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Posted 18 May 2023

Hori Microsoft Xbox Series X|S Duel Charging Station (Inc. 2 Battery Packs) - £6.75 @ Amazon

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Don't let dead batteries hold you back! Simultaneously charge two controllers and/ or battery packs with the Hori dual charge station Designed for Xbox series x s. Easily charge controllers and batteries by simply placing them on the charger! Charge station connects to the Console via USB. Know the charging status of a Controller or battery with a glance. Built-in LEDs indicate charging with red and a charge completed with green. Also includes two battery packs and four battery covers compatible with Xbox series x s wireless Controllers, Xbox Elite Wireless Controllers (series 1 or 2), Xbox One wireless Controllers. Officially Licensed by Microsoft.

Box Contains:
1 x Charging station, 2 x Battery Packs, 4 x Battery Covers

Features & details:
Charge two controllers and/or battery packs simultaneously
includes two battery packs and four battery covers
battery life: up to 20 hours*
*Battery life varies significantly with the use of vibration functions, headsets, additional accessories, and other factors.
Compatible with Xbox series x|s wireless controllers, Xbox Elite Wireless controllers, Xbox One wireless controllers
Officially licensed by Microsoft
Amazon More details at

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  1. rapid111111's avatar
    moonspook's avatar
    Or, as the Amazon listing puts it, "Doble"
  2. philmount's avatar
    Nice one almost cheaper than a pack of Duracell
  3. smephone's avatar
    Cheers OP. Saves me the hassle of constantly recharging AA batteries for the controllers. £6.75 is a steal
  4. carddealer's avatar
    Nice find, a bargain for the price.
  5. babva's avatar
    Super surprised at the price. Scorching deal
  6. MasterAK's avatar
    Ordered two, one for my Series X controllers and one for my Series S ones. Wish it came in white too, for my Series S controllers!
  7. hazkiller1's avatar
    Cheers just ordered
  8. EN1GMA's avatar
    this should be a scorching deal. thanks OP, ordered.
  9. sunnygreen's avatar
    Double thanks to op for this deal and not using error/glitch words, else I would never order it on time
  10. justabout72's avatar
    And there's today's item I didn't need to buy, yesterday it was google pixel today a charger for my series x
  11. Deetea's avatar
    Went back to original price as soon as I finished reading reviews, ah well
  12. EQL's avatar
    0.6m cable that charges over USB-A: hori.jp/ima…pdf
    Takes 3 hrs to fill from Xbox USB ports (providing likely 0.5W, but maybe up to 2W).
    So, each battery pack is probably equivalent to one mid-range rechargeable AA battery?: 3x0.5 = 1.5 Wh (1500mAh) (edited)
  13. blida251's avatar
    Wish there was one at this price for Xbox one. Anyone?
    EQL's avatar
    From the description, Xbox One wireless controllers are compatible:
    "Compatible with Xbox series x|s wireless controllers, Xbox Elite Wireless controllers, Xbox One wireless controllers" (edited)
  14. Brightsideoflife's avatar
    Thanks op, got one
  15. blida251's avatar
    Yes thanks.Bettwr to buy new then than used!
  16. sidesey's avatar
    Great price. Anyone actually got one? Seems reading some info maybe able to use your own batteries. Just wonder if that’s the case?
  17. accelerator's avatar
    Now I just need to buy a controller.
  18. wjw's avatar
  19. obsydian's avatar
    Showing as £25.25 for me
  20. blida251's avatar
    That didn't last long. Glad I ordered one.
  21. Lawlost's avatar
    Arrived today seems a decent piece of kit bonus that it also fits Xbox one as well as Xbox X/S
  22. blida251's avatar
    My batteries are 900mAH and from 2021. So you have been warned. The other battery has no date on it.
  23. blida251's avatar
    You missed out on nothing as the batteries are of dubious quality. Don't last very long
  24. blida251's avatar
    After four months they don't hold charge for more.than a few hours. Poor quality.
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