Horizon: Zero Dawn (PS4) - £26.85 from Shopto via ebay

Horizon: Zero Dawn (PS4) - £26.85 from Shopto via ebay

Found 5th JulMade hot 5th Jul
Marginally cheaper than buying it from Shopto's website directly, I think this might be the cheapest price around at the moment now that the Game Collection deal is off.


I have finally bitten on this, it helps that i had £17.50 in nectar points to redeem.

Nice price for a class game, and plenty of support too including this update today with a NG+ and ultra hard mode eurogamer.net/art…day

Wish I grabbed this during play days deals. Could've taken a further £10 off with club card vouchers I got a week before. But held out for new headphones which I didn't end up buying from Tesco >

Back to £30
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