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Posted 29 April 2023

Honor Magic5 Pro 512GB, 100GB 3 5G Data, Earbuds 3 Pro, wireless charger & case £14pm + £539 Upfront = £875 (+£40 TCB) @ Fonehouse

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Comes with all the freebies as getting direct from Honor.
Go via TCB to get £40 Cashback.


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The Honor Magic5 Pro is a stunning, big screen smartphone with superb cameras and a fast-charging battery. The streamlined body and curved glass front feature smooth curves to ensure it fits perfectly in your hand. There's an ultra-sonic fingerprint sensor and the Magic5 Pro also has IP68 water resistance.

The 6.81 inch Full HD+ OLED Quad-Curved Floating Screen (1312 x 2848) with 120Hz refresh rate brings to life websites, photos and movies in lifelike detail and vivid colours. Always-on HDR technology optimises images, including upgrading SDR videos to HDR in real-time. Peak brightness is now 1800 nits so you can always see your screen clearly when out in the sunshine.

The impressive set-up on the back features a 50 MP PDAF OIS main camera and 50 MP ultra-wide 122° sensor, plus a periscope-style 50MP telephoto lens giving you digital zoom up to 100x, with Ultra-Fusion Computational Optics ensuring drastically improved image clarity. Shoot low-light scenes clearly with high speed thanks to Super Night Capture capabilities. We also love the AI Motion Sensing Capture, which is capable of automatically detecting the highest point of a jump and capturing the frame in ultra-high definition. There's also a 12MP camera at the front for selfies and video chats.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor provides a faster, intelligent performance with less power consumption. Back that up with 12GB RAM and Android 13, and you know everything happens fast and smooth.

The long-lasting 5100mAh battery is compatible with 66W Fast Charging and 50W wireless charging, so you can juice it up again incredibly fast!


  • Depth: 9 MM
  • The HONOR Magic5 Pro debuts an all-new Millisecond Falcon Capture algorithm, enabling users to capture complex scenes with ease and clarity.
  • The HONOR Magic5 Pro has a powerful Triple Main Camera combination: A 50MP Wide Camera, a 50MP Ultra-Wide Camera, and a 50MP Telephoto Camera
  • Featuring a 6.81-inch LTPO Display with a unique Quad-Curved Floating Screen
  • The HONOR Magic5 Pro boasts low blue light emission, as certified by TÜV Rheinland , and Dynamic Dimming that reduces eye fatigue
  • Powered by the latest Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform from Qualcomm®
  • The HONOR Magic5 Pro has a large built-in storage of up to 512GB and RAM of 12GB,
  • Supports 66W Wired and 50W Wireless HONOR SuperCharge
  • Height: 163 MM
  • Pay-As-You-Go Mobiles Style: Smart Phones
  • Sim Type: Nano
  • Width: 77 MM

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  1. DCollector's avatar
    So any reports back on how good this phone is? 😁
    automagic's avatar
    So I've had one since over a week now. Ordered this after the S23U 512gb was commandeered by the wife. So I've given both a good look and to be honest it's as good a phone as the Samsung.

    Build quality is excellent, felt a better value overall for the money with the Honor. Wireless charger, the earbuds 3 pro and the included charger and case(s) add up IMO. The samsung only came with it nothing, just the cable. Had to buy case & screen protector for it. Luckily already had fast chargers/cables to suit.

    Wife says Magic 5 pro has the better camera, only thing keeping her from swapping phones again is the lack of motion photos on the Honor.
    Better selfies, better bokeh effect and better "movie" mode videos on the Honor.

    We're not benchmarking 24/7 or comparing FPS on demanding games every hour or shi like that, just regular people using the phone for regular stuff and they're both excellent in that sense, both with great battery life.

    Screen on the Honor seems better, it does desktop mode both with and without a wire, as well as wireless projection. Smart TV with the Roku on it works flawlessly.

    I upgraded from the good old Note 9 to the S23U but being honest with myself, the stylus almost never got used on the N9 over the 5ish years since purchase at launch. The one on the S23U hasn't been used except the first look around of the phone.

    So in that regard it just comes to choice/preference. Honor is easier to hold. I used to work at Huawei (not the consumer electronics division) and knew what I was getting into with Honor hardware/software/privacy wise.

    Overall, (almost) identical processor/memory setup, arguably better display and camera on Honor, default software arguably better on the samsung (but the difference is moot if you use google photos and other non-samsung or non-honor branded software anyway, as both have full Google play etc. on them).

    Worth trying the Honor and see if "Honor + extra cash in pocket" combo is good enough, if not you can always return and get the sammy.
  2. Joshfount's avatar
    Excellent price as only £25 more than the cash price from Honor. If TCB pays out and taking contact price increase into consideration, it means you're getting the 100GB of data for next to nothing. If Three data works for you then this is a bargain. Not sure those will be the free gifts that you'll get now as Honor have changed what's available. Currently Honor are giving Watch GS 3, Earbuds 2 Lite and 1 time screen protection service for first 6 months.
    automagic's avatar
    Ordered mine on 20th on preporder. Then honor changed the freebies on their site but I still got what fonehouse listed (same as this deal, wireless charger, black case and earbuds pro 3)
  3. realdeals's avatar
    Gifts worth £500?


