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Free Red bull and Torro rosso papercrafts and colouring sheets via Honda
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Posted 29th AprPosted 29th Apr
Free Red bull and Torro rosso papercrafts and colouring sheets via Honda
Free papercrafts of red bull and torro rosso cars. Looks a little tricky, but we've got a lot of time on our hands at the minute. Also a few colouring sheets available.
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That's great! Thanks.


Print the PDF with acrobats poster option on A4 printer


Maybe you could find something here.


Anyone got any links to others like this? Motorbikes, planes, other cars etc. Would be great to hand out to friends and family to spend some time on these.


G P 2 engine.

Honda E - 36 payments of £299 + £5887.37 deposit (£12444.10 final payment option) at Honda
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Posted 1st MarPosted 1st Mar
Honda E - 36 payments of £299 + £5887.37 deposit (£12444.10 final payment option) at Honda
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Type @Rse more like. Yet more lipstick on that poor little pig :p


(lol) (lol)


Each time I see the name of this car, I can unsee this !


I see where you're coming from, but I would hope that it's made from indestructible construction.


Lmao what a crap idea, will just cost ya more when some idiot takes ya mirror off!

Free downloadable limited edition Honda Fireblade poster
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Posted 23rd Nov 2016Posted 23rd Nov 2016
Free downloadable limited edition Honda Fireblade poster
If you have a Fireblade or you're just into bikes, then this is an opportunity to grab a free limited edition Fireblade poster from Honda. "YOUR LIMITED EDITION POSTER Now click… Read more
Test Drive a Honda and enjoy a free getaway for two. (NorthWest / Midlands)
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Posted 6th Jun 2016Posted 6th Jun 2016
Test Drive a Honda and enjoy a free getaway for two. (NorthWest / Midlands)
**Some garages are operating 10-12th, some are operating the offer 17-19th. Check your local garage** Offer available from 10th–12th (or 17th-19th) June 2016 inclusive. One vouche… Read more

The condition regarding the purchasing of a car applies only to the other giveaway of a complimentary spa experience or supercar driving experience, not to the test drive. Re the test drive: "*Excludes Audi RS, Audi R8 and Alfa Romeo 4C, Jeep SRT Grand Cherokee test drives. Offer excludes Volkswagen, SEAT, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and Land Rover branches."


Well then, delete your mistaken posts here!!

NEW Honda CBR1000RR FIREBLADE C-ABS 0% APR for 36months @ £159/m with guaranteed future value
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Posted 22nd Jul 2014Posted 22nd Jul 2014
NEW Honda CBR1000RR FIREBLADE C-ABS 0% APR for 36months @ £159/m with guaranteed future value
CBR1000RR FIREBLADE C-ABS (14YM) World respected. World renowned. Ride away on a performance icon today and take advantage of 36 months 0% APR Representative finance. Terms and … Read more
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Having finance for a motorcycle is a mugs game, apart from the fact you're buying at full RRP, you've then got finance on something that has depreciated a couple of grand as soon as you ride it off the forecourt, never mind what its worth when you finally finish paying the finance. Then if you miss payments on these 0% deals, watch those penalties/interest start banging on.


And your still forgetting you have to pay a further £3,883 if you want to keep it.


Awesome bike, I own one


woops didn't see that :/


Don't forget you have to stump up £2391.67 deposit!! CBR1000RR FIREBLADE (14YM) (PCP) - Representative Example OTR Price £11,999.00 Deposit £2,391.67 Amount of credit £9,607.33 36 monthly payments (duration 37 months) £159.00 Guaranteed Future Value £3,883.48 Total amount payable £11,999.00 Representative APR 0.0% APR Excess Mileage Charge £0.04 Interest rate per annum fixed 0.00%

NEW Honda CBR125R 0% APR for 36months @ £97.22/m - Total £3599 @ Honda
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Posted 22nd Jul 2014Posted 22nd Jul 2014
NEW Honda CBR125R 0% APR for 36months @ £97.22/m - Total £3599 @ Honda
CBR125R 36 MONTHS AFFORDABLE FINANCE Terms and Conditions: VPL Terms and Conditions: New CBR125R registrations from 01 July 2014 to 30 September 2014. Subject to model and colou… Read more
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Been driving for 6 years. Will get a quote. Thanks for your help.


