Horrid Henry: Completely DVD Collection 51 Episodes only £8.75 Delivered @ HMV

Horrid Henry: Completely DVD Collection 51 Episodes only £8.75 Delivered @ HMV

Found 20th Nov 2010Made hot 20th Nov 2010
Excellent price, includes Christmas episode as well as 3 episodes never shown on tv. I've ordered one for my son's Christmas. Below are the episodes:

1) Horrid Henry's Favourite Day
2 Horrid Henry's School Play
3 Horrid Henry and the Best Boy's Club Sleepover
4 Happy Birthday Steve
5 Horrid Henry Gets A Job
6 Perfect Peter's Pen Pal
7 Horrid Henry and the Perfect Plant
8 Horrid Henry's Hiccups
9 Horrid Henry and the Lost Dog
10 Horrid Henry and the Name Game
11 Horrid Henry and the Gross DVD
12 Horrid Henry and the Big Dig
13 Horrid Henry's Secret Surprise
14 Horrid Henry and the Alien Invasion
15 Perfect Peter Popstar
16 Horrid Henry's Smelly Stuff
17 Horrid Henry Gone Fishing
18 Horrid Henry Horrid Headmaster
19 Perfect Peter Pumps Up
20 Horrid Henry's Heist
21 Horrid Henry and The Ice Cream Dream!
22 Horrid Henry Petsitting Service
23 Horrid Henry and The School Uniform
24 Horrid Henry On TV
25 Horrid Henry Cooks A Meal
26 Horrid Henry and The Happy Family
27 Horrid Henry's Fun Run
28 Horrid Henry's House Party
29 Horrid Henry and the Walking Stick Gang
30 Horrid Henry Gets Married
31 Horrid Henry Untouchable
32 Horrid Henry and the Green Machine
33 Horrid Henry on Trial
34 Horrid Henry Takes the Biscuit
35 Horrid Henry's Haircut
36 Horrid Henry Gets Spots
37 Horrid Henry's Summer Camp
38 Horrid Henry: When I'm King
39 Horrid Henry Takes a Shortcut
40 Horrid Henry Changes a Nappy
41 Horrid Henry and the Gross Question
42 Horrid Henry and the Birthday Present
43 Horrid Henry and the Zombie Hamster
44 Horrid Henry Says Goodbye
45 Horrid Henry Ace Reporter
46 Horrid Henry and the Antique Roque Show
47 Horrid Henry and the Go-Kart
48 Horrid Henry Goes to The Movies
49 Horrid Henry Meets TJ Fizz
50 Horrid Henry and the Killer Boy Rats
51 Horrid Henry's Christmas Run


I saw this in my local morrisons (stevenston) and it was deffo cheaper. I think it was £6.99, maybe £7.99

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wont be the complete set.

How many DVDs is this? Anyone know?

just 1 disc.


How many DVDs is this? Anyone know?

It says 1 on the site but think it has 3 disks ?

Ordered, heat added thanks
It was 7 quid last Xmas I think but very limited supplies, i missed out, so happy to pay and extra £1.75...
good stocking filler at this price

Incorrect episode list. The link is for series 1
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