Hostel/Hostel Part II/Hatchet (3 DVD Set) - £2.99 @ CD-WOW! (Free Delivery)
Hostel/Hostel Part II/Hatchet (3 DVD Set) - £2.99 @ CD-WOW! (Free Delivery)

Hostel/Hostel Part II/Hatchet (3 DVD Set) - £2.99 @ CD-WOW! (Free Delivery)

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Just spotted the 'Hostel/Hostel Part 2/Hatchet' (3 DVD Set) over at CD-WOW for a mere £2.99. That's approx £1 a film! Has this boxset ever been cheaper?

Next best prices ATM appear to be SelectCheaper @ £4.08 (very limited stock though) and SendIt.com @ £4.89. There is therefore a tidy little saving to be made here!

BTW, if the 24 hour £1 off promotion is finished then just use the standard £1 off voucher to get the DVD for £2.99.

Features the intense horror films HOSTEL, HOSTEL PART 2, and HATCHET.

A trio of teenagers, two American, one Icelandic, backpack around Europe looking for a good time. While in Amsterdam, they are told of a youth hostel in Slovakia where all their wildest dreams will come true. Jumping onto the first train there, the three stumble into a hedonistic travellers' paradise. Soon however, one of the three boys goes missing and slowly but surely the holiday from hell begins to unfold...

Hostel 2:
Director Eli Roth (Hostel, Cabin Fever) and producer Quentin Tarantino (Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs) up the ante in the brutal and terrifying sequel to the smash hit Hostel.

Starring Bijou Phillips (Almost Famous, Venom), Heather Matarazzo (The Princess Diaries, Scream 3) and Roger Bart (The Producers, TV's Desperate Housewives), Hostel Part II takes place directly after the events of the first film and once again also features Jay Hernandez (Hostel, Ladder 49) as the revenge-seeking but ultimately hapless Paxton.

After the outrageous events of Hostel, Hostel Part II follows a group of female backpackers as they are lured to the apparently perfect youth hostel for a holiday packed with hedonistic fun. However, the truth once again turns out to be far more terrifying as the girls are subjected to a brutal ordeal at the hands of the sick tourists who pay to exercise their darkest desires.

It's Mardi Gras in New Orleans, and Ben (Joel David Moore) has reached booze and boobs overload. Recently dumped and pining after his girlfriend, he enlists his pal Marcus (Deon Richmond) to accompany him on a swamp tour in a boat that travels the spooky murk surrounding the city. Marcus is less than enthused until the crew of the low, low, low (low) budget movie "Bayou Beavers" signs on, including amateur cameraman Shapiro (Joel Murray), pneumatic Misty (Mercedes McNab) and ditzy Jenna (Joleigh Fioreavanti). Joining them on the rickety cruiser are the painfully wholesome couple Mr. and Mrs. Permatteo (Richard Riehle and Patrika Darbo) and the beautiful-but-sullen Marybeth (Tamara Feldman).

Led by the P.T. Barnum of the swamp tour industry, fast-talking but slow-thinking showboater Shawn (Parry Shen) the tourists are decidedly underwhelmed by the fog, low-hanging branches and aggressively quiet sounds that Shawn tries to pass off as frightening. He launches into the story of Victor Crowley - yup, a legend in these parts - who is known to haunt the swamp. The boaters wave off the story as part of Shawn's continuing nonsense - except for Marybeth, who is notably discomforted.


Good deal just ordered

Out of stock now

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little ern;7717336

Out of stock now

Not for me it isn't! Site shows message Hurry! Limited Stock. Guess they found some more. :thumbsup:

Unexpire deal please Mods (well for 1hr at least until they run out again). :lol:

Awesome - cheers OP. Just ordered one now that they have 'limited stock' again. I also had a £1.25 voucher as their feeble apology for their cancellation of the Dirty Harry blueray orders before xmas so this cost me £1.74. Well happy!

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In out, in out, shake it all about
You do the hokey cokey
And you turn around
That's what it's all about.

Talk about yo-yo stock levels... it was out again, now it's available again!
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