At 16 it cost me loads but at 17 it went way down to £180 so shouldn't be more than that for 26 year old.. If you have driving license for car then you probably get a discount at some insurers (for a 50cc)


0% APR and under £100 a month for 3 years is deal even if it's standard price. How much would insurance be for a 26 year old? Very interested.


Isn't there a decent looking 50cc from aprilia?


I had a 50cc motorcycle which was ideal for commuting.

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Honda IZY HRG 416 PK petrol lawnmower £295 @ Honda Garden (Lings Honda)
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Posted 18th Apr 2014Posted 18th Apr 2014
Honda IZY HRG 416 PK petrol lawnmower £295 @ Honda Garden (Lings Honda)
If you are thinking of a new lawnmower this spring, you cannot beat a Honda IMO - it pays in the long run to spend a little extra on a quality piece of kit. I have just bought this… Read more

Hi, got it from Charlies in Shrewsbury (you can only buy it from designated retailers as they have to assemble it and demo it for you.) It is the MB 443T Still really, really pleased with it. Used to take close to 2 hours to mow the lawn, now easily less than 1 hour.


mooruk, What is the model no? And where did you buy from? thanks.


I've got a Victa 2 stroke and agree that it can easily handle long grass and moss. The only problem is fuel consumption - it costs a fortune to run. I'm putting it up for sale.


I bought one of these in 2002 for £165. It has been fine. Once it got clogged up when I ran it with some old petrol. After a few months, the volatile fractions evaporate, and you're left with something more like vaseline. If you have old petrol in the tank, then adding little bit of fresh petrol will help to keep the engine running cleanly. I haven't had any problems since then.


Bought a Viking series 4 yesterday - absolutely superb. £335 so not cheap though.

Honda Festival 4 years extras + up to £1500 deposit contribution @ Honda
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Posted 10th Jun 2013Posted 10th Jun 2013
Honda Festival 4 years extras + up to £1500 deposit contribution @ Honda
4 years complimentary servicing 4 years low rate finance 4 years complimentary roadside assistance Up to £1500 deposit contribution Offers available on all new cars 1-30 June 2013



Not this level of deposit on all models. Cold

Honda Izy / Core Lawnmower Cashback 2013 - £50 / £100 cashback
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Posted 27th Apr 2013Posted 27th Apr 2013
Honda Izy / Core Lawnmower Cashback 2013 - £50 / £100 cashback
See details on site - participating stores only, not online :(
Honda CRV with 0% HP Dep £7663 + 36 payments £395 @Honda
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Posted 22nd Mar 2013Posted 22nd Mar 2013
Honda CRV with 0% HP Dep £7663 + 36 payments £395 @Honda
Appreciate may not be affordable for everyone,Total to pay £21895.for 2.0 i-VTEC (Petrol) Manual 2WD Don't waste your money on diesel if you're only doing short stop start runs,the… Read more
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first of all I wasn't talking to you so butt out. i didn't suggest buying a second hand 4x4 so get your facts right. i was responding to jordni who said "what else can you buy for £21000" and suggesting that an alternative would be to by 21 second hand cars.


How come you didn't see the "Appreciate may not be affordable for everyone" bit on the post and it's personal choice what you would like to spend money on. Are you saying everybody buying new cars are "wasting" money? i enjoy driving my new car than spending that money on a new bathroom or furniture. BTW cheapest CRV 4X4 on autotrader 3 year old is 14k not 10k (unless you buy a cat D) . So i don't know where you got that figure from.


holidays, new kitchen, new bathroom, furniture, more holidays and still have change. apart from pay off your mortgage your other suggestions make you sound like an idiot.


£21,000 for a 2 wheel dirve what else can one buy for £21,000? - Pay off some of a mortgage or buy 21 cars that are 2002 or older or get a second hand 4x4 from around 2009-2011 for £10000 so have £11,000 left over aswell, with a better car


Agreed. Especially as this is just a 2wd 4x4 lookalike.

