Hostel (Blu-ray) £6.99 + Free Delivery @ Movie Mail

Hostel (Blu-ray) £6.99 + Free Delivery @ Movie Mail

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Found 7th Jul 2009
A trio of teenagers - two American, one Icelandic - backpack around Europe looking for a good time. While in Amsterdam, they are told of a youth hostel in Slovakia where all their wildest dreams will come true. Jumping onto the first train there, the three stumble into a hedonistic travellers' paradise. Soon however, one of the three boys goes missing and slowly but surely the holiday from hell begins to unfold...


great film and great price!

Heat added. Good price and a good film if you have never seen it. Worth watching at night alone!

Oh and worth it for the nice.... erm lady in it . :thumbsup:

Terrible film - the first half is for spotty teenagers and the second half is for getting rid of a bunch of fake blood and minced beef...

Don't get me wrong - I loved Saw (although its in decline with the never ending series) but this was pointless filmaking at its worst imho...

Got Martyrs to check out though which I have heard is a lot better than this......

I love a good horror film, but thought this one was just pointless gore and shoddy acting.

Good price for Blu Ray, though!

Blu-ray or not it's a poor movie

Good price for a bloody awful pointless film .
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