Hornblower - Complete Collection £14.99 delivered @ HMV

Hornblower - Complete Collection £14.99 delivered @ HMV

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Adapted from the novel by C.S. Forester, HORNBLOWER is the story of an intellectual young midshipman, Horatio Hornblower (Ioan Gruffudd), who becomes one of the most formidable figures in naval history once he is over his first experience of getting seasick while on a boat docked in a harbor. Little by little, Hornblower proves himself daring and inventive, until no battle or adventure is big enough for him. This collection includes every swashbuckling HORNBLOWER adventure.

4 DVD set


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p.s. My first deal so I hope I got it right....

Great box set, really loved it and well worth £15

Will give them a try, heat added.

Im sending mine back, its not what I thought It was.

And that was?

some one who blows horns for a living perhaps?
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