Honda Motorcycles Free 12 months Roadside Assistance and Healthcheck with an MOT - £29.65
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Posted 9th Jan 2013Posted 9th Jan 2013
Honda Motorcycles Free 12 months Roadside Assistance and Healthcheck with an MOT - £29.65
This is one for the Honda owning bikers out there... I guess it's a Hot deal if your bike needs an MOT and you usually pay for Roadside Assistance. I had a flyer through the post … Read more

Good offer, it's a shame my MOT doesn't run out until the end of April.

FREE realistic (CAP) car valuation from Honda worth up to £19.99
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Posted 28th Nov 2012Posted 28th Nov 2012
FREE realistic (CAP) car valuation from Honda worth up to £19.99
FREE realistic (CAP) car valuation from Honda worth up to £19.99 CAP is now the industry standard in car valuation (glass' is old hat) Honda have decided to give ANYONE a free CAP … Read more
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£4,550-£4,875 private sale for my Volvo XC90 with 120,000 miles. Could be worse I guess.


Many thanks!


on my car i know for a fact they were 800.00 off the private sale price as there estimate is wrong you should go to as they update there prices every day


Email not received yet, been an hour


£3,325-£3,550 for my Honda s2000

free honda test drive
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Posted 1st Nov 2012Posted 1st Nov 2012
free honda test drive
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Despite the negative views towards this post, it's worth pointing out that I asked for test drives at Vauxhall and Renault (was looking at the Renaultsport Megane and Astra VXR) and neither would give me one. The best I could get was for a salesman to drive me around the block saying, "that exhaust note is awesome isn't it!?" After this, I went to BMW and Audi to ask if I could have a test drive in a 123d coupe/TT 2.0TFSI and they obliged immediately. I bought the 123d in the end but those morons at Vauxhall/Renault completely missed out on my business! I wasn't particularly after a diesel (and the TT was better, just couldn't get the price down) but couldn't justify buying a new car without a test drive. I'm not saying this provoke some kind of fanboy car war, simply to illustrate that it's not common for every manufacturer/dealer to dish out test drives.


this is an odd post. you should be able to get a test drive anywhere before you buy a car?


oh and im a girl


thx :D


bit harsh since he's only a week old member

Honda Vision 110cc Scooter with 121mpg - £1800 OTR
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Posted 1st Nov 2011Posted 1st Nov 2011
Honda Vision 110cc Scooter with 121mpg - £1800 OTR
This is cheap to run, cheap to insure and cheap to service. Brilliant little commuter bike. I've already got a car and 600cc bike but I'd love this little thing to save money on my… Read more

I've got one, and lucky to get 100mpg; a bit disapointed really. I do negtiate a steep hill up and down everyday to work and back (11 miles round trip) and also I weigh 14.5 stone, so that may explain Cheers


One of the more blatant I had done to me while on pushbike on an open road going down hill and pretty near centre of lane saw car at junction in front of me (left) which was edging out bit by bit, then when i was close enough pulled out and stopped at the white lines down middle of carriageway. Ah you might say 'you could have ridden round the back of him' well could have if he'd not been towing another car with a frikkin metal chain pulled taught behind him. I just pulled up in time but didn't say or do anything cos I was so gobsmacked at this tossers stupidity. I could claim lots of things if I wanted but the old self preservation kicks in rather than the 'oh aye, good claim here, lets trip off'.


I kinda liked the Honda PCX.... Looks pretty good in the flesh.


Well, I have to agree with you, these people pull out on me as well. I have had lots of opportunities for an accident, and probably some compo, but I won't do that.


Its those 'oh **** im gonna die' moments that are just a small part of the thrill of biking...its simply something you will never understand...which is why its good cars were invented. Live a bit...the dull commute just sets you up for the day all wrong...with a bike you want to get up and drive to work its actually a joy. I dont understand why its not as popular here as other countries. I talk as many people as I can to look at the free lesson promos such as GetOn and if they go they do not regret it.

