Hornby sale @ EHattons

Hornby sale @ EHattons

Found 26th Apr 2016
Looks like ehattons got Hornby sale on. 30 to 40 percent saving on most lines. May be useful for some model enthusiast.
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voted hot - but the 25p saving on the mat making it a " bargain" made me smile.
good find op, heat added
not just Hornby some other good deals on there too.
Some Model Enthusiast: I've er I've come in for the er, come on you know, the er ...
Model Shop: TRAIN Sir?
Some Model Enthusiast: Sshhh! Yes!
Model Shop: Brown paper bag OK Sir?
Some Model Enthusiast: Yes! yes! hurry up get it in the bag
Model Shop: Got the Hornby have we Sir?
Some Model Enthusiast: I'd report you to trading standards, but I need to come back next week
Model Shop: Goodbye Sir, oh wait Sir, Sir!? Damn he forgot his weak lemon drink. Ah well, bottom's up.
I like the play on words"a saving on most lines"hot from me.
Now if only I had the money to go with my train-collecting enthusiasm.
Great prices, but unfortunately they are all in the wrong scale for me.

Related deal here. http://www.johndeereshop.com GreenLess than half price … Related deal here. http://www.johndeereshop.com GreenLess than half price (black version is over £90). http://www.johndeereshop.com Black;)

Haha, made me chuckle... but then I realised I was basically laughing at myself :-/
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