Horrid Henry - 10 Books (Shrinkwrapped)  - £9.99 delivered !

Horrid Henry - 10 Books (Shrinkwrapped) - £9.99 delivered !

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Found 21st Aug 2007
Horrid Henry - 10 Books (Shrinkwrapped) is £9.99 @ The Book People!

For free delivery use discount code : 160FPP-97

Details: He is wicked, spiteful and full of too much revenge and not enough remorse... but we love him! This brilliant collection features ten paperbacks from Francesca Simon's superb Horrid Henry series and each book boasts four fabulous stories. Here you'll meet Horrid Henry as he builds himself a time machine, hypnotises Moody Margaret, wears the wrong underpants (with dreadful consequences) and traumatises his parents... and that's just for starters! Great fun and - most importantly - a great way to get those boys hooked on the fun of books and reading once and for all.


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Set titles and authors :

* Horrid Henry's Stinkbomb

* Horrid Henry Meets The Queen

* Horrid Henry And The Mega-Mean Time Machine

* Horrid Henry And The Bogey Babysitter

* Horrid Henry's Revenge

* Horrid Henry And The Secret Club

* Horrid Henry Tricks The Tooth Fairy

* Horrid Henry And The Football Fiend

* Horrid Henry's Nits

* Horrid Henry's Underpants


The discount code is accepted, get to checkout and they're looking £5.25 "Highlands and Islands Single Item" delivery and no discount has been applied.

Yet another bunch of NI resident rip-off scumbags and they won't be getting a penny from me.

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Yeah, sorry mickrick i should have mentioned that in my OP, silly postage rates outside of the mainland.
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