    £130-£140 sourced on Ebay new and sealed
    These companies and their claims, still if you need or sell them it brings the price down to
    £735-745. Minus the sim £240 ( got one for my son last week) then the phone is under £500, that's impressive.

  4. Ziggypoptastic's avatar
    Is there any deals like this on other networks like vodafone?
    OBone's avatar
    You pay a bit more and get less data, go to fonehouse, search the phone then you can adjust the upfront cost/price per month and select network to suit you.
  5. Superunknown95's avatar
    why does it come with a 100w charger but only supports 66w charging wired? Confused as the previous model supported 100w.
    automagic's avatar
    The wireless charger is capable of 100w wireless (for magic 4 pro of last year I guess?). The magic 5 is 50w wireless with that charger or 66w wired with the included charger.

    The wireless charger also charges the earbuds 3 pro, iPhone 11, Google Pixel 5 etc. So I guess it also supports some of the Qi standards in addition to whatever the 50w is.
  6. toge's avatar
  7. Blazzz's avatar
    Nice one OP. But was there another deal you had posted with unlimited everything for not much more than this?
  8. DCollector's avatar
    Unlimited data isn't much more
    DCollector's avatar
    £529 + £17 a month for unlimited data (edited)
  9. djp2k8's avatar
    Deal isn't showing for me when I click the link, then when trying to find it manually.

    Also is is it actually 512GB/12GB version, as the page doesn't state anywhere I can see.
    sajidtg's avatar
    sajidtg Author
    Change filter like this and it will appear by magic.
    Very first one too
  10. Richard_Mathews's avatar
    50261485-iH1z0.jpg50261485-ycygp.jpg50261485-nenIR.jpgNot a bad snapper
  11. OBone's avatar
    I've ordered this deal on 20th and had it delivered yesterday. TCB wouldn't work for me and it also hasn't for others (see comments on other varients of this deal posted), it just won't go through online, so I just called them and ordered, that way you can also confirm the extras.
    In terms of the extras, I've not used my gift case, preferred the one in the box as it covers the sides.
    The wireless charger is a nice extra and I haven't used the earbuds 3 pro, I'll probably sell these sealed as I already have two packs of wireless earbuds that I hardly ever use.
    sajidtg's avatar
    sajidtg Author
    I think that was affiliate deal. This is direct from Fonehouse so Topcashback should work without any problem.
  12. akustics's avatar
    Just ordered same website with Vodafone, 36pm 135 upfront 250gb Internet. Don't know if I did right but I am very OK with Vodafone network signal.
  13. JamieJH's avatar
    Will the phone be unlocked as it can take two sims?
    sajidtg's avatar
    sajidtg Author
  14. Ahmed_Elbediwy's avatar
    Server error each time?
    Superunknown95's avatar
    Same here!
  15. McC-Dad's avatar
    Has anyone got this? Its tempting as paying 10pm just for a SIM. So realistically over 2 years be getting a new flagship for the up front cost of around £550 (taking in consideration tcb and price increase in contract).
  16. owenhehe's avatar
    What's difference between magic 5 and last year's magic 4? Looks to me pretty much the same phone but 300 quid more expensive. Is it better go with magic 4?
    DCollector's avatar
    Better processor and camera
  17. dazzlerhino's avatar
    Hi guys, I have bought this phone from Fonehouse and it arrived yesterday. While I appreciate a lot of what the phone offers, I believe my phone to be seriously faulty. It can't play certain games, they lag massively and the screen doesn't respond to my touch in time. I know it's nothing to do with outdated games or anything either because my old phone plays the same games perfectly. I phoned Fonehouse about the matter and they were rubbish. They basically said that I have to place everything back in all its original packaging, along with the free gifts and they would then send out a replacement phone, no mention of the free gifts being re-sent out again. They also said that I had to send it special delivery at my cost, even though the phone appears to be seriously faulty. Are there certain settings on the phone that I could change to make the games more responsive? I've tried searching the web but can't find anything at all. Thanks in advance.
    automagic's avatar
    What games are those? Sorry to hear the bad stuff.
  18. tascheman's avatar
    Tried to order yesterday - wouldn't accept my credit card

    Went back to order today - free gift is now an X8 tablet.

    I'll wait for a better deal - would buy direct from Honor, but not really interested in the lite earbuds or watch
    DCollector's avatar
    Free gift looks same to me today
  19. Salad_Fingers's avatar
    Did tcb track okay for anyone who bought this?
    automagic's avatar
    It initially tracked and was later denied or cancelled. I've filed a complaint and waiting to hear back.
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