Honeywell evohome starter kit (inc 3x tvr) £215.00 @ Conrad Electronic UK

Honeywell evohome starter kit (inc 3x tvr) £215.00 @ Conrad Electronic UK

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amazing price with 3 tvr, I have this system and love it, 4 zones and 12 rads, we save a fortune. had it for about 8 months now
Is this the newer WiFi version of the controller ?
Great price as the radiator thermostats are £50+ each on their own. Conrad do the remote kit for only £20 more but I don't understand how it can work as it stands as there is no mention of the relay unit which I thought was necessary. I have an Evohome and a Hive. The obvious benefit of the Evohome is the ability to have different temperatures in different rooms as well as being more flexible with regards to heating options e.g. option to have 20c by 7am or start at 7am to get to 20c. When I was looking nothing else really did multiroom. The Hive app connects a lot faster, is controllable via the web as well as by app and provides heating history.

EDIT : Having thought about it - I think that this kit is used on its own has no connection to the boiler. All it does is allow you to control the temperature in rooms either at the radiator itself or via the controller.... If you add the wireless gateway then you can change the temperatures remotely. If you add the relay (£20 more from Conrad) then the boiler joins the equation and the radiator valves effectively call for demand on the boiler. One other thing I remembered - I had 10+ year old radiators and had to buy an adapter so that the radiator thermostats would fit.
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Probably one of the worst descriptions of the what is on offer though. More intelligible here…8UQ
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i have the newish energenie radiator stats and gateway - alot cheaper
This is the old model which requires the separate internet gateway if you want remote control. Also the TRVs are the mainland europe models which end up being upside down when fitted to our rads.

This is the old model which requires the separate internet gateway if you … This is the old model which requires the separate internet gateway if you want remote control. Also the TRVs are the mainland europe models which end up being upside down when fitted to our rads.

Where can i find the new model?
Just bought the EvoHome system myself last week and fitted it this week (still waiting on the radiator valves but from the video mentioned above it seems easy enough). The wireless controller fitting job was easy enough if you already have the connections from the boiler from an existing wireless system. Since I've done a LOT of research before buying this, I thought I'd share my knowledge. This is a good price - I was actually gutted when I saw it as it's a lot less than I paid, however a bit more digging and I found why it's less - it's the European model. The Radiator valves are upside down if you put them on standard UK radiators. Not a big deal, but problematic for me personally. It's the display on the valves that will be upside down, i.e. the temperature will have to be read upside down so not a big deal at all especially if the valves will be set once and then hidden/ignored. This could be used as your first pack for radiators for that purpose and then the more expensive UK versions for the rest of the radiators.

If you don't need the ability to control your heating via the internet/smapartphone then the older wireless model is ATP921G2080 (roughly around £160) - the latest model is ATP921R3100 (roughly around £220) which has built-in WiFi for internet control. You can buy an additional wifi hub for the older version at around £50, but if you need wifi you are best getting the latest model as it'll save you one plug socket, electricity and space. I went for the older version as my system is all based on time and certain rooms being required at those times although while setting it up it has been a pain having to keep going to the controller and not just being able to use my phone to tweak it (just as I would set something to record on my Sky+ app). Also I believe the latest version has more schedules per zone, so gives greater control.

The cheapest I could find the radiator valves for to create zones was £194 for 4 - the standard price seems to be around £200-£220.

I got my stuff from PlumbNation as that was the cheapest - it's the first time I have used them so can't comment on customer service, returns etc.

One last thing, my Antivirus Avast blocks the Conrad link, not sure if it's being over protective or if the site actually does have Malware on it, but thought I'd mention it.
Hi, sorry to regurgitate an old thread, this is now 235, the relay kit is 50 quid so 285 total for the same kit as the modern Wi-Fi controller, only with 3 trv. I'd cope with the upside down display for that this the right relay kit? Honeywell RFG100 Connected Thermostat Mobile Access Kit Thanks..
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