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Posted 9 March 2023

HORI ONYX Plus PS4 Wireless Controller - Black - £19.99 Free Collection @ Argos

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ONYX Plus Wireless Controller is the next evolution in PS4 gaming. For years PlayStation 4 gamers have been limited to a single controller layout. Today, HORI changes that with the ONYX Plus, an ergonomic, 2.4 GHz wireless controller designed from the ground up to reflect the needs of the modern player. The wide grip chassis sits comfortably in the hands and the offset analogue layout echoes that of more modern console gamepads. Enjoy PlayStation 4 exclusives on a controller that suits your play style, it's in your hands.

Officially licenced by Sony.

3.5mm audio jack for full audio immersion and strategic conversations between players.

Newly added PC compatibility for all types of game play.

Touchpad functionality. Textured back surface.

PS4 compatible.
PC compatible.
Argos More details at

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  1. Son-Goku's avatar
    The controller you give to your mate when you're playing a two player game.
    buliztik's avatar
    Or a younger sibling (edited)
  2. TOO-TIGHT-TO-PAY's avatar
    I have had 2 of these, for me they were both perfectly acceptable for a while but both eventually developed the same issue... i.e. the R2 button doesn't work properly, which for anything that depends on the R2 button being pressed fully (such as racing games) makes it a huge disadvantage for the user.

    They also lacked some of the features of the Dualshock 4, such as the headphone socket & motion controls, so if you need those things then I would check if that is still the case before buying.

    Personally all the cheap controllers I have tried have developed issues, as have many of the early issue official controllers, but the latest official dualshock 4 controllers do (so far) seem to be slightly better build quality, I would just bite the bullet and get one of those... and a long warranty (not the 6 months -unless you get an engineers report- that Argos currently afford you!)

    Edit: Looking again, it appears this Hori Onyx is an updated 'Plus' model with headphone socket included. (edited)
  3. shinreiga's avatar
    Don't expect to be doing consistent spinning pile drivers on this dpad...
    whatupdog's avatar
    whatupdog Author
  4. BluesFanUK's avatar
    Is it backwards compatible with the PS3? I need one that I can AFK on Chronicles of Riddick for the 1,000 kill trophy and wins (tedious snoozefest, but I want the plat!).
    andy.mccall's avatar
    I doubt it. You can't even use it on PC's. Even on the PS4 you had to pair it as a Bluetooth acessory rather than pairing it like a normal controller.
  5. MrFlux001's avatar
    Used to have a pad like this for the 4th mate on Goldeneye. But in 2023 I can't reveal the name of what we used to call it.
    thelonesoldier's avatar
    The cuntroller?
  6. BigJohnWasTaken's avatar
    Abysmal controller.
  7. Elijah_Malachi's avatar
    We use to call these the “Booger” controllers. If you got one you knew you had a disadvantage  
  8. theupsides's avatar
    So an xbox design playststion pad. How is that echoing a modern console gamepad? Still looks as awkward to hold (edited)
  9. roy.motombo's avatar
    Anyone know if it has a light bar at all?
    whatupdog's avatar
    whatupdog Author
    Don’t think it has a light bar

  10. Ukguy101's avatar
    £23 voucher in cex for it when trading in. £3 up on this good deal, result!
  11. deleted200853's avatar
    Anonymous User
    Not sure if they ever fixed it but the batteries on these and the triggers are/were very prone to failure.
  12. ryanbailey's avatar
    Fantastic controllers, I bought two from a carboot sale and they've become my primary controllers now, feel alot sturdier than the official ones
  13. andy.mccall's avatar
    I found these to be terrible controllers. They have no rumble and they can't be used with other systems, like a PC, as they require dedicated drivers.

    I got one free with a subscription to EDGE magazine and had really high hopes for it initially, but since the initial testing it's sat in a draw unused.
    KarlReading's avatar
    Must have been the non plus variant? this model stated as PC compatible
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