Horizon HD camcorder - £199 @ The Guardian
Horizon HD camcorder - £199 @ The Guardian

Horizon HD camcorder - £199 @ The Guardian

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Now you can fully experience the vibrant phenomenal colours and pin-sharp, virtually 3-D definition you were promised when you bought your High Definition television.

Weighing just 340g complete and measuring a mere 13 x 5.6 x 6.8cm, this superb new High Definition camcorder from Horizon Advanced Optics is packed with brilliant, easy-to-use features guaranteed to provide a whole new breathtaking visual experience.


is horizon a good brand? never heard of it..

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im not too sure. i havent heard of the company either but its a decent price for a HD camera. Plus the Guardian are usually pretty reliable. May be worth a shot

horizon?????? me neither but not bad deal for a hd cam will only do 720p but may do 1080i which is practically same thing,i can see a few people remarking about it not being 1080p or full hd but who cares for £200. probably worth a try im voting hot.

Any reviews of the brand or camera?

Good specs for the price, even manages to do a decent visual impression of a Panasonic, but I can't find any info on this brand or camera anywhere and that would be enough to put me off. You really need to spend x2 not to be massively dissappointed with HD video.

This is going to be an overpriced toy. Caveat Emptor.

Never heard of it, and not much on "Horizon" when you do a search on Google. Spend a bit more and get something decent

This seems to be one made by a company called DXG see....


Definitely not a Panasonic!

Can I suggest, rather than people voting hot because its a "good price", would they only vote "hot" if and when they buy one. You are effectively, by voting hot, recommending this item to other users of the forum....some may not be as "clued up" on DV cams and think they are getting a bargain....which I suspect they are not, and I make that assumption based on how much a "real" brand name HD cam costs.

Definite lacking in the on-board memory department. The 32MB of storage supplied will not get you much.

HDTV 720p at 30 frames per second:
1280 x 720 pixels/frame = 921,600 pixels/frame
24 bits/pixel (8 each for R, G, B) = 22,118,400 pixels/frame = 2.765 MB/frame
30 frames/sec x 2.765 MB/frames =82.94 MB/sec (UNCOMPRESSED)

Using it's H264 (MPEG-4) compression codec expect to see this come down to about 10MB/sec.
So the internal memory should give you less than 5 seconds of HD video storage. So you will need to get an SD card (type 6) to record in HD for any useful amount of time.

Still on offer but link has changed. The good new is that it now comes with an 8Gb SD card for the same £199 as before.

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