Horrible Histories Tortured Twenty for 20 Quid!!

Horrible Histories Tortured Twenty for 20 Quid!!

Found 1st Feb 2008
This is a great deal for these books. They go for about 3 or 4 quid each but Scholastic have this collection of twenty for 19.99.

You can't complain about that!


Loved these books as a kid! My girlfriend bought some for her little brother, 3 for £5 which she thought was a good deal!

whats the postage and packing? can't find it on the website

Looks like you have to find a school running the scholastic book club so you can order it through them. Shame as it's a really good deal. Loved these books when I was younger.

You can get a set of 8 of these for 7.99 on the Red House Books site with free delivery on all orders.

Or, the Book People have sets of 10 for 12.99, which isn't such a good deal.. but codes are available for free delivery.

hot hot
my son now 16 loved these books. I bought one from a book fare and it sparked an interest in reading and learning history that i doubt he would have begun if i had not bought one.

he learnt lots and they are written in true kiddi fashion with facts and humour. I spent a fortune over the years collecting them for him, gave them away and then realised i was expecting again.

i am definately going to get these at this price

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