I'm sure I'll hear more excuses but it's really poor service, or rather no service.


Hi there, I’m sorry to learn of any issues you faced during your experience.We should be making this as easy as possible and doing all we can to rectify your service issues.We would like to take a further look into your concerns, please email and we can discuss this further. Kindest regards Rebecca Here To Help Team


Hey Thanks for taking the time to make us aware of your thoughts.I’m really sorry you feel this way as it is not how we would want any of our Customers to feel. If you would like us to address anything please get in touch via and we can take a further look. Kindest regards Rebecca

Boiler, Heating, Plumbing + Electrics £8 a month (£50 excess) for the first year @ Homeserve
Found 11th Dec 2017Found 11th Dec 2017
Boiler, Heating, Plumbing + Electrics £8 a month (£50 excess) for the first year. Deal ends 19th December 2017
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£35 quidco 😊


Decent local company and keep your fingers crossed? Seriously, these policies are like extended warranties at Curry's, etc. - the insurance company has to make a profit so, over time, you're far better off funding repairs yourself and saving their profit. Yes, you could get a big bill (though think what's the worst it could be) but unless you're VERY unlikely you'll be quids in on average.


Have been using homeserve for 4 years now. Never had a problem always came out next day fixed the issue even tho they were only minor fixes. No excess tho on the £1 pm deal. Only plumbing covered on mine


What's the alternative? Or are some people just having a billy downer in general?


Good offer as usual for 1st year. Best option is to switch between Homeserve and BG from year to year. That way you bag the introductory discounts as a new customer and grab additional cash back from tcb or Quidco. Been doing this for a while and rarely pay much more than £100 for a full years cover including boiler,central heating,plumbing and electrics. I find the quality of service.similar for both and,on the whole, pretty good.

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Homeserve - Plumbing and Drainage Plus from 50p pm
Found 20th Nov 2017Found 20th Nov 2017
For only 50p a month, with zero excess you cant go wrong to cover yourself in the event of an emergency. Calling somebody out for a blockage can easily cost around £90 on its own.… Read more

Does anyone who whether you can take out the introductory offer again (if you have had it previously). Either in your own name, or in the name of someone else in the household ?


Thank you.


Unfortunately not. I think you maybe OK if it is taken out in the name of someone else in the household (who hasn't had it before), but I'm not 100% sure.


Did you find the answer to this please?


Does anyone know if you can take up this deal if you have had it in the past ?

Home serve Plumbing & Drainage Plus with £0.00 excess for £0.50/month
Found 17th Oct 2017Found 17th Oct 2017
Cover for your plumbing and drains You rely on your plumbing and drains every day, but being prepared for unexpected problems is easier than you might think. Plumbing & Drainag… Read more

Does anyone who whether you can take out the introductory offer again (if you have had it previously). Either in your own name, or in the name of someone else in the household ?


Also topcashback


Well worth it and great service! Wouldn't hesitate to recommend them for a second! They even replaced by kitchen tap with a shiny new Bristan brand - worth easily £60!


Thanks man. I did mention the loss of pressure when it got its checkup but that was once every couple of months. Have been waiting to see witness marks for the leak just to know where it was, for a cleaner repair. Was looking for those marks on the inside of the house! (embarrassed)


The PRV is normally copper. The plastic pipe is normally the condensing pipe that takes away the acid these new boilers produce. And your PRV is or has been leaking by the stain on the wall. Even a drip will mean that you need to refill every day or so. The PRV is designed to stop you overfilling the boiler. People turn on the refill and forget to turn it off or turn it the wrong way. Once a PRV has activated it often doesn't close properly again. You need a boiler plumber to have a look, sometimes it's simple tightening it up but oftentimes they replace the whole PRV

£500 off a new boiler @ Homeserve
Found 16th Oct 2017Found 16th Oct 2017
Homerserve are offering people who have any policy with Homeserve a £500 discount based on a new Worcester,Ideal or Valiant boiler installation through their sibling company Help-L… Read more

1. I now need to look for a new boiler, apart from help-link and boxt, where else should I look for a reputable but reasonable priced boiler? 2. Look for a quiet (reliable too) combi, would you say Ideal or worcester? or what particular details should I be looking for? My current glow-worm 30cx is too noisy to my liking. Thanks


A Worcester Boiler or Valiant Boiler should cost between £750 and £1,400 max (depending on the KW output) and the labour around £500….. Hope this helps someone….


