Horizon Zero Dawn for £32.50 with PS Plus PS4

Horizon Zero Dawn for £32.50 with PS Plus PS4

Found 3rd Aug 2017
I think this is a great deal, 10% additional discount with plus.

The normal retail price is £34.99.

Part of the Summer sale.

Also Nioh and Wipeout egalitarian collection among many others are on sale.
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Got a physical copy of this on Amazon for £20 a few months ago...
30 quid ish from shopto. Physical copy
This was £26 on shop to's ebay a couple of weeks ago
It's showing as £29.99 for me which I think is a good deal so voted hot, I bought it at £40 and didn't have any regrets
Poor deal.
Yeah, not a good deal.
Good price if you like Digital copies, but if like me you prefer dics, then it's not a great price.

Just platinum'ed this game, enjoyed all of it, well worth the money.

Good deal for Digital fans, bad deal for physical fans.

Heat though as I reckon the game is well worth that price.
Isn't it £29.99 with Plus?

TBH, I don't think it's a bad deal but the general concensus on here is that physical is better than digital as you can sell it afterwards.
They don't take cheap credit or game-sharing into account which could bring this game down to about £8.50 for each game sharer - less than the amount they'd lose by trading in and this way, you get to keep this beautiful game.

Don't be too discouraged by the chill - it's nothing personal and mostly ill-informed - keep posting
hassansf25 m ago

Although I am a digital only buyer this console generation I know what you …Although I am a digital only buyer this console generation I know what you mean. I've had at least two of the games I've purchased based from Sony completely disappear from my library, with no reasoning why and no way to get them back other than pay for them again.

Have you contacted them? Sony emails you receipts as proof or purchase, you should be able to get them reinstated. If they every did that to me I'd be furious and never buy digital again (at the moment I buy digital indie games when no disc versions exist)
Fantastic game but like others have said, it's too expensive compared to the physical version.
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