HOOCH ~ money back via ClickSnap until 3/10/17

HOOCH ~ money back via ClickSnap until 3/10/17

Found 29th Sep 2017
Must be my age but I didn't realise you could still buy Hooch, I remember it from the '90s !!
Anyway Clicksnap and Checkoutsmart have a cash back offer until next week (should be extended) on various size bottles. Available at Tesco, Sainsbury's and Morrisons.
There's £1 back on 500ml and 700ml original Hooch and same again on Hoola Hooch (!) but you can only redeem once per bottle.
So if like me you have two accounts you can buy 8 bottles (don't forget separate receipts) and claim back £8.
I've just had a quick look at prices and Morrisons seems to come out top selling the 500ml bottles for £2 so £1 after cash back groceries.morrisons.com/web…och
Enjoy everyone!
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Where"ve you been!Tesco have been selling it for ages!
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