@rsl1uk how does this compare price-wise to ? Just had one installed by them and it came out a fair bit cheaper for me, curious how it compares for you too.


I’ve found British Gas engineers hit and (moreso) miss. All they seem to do when it comes to a boiler service is look at their Toughbook Laptop and stick a probe in flue port – if all the readings are correct and its burning fine then that’s it. Our local independent spends at least 45 mins on a service, opening up the combustion chamber and various other metal compartments and is rather vigorous with a large metal handled pipe cleaner – he also half the price of home care. One of the more unnerving experiences with British Gas was with our open Gas fire – It had a cracked burner, while it burned fine and never set off our C02 alarm it was obviously kaput and was noticeable just by looking at the fire without taking it apart – at this point it was largely decorational anyway and never used. Yet it was serviced by BG, taken apart and cleaned 3 times by them before an engineer finally picked up on the issue on the forth service and condemmed it, the other three hadn’t noticed a burner cracked completely in half.


Someone put the heating on.........this deal is cold (lol)

Homeserve  £1 per month (Cover for Electric, Sockets, Switches and fuse box)
Found 6th Oct 2017Found 6th Oct 2017
Cover for your electrical wiring system, sockets, switches and fuse boxDon't let an electrical breakdown leave you in the dark, take out Electrical Emergency & Breakdown Cover … Read more

Shame theres no terms and conditions or policy documents you can read to stop that from happening :/


Could be a surprise, there’s a possibility oh thats not covered when it comes to claiming.


and the catch is?


there will be a catch when it comes to claim.


Hi Tim, I’m sorry to read about your situation and would like to try and help get it resolved. So we can assist please email your details to Kind regards, Famena Here To Help Team

Homeserve Plumbing & Drainage Plus 75p a month £9 Total a year
Found 7th Jul 2017Found 7th Jul 2017
Received a letter offering Plumbing & Drainage Plus for 75p a month for 12 months £9 total no excess. Looking at the url doesn't look like its specific to my address so other … Read more
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Got the "here is your new policy" to view documents...enter my postcode... "The postcode that you have entered is invalid, please try again." Err, no, your website is invalid.


Does anyone have an offer code on any promo letters pls? Just spoke with them and said i need a code to give them


Untrustworthy company as soon as your boiler or something else that is expensive fails beyond their liking they blame you and won't repair it. I had my boiler under contract for years with this cowboy firm and the pump failed they claimed I failed to maintain the heating system yet for over 8 years I paid a lot of money for them to look after it. Untrustworthy company


Anyone used the insurance yet to claim??


Can I get it as a Private Tenant or do you need to be home owners?

Thames Water Plumbing and Drainage Plus 50p a month / £6 for year for home owners ends April 24th 2017
Found 11th Apr 2017Found 11th Apr 2017
As a homeowner, you are generally responsible for the upkeep and repair of the plumbing and drainage system within your home and for the repair and maintenance of your water supply… Read more

Perfect timing. My one from last year was just about to renew @ £6 per month so cancelled and set this up. Had them out 4 times last year, from small things like a dripping tap to a burst pipe in an outbuilding. All fixed really quickly and easily.

