Hot Fuzz DVD £2.89 at Amazon & Play
Hot Fuzz DVD £2.89 at Amazon & Play

Hot Fuzz DVD £2.89 at Amazon & Play

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Hot Fuzz DVD £2.89 at Amazon & Play

Pop culture sponges Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost team up again for Hot Fuzz, their follow-up to the hit movie Shaun of the Dead. Hot Fuzz follows a near-identical formula to its predecessor, simply replacing the various homages to horror movies by heaping on the adulation for action flicks such as Point Break and Bad Boys 2--both of which are referenced throughout. The plot finds outstanding London-based police officer Nicholas Angel (Pegg) transferred to a rural village. On arrival, Angel teams up with the oaf-like PC Danny Butterman (Frost) and together they investigate a series of mysterious murders, all of which are classed as ‘accidents’ by the increasingly strange townsfolk. Director Wright combines gory set-pieces with traditional action-movie staples: moustachioed detectives in sunglasses, corny one-liners, rapid machine-gun fire, and blood-spattered fight scenes all feature heavily. References to other movies come thick and fast throughout, and Hot Fuzz will have film fans' memories working overtime as they try to catch all the allusions to Pegg, Wright, and Frost's favourite films. A veritable Who's Who of British comedy provides support, with Martin Freeman (The Office), Bill Bailey (Black Books), Steve Coogan (I'm Alan Partridge), and Olivia Colman (Peep Show) in small roles. In addition, Timothy Dalton plays the movie’s bad guy with aplomb. Hot Fuzz eases up on the humour of Shaun of the Dead and often threatens to topple over into Chuck Norris territory, but Wright manages to insert enough gags to keep the balance just about perfect, providing a fitting, amusing, and occasionally touching homage to cinema’s action heroes.


Play had this for £1.99 during January. Still good for £2.89, though.

cheaper than a peace lily

All for the greater good.

hey lucerysmum, do you realise that you on average post nearly 10 deals a day. Thats incredible, your an inspiration to us all.


All for the greater good.

all together now "the greater good"

Poor film in my opinion. Spaced and then Shaun of the Dead were great so I couldn't believe how bad this was.

is this a good deal?

Few only a few pence more you can get the 2 disc set.
However I have got a boat load of these, if anyone want one for free put you paypal email on here and I can invoive you for £1.20 just to cover the postage cost and envelope.

Just to add yes thay are legal region 2 dvds still sealed.

this really was a rubbish film

Good film!! but hasn't this been this price now for the last couple of years ? This is what I paid for my copy about two years ago.

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