Hostel Parts 1 & 2 (THREE DVD Set) £5.99 + Free Delivery @ HMV + Quidco
Hostel Parts 1 & 2 (THREE DVD Set) £5.99 + Free Delivery @ HMV + Quidco

Hostel Parts 1 & 2 (THREE DVD Set) £5.99 + Free Delivery @ HMV + Quidco

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Features the Eli Roth horror films HOSTEL and HOSTEL PART 2, which both see young American tourists stay at a terrifying hostel in Slovakia that caters for very specific needs.
In HOSTEL, two young Americans embark upon a backpacking trip across Europe. A fellow traveller recommends a hostel in Bratislava that is full of attractive women who love Americans. However when the two men arrive at their destination, they find themselves in a terrifying situation.
In HOSTEL PART 2, American backpackers Beth, Whitney, and Lorna are travelling around Europe when they meet Axelle, a gorgeous woman who persuades them to follow her to a rejuvenating spa in Slovakia. However, the spa/hostel in question has some nasty surprises in store for the trio.

3DVD Set - Contains:
Hostel - 2DVD Special Edition
Hostel 2
Hostel - Special Features
Audio Commentary By Director Eli Roth
Audio Commentary By Director Eli Roth And Executive Producer Quentin Tarantino
Audio Commentary By Director Eli Roth And Producers
Audio Commentary By Director Elio Roth And Aint It Cool's Harry Knowles
Hostel Dissected - Multi-Part Making Of Documentary
Kill The Car - Multi-Angle Feature
An Icelandic Meal With Eythor Gudjonsson
Special Effects Featurette
Music & Sound Featurette
Set Design Featurette
Takashi Miike Interview
Hostel Dismembered - TV Special
Photo Gallery
Widescreen 2.35:1 Anamorphic
Dolby Digital 5.1
Languages - English, Catalan, Spanish
Subtitles - English Hard Of Hearing, Dutch, English, Hindi, Portuguese, Spanish
Region 2 / PAL / Colour
Running Time 90 Minutes
Hostel Part 2 - Special Features
Audio Commentary By Eli Roth, Quentin Tarantino And Gabe Roth
Audio Commentary By Eli Roth
Audio Commentary By Eli Roth, Richard Burgi, Lauren German And Vera Jordanova
Behind-The-Scenes Featurette
Special Effects Featurette (The Art Of KNB)
Set Design Featurette
Blood & Guts Blooper Reel
International TV Special
'The Treatment' Radio Interview With Eli Roth
Deleted Scenes


i was scared at Hostel..havent braved 2 yet! good price tho


If you were scared in the first film, I would suggest you dont watch pt2 after you had your dinner

These movies are terrible IMO. Not scary, just OTT gore.

My kids love these films.

I didn't think the second one was as gory as the first.

The 2nd was awful, not even worth £6.

Edinburgh Canary;4222717

These movies are terrible IMO. Not scary, just OTT gore.

I agree. I used to take thep*ss out of video nasties in the 80's as they were anything but. However, having watched part of the first one of these, I thought it was just sick. The thing with horror films is that they are mostly fantasy horror, whereas this is too close to reality and no doubt gives sick people ideas. I feel really old now when I say that I think these would have been banned a few years ago. Basically it's the 80's 'snuff' videos almost coming to life.

First one is worth a watch but I found that watching the second was a complete waste of time

If you liked these I recommend renting "Eden Lake" - cracking film!

Being Slovakian I am very angry at Tarantino making such a movie about my homeland. It's a fiction,but viewer can get impression that Slovakia is unsafe country to go.

P.S.Slovakia is beautiful and bratislava is worth to go!:whistling:


I fancy Eden Lake.

Hostel 1 still stands as one of the most sort of, original OTT gore films ever, very reccomended. And the main hero wasn't an idiot, he actually does what anyone would do in the situation, and would kill the people holding him hostage instead of debating over it and eventually getting captured again like in most films.

Hostel 2 was an absolute joke. Seemed as if it was mocking itself in a way, but it was way too light hearted and stupid to be a horror film (for example these lil kids play football with a womans head and the music is all happy and jolly) - just stupid.

still good price, i payed £7 for the first one!

Eden lake is a good watch :thumbsup:
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