Honda Civic 1.4 Type S Manual £12995 (Was £15750 Save £2755) @ Honda
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Posted 26th Jul 2011Posted 26th Jul 2011
Honda Civic 1.4 Type S Manual £12995 (Was £15750 Save £2755) @ Honda
Obviously, whacking the car across closed, unrestricted roads in complete safety was sheer joy. But the car's overtaking ability is so phenomenal it is also very good at making pro… Read more

The button is not marked NOS ...... it's marked NOB!! :)


Also, having a Honda means that you don't have to be see dead in a VXR! They look like a 16 boy racer has designed them, bet they even have a button on the dash marked NOS!!


Nice but this Honda is not as fast as my Zonda.[image missing]


LOL something tells me you miss your hot hatch and are not too happy going around in a 307 now lol. And as for safety? I think I'll take the Corsa's 5* NCAP rating thanks :)


yeh but as with all vauxhalls you wont get around the next bend, more liekly wrap around a tree with the dreadul handling i loved my peugeot heavily modded 205 1.9GTI (170bhp, tested at 5.72 0-62 bilstein race/pro suspension - even a scubby p1 couldnt keep up on a twisty b road) with instant throttle response and no pathetic turbo lag unlike the corsa though it was as safe as a cornflake packet though, now i have a pedestrian/very slow peugeot 307xsi

Cashback on Honda Lawnmowers
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Posted 13th Apr 2011Posted 13th Apr 2011
Cashback on Honda Lawnmowers
£75 back on the Izy range £100 back on the premium Core lawnmower range £400 back on the ride-on and lawn tractor range. I just bought a lovely HRG465 PD for an equivalent price o… Read more
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Honda mowers are the best on the market - for professionals and amateurs. Maybe a bit pricey, but well worth it. Why cold? How can this possibly be at minus 17 degrees? Thanks for taking the time to post this deal. :D

0% APR on a brand new honda CBR 125 and £83 over 3 years £99 Deposit
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Posted 24th Nov 2010Posted 24th Nov 2010
0% APR on a brand new honda CBR 125 and £83 over 3 years £99 Deposit
This is a crackin little learner bike and well has been around for years This offer is for a new registered bike bought before 31/12/2010. Pay for the value of the bike only, plus… Read more

^ old thread but how wrong were you. New Honda RRP £3270, £1000 less than the Yamaha YZF R125.


New model comes out in spring, the new model will be similar price to the yamaha yzf 125, around £4000... so every honda dealer i spoke to reckons so but official prices not released yet


I think what they have done is intelligently add extra cash to the price to cover interest and give you a 0% deal.


consider the yamaha yzf 125 (mini r6), thats over £4k


Great deal, especially with the 0% finance.

Alpineatars surge shoes - £30 off - £32.99 @ Honda Bournemouth
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Posted 28th Jul 2010Posted 28th Jul 2010
Alpineatars surge shoes - £30 off - £32.99 @ Honda Bournemouth
Alpinestars Surge Shoes - WERE £62.99, NOW ONLY £32.99!! Euro size 47 only (US:13 / UK:12) * Free UK delivery on orders over £20 * (Please email for international orders) Casual … Read more
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Do you have to be an alpen eater?

Honda Civic Type-R GT, 0% typical apr, £199 a month for 36 months + redundancy payment protection
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Posted 24th May 2009Posted 24th May 2009
Honda Civic Type-R GT, 0% typical apr, £199 a month for 36 months + redundancy payment protection
Deal and car not to everyones taste but its a very good deal. I cant provide a direct link to their web site as its in flash but its quite clear - go to 'New Cars' and select Civic… Read more
Avatardeleted110491Get deal*Get deal*

Cold, can get cheaper elsewhere.


Group 17 insurance and fuel is good, all depends on how often the vtec kicks in ......


I work for Honda, And can get this car for £13000 due to a Connections membership.


Yes very true. My parents once had that problem on a Boxster. Wanted to trade the old for the newer shape. The dealer would only give the guaranteed future value but there were still going on Autotrader for a FEW grand more; dont remember exact numbers. In the end they paid the outstanding balance, sold the car private and then bought the new model. Hastle, but worth doing.


Sure. Not a hope in hell. It could be worth £10k but I guarantee they will only say it's worth £6k. The valuations are subjective and not black and white. There will always be a sticking point, ie, downturn in the market, people moving away from hatches, looking for cheaper insurance groups............. Don't worry, they'll find a good reason to not pay you what it's worth.

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