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Posted 31 January 2023

Hoover Air Purifier 500 - HEPA Air Purifier with Diffuser £87.32 at Amazon

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Hoover Air Purifier 500 - HEPA Air Purifier with Diffuser, Removes 99.97% of Allergy Particles, Pollen, with Fast-Acting H-TRIFILTER Filtration System, and Bluetooth Connectivity.

For anyone who has an open-plan kitchen/diner and wants to limit cooking smells then this unit may be useful to you. It won't totally banish Fish & chips though :-(.

This is the cheapest I've seen this unit for sale on Amazon, and others are selling it for around £150. Despite what other users have posted on reviews I've had no issues with Blue tooth connectivity using an iPhone and 2.4 Wifi to connect it.

using the WiFi you can even switch it off at night etc. I've got one in a bedroom and its definitely helped with my breathing overnight with less of a stuffy head feeling etc. It runs on a nighttime silent mode, by the way.

It's automatic in operation and typically runs with a green LED ring, rising to Yellow when sensing pollutants, and then Red (Fish & Chips!) each change means the filter fan ramps up a notch.

The App tells you the state of the filter and its life, and these are currently on sale on Amazon for some £64, so for this unit's price now you can see its a bargain if you're looking for an efficient Air Filter.

Forgot to say that these units come with two essences, which is another option of the unit too.
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  1. Myavatar's avatar
    Don’t do it…
    AnalystTherapist's avatar
    would like to hear why
  2. adhkarzf's avatar
    How long does a filter on these things typically last?
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    We've had ours since the end of November last year, and the bedroom (used every night) filter life indicator on the App is showing at 85%. The Kitchen one used only when cooking pretty much is showing a 98% life still. I've not taken out the filter in either yet, to hoover any dust out which may prolong the filters life time. These filters are pretty large too, the size of a small paper bin.
  3. Ulti's avatar
    Thanks, ordered!

    I've just had a Levoit break down on me and saw this was cheaper while almost bring comparable.

    Not bothered about apps and will just use it on auto mode so don't see the fuss for negative reviews due to the app. (edited)
  4. Mike_Onfreeserve's avatar
    And how exactly does that fit in your pants?
  5. Bad.Actor's avatar
    Bought the 300 version of this in December for £50. Was a like new Warehouse return and Amazon were doing a 20% voucher.
    Works well and auto senses the air quality and kicks in when needed with an led ring light.
    Most people can't get the app to work including me but for the price I'm not complaining.
    I've wrapped the filter with electrostatic cotton used in air conditioners to prolong the life of the filter. (edited)
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    How loud is it in auto?
  6. XPL1C1T's avatar
    I'm after an air purifier for the bedroom at night and the living room, for when the log burner is going. How do these compare to the Phillips models?
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