Hooked On Phonic - Level 2   was £49.99

Hooked On Phonic - Level 2 was £49.99

Found 22nd Jan 2008
Seems like a good deal with S.A.T!s coming

Manufacturer's Description

Hooked on Phonics is the new prooven way to help your child Learn to Read. The essance of the concept is learning to read through having fun, for your child and you. Hooked on Phonics Features an easy 3 step approach - Learn-Practise-Read. Using this programme, you can support your child with learning to read and see their confidence grow day by day. We recommend just 20 minutes a day 2 or 3 days a week in order that the child continues to look forward to using Hooked on Phonics. While this set is ideal for children 5 , it can be used very effectively with older children with reading difficulties. Although this is the brand new English edition, the concept has been used worldwide by more than 2 million families and thousands of schools. Here are just 3 testamonials from users of Hooked on Phonics; "It was fun and easy...Suddenly the light came on for Austin. He was reading." - Sue Hunsaker, mother of Austin. "Reading a Hooked on Phonics (book) made me feel happy inside, and I wanted to tell my mum!" - Brianna, student. "Hooked on Phonics is one of the best ways to teach kids to really learn to love reading." -Barbara Bicknell, teacher.

Box Contents

Set inludes 4 audio CDs to guide your child through the programme

4 sets of flash cards to teach sound combinations and critical sight words, and for Word Play games

2 60 page workbooks that include fun activities and 21 great stories

8 delightful books to keep your child reading

2 colourful 'My Reading Adventure' posters with over 60 star stickers to reward your child's success

1 easy to follow Parents Guide.

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