Horizen Zero Dawn (Standard) £26 @ Amazon

Horizen Zero Dawn (Standard) £26 @ Amazon

Found 15th Jun 2017
Cheapest I've ever seen!!!!!
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Its been £24.99 at Argos
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Its been £24.99

oh, damn. Well its here for those who want it.
Was £24.99 on Argos and Amazon in the last couple of days.

Still on the hottest deals of the week list
+ the game is part of the "days of sales," since june 9th
Great game
Was £20 a while ago on Amazon, got it then & worth every penny
Awks oO
still 24.85 at simply games


this deal is more expensive than it has been the week or so at most places

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"Cheapest I've ever seen!!!!!"


"Cheapest I've ever seen!!!!!"[img]plonkerspam.gif[/img]

Thanks , added to the list
The Amazon price tends to jump around a bit between 26 and 24.99 at the moment. Worth refreshing from time to time, Wednesday it was 26.00, Thursday morning it was 24.99 so I grabbed it (missed it 1st time around), then back to 26 later in the day.
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