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Posted 18 July 2022

Honeywell HT 900E Powerful and Quiet Turbo Fan Black (EU plug) £17.98 delivered @ Amazon France

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

It's in stock now and should be delivered by 20 July.
Pay In EURO with a fee-free card to get it for ~£17.53

  • TurboForce power for intense cooling or use as air circulator for energy savings (can be felt up to 27 ft. away)
  • Aerodynamic Turbo Design for Maximum Air Movement
  • 25% quieter than comparable fans
  • 3 powerful speed settings with convenient top-mounted speed controls

Product description
-3 speed levels
-Tilt angle 90 °
-Wall mounting possible
-Weight: 1.35 kg
-40 W
-Height: 28 cm
-Noise: 39 dBA
-Air throughput: approx. 740 m / h³
-Diameter (installation / total): 26 cm

Honeywell HT-900E Turbo Fan
Mfr. Part #: HT-900E Our Part #: HOHT900E
The 3 speed Honeywell HT-900 Turbo Force Air Circulator is
designed to deliver quiet, powerful personal cooling. In fact, the
HT-900 is up to 25% quieter than other models in the marketplace.
The HT-900 adjustable fan head can pivot up to a 90 degree
angle and either provide direct cooling or function as an air
circulator. Use it on desks counters and table tops or wall-mount
the fan to save space. The HT-900 fan helps increase air flow
allowing the air conditioning and heating systems to be used at
lower settings to help you save money year round.

• TurboForce power for intense cooling or use as air circulator for energy
• Aerodynamic Turbo Design for Maximum Air Movement
• 25% quieter than comparable fans
• 3 powerful speed settings with convenient top-mounted speed controls
• 90 degree variable tilt fan head
• Comes with a removable grille for easy cleaning and a wall mount
• Can be mounted on the wall to save space
• Dimensions: 11.10 x 6.54 x 11.30 in
• Warranty: 1 Year Limited

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  1. Avatar
    I've ordered two of these for delivery on Wednesday. I looked missed yesterday's £18 deal. I can't understand the gulf between those who review these well, and those who don't. Words like "pathetic" and "waste of money" Vs words like "great", "super powerful" etc. In the Amazon reviews, but also in yesterday's hukd post ( hotukdeals.com/dea…289 )

    Which is it?! Are they great, or are they garbage?

    I know there is an older model of these, which seems to review much better (2018 ish), but even recent reviews are either 5* or 1*.

    I guess I'll just find out for myself when they arrive!

    Also - I clicked a banner in my basket, topped up Amazon France account with €70 euros and got €6 promotional credit free. Might be useful to some who sometimes purchase from Amazon Fr.
  2. Avatar
    Any ideas for cleaning this? Mines a few years old and is really dusty and not as effective
    Vacuum cleaner and a new paint brush. Swish the brush about to loosen the dust whilst vacuuming it up.
  3. Avatar
    there's just no excuse for portable fans not to be far more flexible than wall-plug only.

    This draws 30W, whilst usb C can easy power that, the vast majority of usb C plugs do not output 30W. and even if say each household has one usb C plug that can output 30W, how many consumers will know the difference, or care enough to look.

    From a design point of view it is cool but would just lead to returns and bad reviews as people would think the product is faulty when infact they are just using an insufficient usb C plug/cable.
  4. Avatar
    Bought this fan on Prime Day and it is AMAZING. Better than my Dyson fan in this heat. Ordered another thanks (edited)
  5. Avatar
    I bought one of these fans a few years back, and another one last week, and they have changed the design slightly. The new ones (with the silver Honeywell logo) are definitely louder than the older one (with the red logo).

    Both push a lot of air around so I can't really complain about the effectiveness of them, but the new model is definitely louder.
  6. Avatar
    I had one of these delivered yesterday in preparation. It's OK but it doesn't quite fit the marketing hype. You really need to sit pretty close to it to feel any real benefits, and you need to therefore choose which part of your body you want to cool, as it seems to provide quite a narrow airflow. I've switched back to using an old oscillating fan because I feel it provides better cooling than having air blown onto one area of your body.
  7. Avatar
    Price seems to have gone up to 25 EUR now
  8. Avatar
    Bought Saturday from Amazon UK for £21iah and powerful is fair comment , it's not quiet though , the switch to turn it on and change speed 3-2-1 is in a bit of a silly place though
    Stick a e-plug one it and switch it on and off with your phone or voice command (albeit) on one setting only (edited)
  9. Avatar
    Ordered thanks op good find managed to get 2 for just under 32 quid.
    And you'll use it when ? Next year maybe
  10. Avatar
    These fans are really good. Got one myself off amazon for 25. Worth the money.
  11. Avatar
    I got one of these for my son,it's well made and sturdy
  12. Avatar
    I have this, it is so NOT quiet.
  13. Avatar
    I recently bought the Honeywell HT904 Turbo Fan. Same looking design, 3 speed, for £25 on Amazon Uk. It's a floor stander, definitely not a desk fan - the fan blades are around 8" in diameter. It has a tilt mechanism to angle it upwards. It's so powerful that in my little home office placed 5 feet away, it only needed to be on minimum speed with 26-30 deg C indoors. A 4th even lower speed would be handy. When first turned on in a small room it does sound loud, but a pleasant white noise that soon fades into the background. Nothing to complain about in this price bracket if you don't want a larger pedestal fan.
    I think you might have the model number wrong?

    The HT904 is just the white version of this.
  14. Avatar
    This is a brilliant fan for during the day. To noisy for nights though.
    Yes my HT904, the white version of this deal, stands on the floor. Just like most fan heaters. I wanted to emphasise that it's far too big to go on a desk, in case anyone mistakes its size from the picture. Amazon is utterly terrible about product dimensions.
  15. Avatar
    £26.81 for me on Prime.

    Replying to

    They probably put the price up based on your attitude
  16. Avatar
    21194013561658567573.jpgI've never seen a message like this before. Defo a nice addition to this deal for a 2days delay
  17. Avatar
    Used the wrong card and now I have an extra £3 charge on my CC must be the heat!
    No, i thinks its just you. LoL
  18. Avatar
    Why does my prime not show when logged on to amazon fr ?
    You're only subscribed to Prime UK - if you want Prime benefits for Amazon France, you need to be subscribed to Prime France...
  19. Avatar
    Quite the ordeal with the language barrier but a guy at work brought his into the office - was impressed so using some rusty frogish bought one.. was curious also about the prime membership as it sempt to have created me a new account.. but using like for like UK to French sites ive made sure i didnt sign up for the sucker 30day trial lol
    Livraison jeudi - will see if it rocks up thurs
    You can log into any Amazon site with a UK prime membership, but French purchases only show on French Amazon, and so on…
  20. Avatar
    Is this dispatched from France, is it free delivery to the uk with prime ?
  21. Avatar
    Out of stock the prime UK.