Electrical Emergency and Breakdown Cover £1 per month for 12 months £12 With £0 Excess@ Homeserve
Found 1st Mar 2017Found 1st Mar 2017
Could not find this on here but had a few pms about it. £1.00 per month in the first year. With £0 excess. Annual price £12.00 Cover starts 14 days after! Just had 2 sockets … Read more

Just came out and fixed two broken plug sockets and two light switches... came within 24 hours of call out. very good service


Although not advertised in their web page.this is for new customers only


I installed a new valiant boiler about 17 months ago, I noticed some minor faults, and I have called them three times, each time they come, look into the boiler and walks away giving excuses, what do I do next?


Horrible, horrible experience. Lasted 1 month.


Yeah, I trust the reviews on trustpilot more then the ones on here :)

12 Months HomeServe Cover 8 + Boiler Service £120 + £65 Cash Back TCB
Found 28th Feb 2017Found 28th Feb 2017
Not a deal for everyone but if you are like me and do not have the money to splash the cash on repairing your boiler and like the peace of mind you are covered then this is what yo… Read more

Shocking service


Thanks OP, my homneserve renewal came today and has gone up £5 a month despite no claims, so have gone for this and cancelled homecare. I had the homeserver £6 plumbing cover last year and found them no better or worse then BG. New to topcash back though, so hope I've done eveeything right there, I'll check tomorrow to see if it's tracked.


Both options were showing with £65 cashback today. I went for the boiler service option as my Worcester boiler definitely needs a service and the cashback tracked straight away. It's showing as payable in 30 weeks, so we'll have to see how it goes.


Was thinking about this but the reviews on quidco aren't very good, in few cases the cashback hasn't been paid. I am not sure about TCB. That puts me off a little bit. Excellent deal if cashback tracks though.


​I'm with axa.

Plumbing & Drainage Plus £6 for 1st year @ homeserve
Found 8th Feb 2017Found 8th Feb 2017
Plumbing & Drainage Plus If you are a homeowner, you are responsible for the upkeep and repair of the plumbing and drainage system within your home*1 and generally responsible … Read more

Hmmmm... What cover do you have? Bristan is a decent brand too!


In my case they replaced my kitchen mixer tap with their stock Bristan one. So they definitely carry mixers too normally!


Called them out a few weeks ago and great service. Re sink tap replacements, he would have replaced mine if I had a new 1 to hand. They do replace single taps themselves (non mixers) as they have stock in their car. P.S. I don't think the workers know whether you have a fully covered policy or 1 just for leaks etc.


The previous time this offer came up (about a year ago?) I am sure someone did the "start a new contract in name of spouse" trick to keep getting the special offer price


I'm also curious if anyone's taken this out in another name. My renewal came in at 96.48, but they have offered to reduce it to 54£. Very good offer, but not as good as 6£ lol.

Plumbing and Drains Cover from 50p a month! £6 over 12 months
Found 25th Oct 2016Found 25th Oct 2016
Received a phone call from Home Serve yesterday who are working together with United Utilities and I was offered plumbing and drains cover for 50p a month! There is no excess and c… Read more
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I bought the same cover last year December. I had to call them twice. They came next day and fixed the problem within 30 minutes. No problems at all. Highly recommended. I'll cancel the policy next month as not interested in paying the full price.


£30 excess charge for each claim on that policy.


I took a similar deal out a while ago and I have had them out a few times with no hassle. I also reported a fault that my elderly neighbour was struggling with but she didn't have any cover and they came out and sorted it out as a good will gesture. I thought this was absolutely brilliant!


Has anyone with pitch-fibre drains made a claim with these guys? If so how did you get on? Apparently a number of insurers 'wriggle out' of claims to do with pitch-fibre drains :(


Anglian Water, and the 'Water supply and sewerage service queries and emergencies' number shown here: They normally show up within 24 hours.

