Honeywell HZ-510E Fan Heater - £39.99 @ Argos

Honeywell HZ-510E Fan Heater - £39.99 @ Argos

Found 9th Nov 2016
Was looking for a reliable branded heater to keep out the winter chills! Opted to buy a branded one rather than a cheap portable one that die out after the season, came across this.

Good reviews across the board and the best price I found was at Argos. Showing at amazon for 49.99.

3 YEAR GUARANTEE from HoneyWell also.

Description -
Overheat Protection-

The overheat protection prevents the product from overheating and harm. You can use your heater with a full peace of mind.

Tip Over Protection

Thanks to this safety feature, if your heater falls down, it will stop operating immediately preventing accidents.

Wide Dispersion

A wide dispersion heater which is ideal to efficiently heat rooms up to 22m².

Safeguard System

When the appliance is heating, the Safeguard marker changes colour from black to red. This signalizes that the heater is hot and must not be touched until it has been switched off and the marker has turned completely black again.
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heavy duty what 1.8kW since when?

heavy duty what 1.8kW since when?

I think you're conflating heavy-duty with power output.
Heavy-Duty Lecy bills, but a handy heater for the odd garage tinker
I bought this from Amazon but it doesn't heat up the room very well in a large space. There aren't different heat settings either. One heat only. Good price though - I paid quite a bit more!
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