£9 a year homeserve Plumbing & Drainage Plus
Found 16th Sep 2016Found 16th Sep 2016
What is covered?  Repair or replacement of a leaking or blocked water supply pipe  Repairs of leaks and blockages within your plumbing and drainage system on your property  Repa… Read more

The problem with Homeserve is with the tradesmen they use. Some are excellent, but some are truly awful, and you don't know which you're going to get until it's too late. To be fair, their customer service these days when things go wrong is pretty good if you're insistent, but a dodgy tradesman can do a lot of damage in a short space of time. I have a totally dysfunctional central heating system thanks to their incompetence (and that includes work by Home Energy Services - which Homeserve own). They've never managed to sort it out after countless visits, and although they've paid compensation it amazes me that so many different people can achieve so little. This isn't CH cover, of course, but I'd never let Homeserve into the house again.


coincidence ? Could have been the guy that was dropping the leaflets off , sabotaging drains en-route to your front door.


I am currently on the 50 pence per month offer and I have had 2 issues resolved. Fantastic service in my opinion.


Same here - even lied about my boiler control claiming it wasn't part of the boiler - worst company I have ever encountered.


​nationally I think. I'm in the north east and we got a mailer through just over a week ago.... the same day our drains collapsed, quoted £3k to fix...

Homeserve Plumbing & Drainage Plus for £1 pm!
Found 23rd Jun 2016Found 23rd Jun 2016
Homeserve's plumbing and drainage plus Sounds like a good offer to cover plumbing risks for £1/pm for the first year, despite the waiting times and limitations on their covers. … Read more

Agree, I 'd only trust them for minor jobs that I know my local plumber will simply not consider worth.


Had my kitchen floor ripped up buy these, chasing a leak, remember they don't replace/put anything back... Rip floor up, fix leak, leave...


They came out to repair my boiler pronto when it died completely, ended up replacing bits that didn't need replacing which was better for me. But once they got it started again it would run for 2 minutes and go off. They now termed this an "intermittent fault" which they do not cover! You really do get what you pay for.


Additional - when you sign up you can instruct them to remove "auto-renew" from your account.


Worth having just for one callout. But be warned they are very unreliable. I had THREE no-shows by the plumber before he came to sort out the problem. Very annoying waiting in all day.

Plumbing & Drainage cover with no excess for only 50p a month for the first 12 months (£6.00 a year) - Homeserve
Found 3rd Apr 2016Found 3rd Apr 2016
Posted before, posting again as its back on.Think it is a real good price, especially as no excess, also have personally used myself with a leak under the sink. Good service. As … Read more
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have had dripping tap for a while just need new seals but sink has stains should i try to remo ve them to show it's not an old leak?


I'm whizzing through the application as fast as I can but it keeps saying "session expired" even as I am typing. :(


Ridiculously awesome deal. Thanks OP! Heat added. I've been looking at a new policy to cover most common plumbing problems for a while now. This policy is crazy great for what I would need it for. Thanks again!

Daveyboy29 - Really good reviews of HomeServe and their products from 2 independent review sites.


Lets hope they learn from the fines they had to pay >

Plumbing and drainage cover £6 for the first year . Severn Trent / Homeserve
Found 5th Feb 2016Found 5th Feb 2016
This offer is back on again through Severn Trent /Homeserve. I know Home serve have had problems in the past but I think £6 is worth a gamble. Their blurb : If you are a homeown… Read more
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Heat, need to look into this properly but does sound very good for the service. Thx op


My mum just got her renewal... £186 after three claims (new sink taps provided and fitted, leaky radiator valve fixed, radiator replaced - not strictly covered but I sourced the radiator and they installed it quite happily). Will cancel and take out new policy in my name. Any homeowner should have this for the trial year --- no brainer vs one callout fee. They'll fix things you wouldn't bother to call a plumber for, and even provide some of the hardware eg taps.)


My policy is due for renewal in 3 weeks and I received a renewal letter from Severn Trent quoting me £130.32. We made two claims on the policy in the past year but they were both small jobs. Homeserve were excellent on both occasions so definitely want to buy the policy again so I'll just buy again in my wife's name.




I just called up to cancel saying I could sign up again... they said offer was only for new customers, so I said, thats ok, ill get my wife to sign up! Apparently tats ok as she has no account!